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Is this show on DVD?, 7 April 2008

Does anyone know if this show is on DVD? With all the old shows being dubbed to DVD now Ithink this one would be great to watch from episode 1 all the way to the end on DVD. As a kid I and my brothers loved this show! I remember that this show had a funny side to it but also a serious side that kept you on edge. I remember that the "Chief" engineer character who tried to keep the ship going even though it had suffered damage from gunfire or engine damage was an ongoing plot as were the seemingly impossible WWII Pacific Theatre missions the crew was sent to complete. As much as I remember about the show I am somewhat shocked to find out 40 some years later it was only on for one season during 1965 and 1966. I also remember there was an ongoing storyline where the old grizzled lead character had to show the young "officer" in charge how to lead the crew and be successful despite the dangerous conditions.