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"The Wire" (2002)
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The finest thing ever put on TV and nothing will ever top it., 18 May 2009

I read one of the earlier headlines that said this show ruined TV for them. And it did the same to me. I was watching other dramas and I heard of the Wire, so I bought the whole series and it ruined any other drama show I was watching. Through comparison, there is none. I went back to watch the other drama shows and though these shows suck and there is no realism there at all and the depth was nowhere near the depth of the wire. I had first seen the Sopranos, which I thought was a great cutting edge drama and a fantastic show. Then I saw the wire and there is no comparison. Where ever someone may say the wire is weak or its weakest season (and I don't think it has one), that season or episode is still stronger than any other drama on TV or from the past.

Getting to the show with that said, the ensemble cast is fantastic. This show doesn't follow clichés of the cops being great people and the bad guys having no human side. It shows cops as assholes and drug dealers as actual people and not just people that deal drugs. It shows cases aren't made like that and then solved and the people in the department don't always want a case. With other drama shows where the creators are trying to show they know more than you, The Wire will tell you what you know about drug dealers and cops with never ending depth. There are so many great characters, it is hard to pick a favorite. The difference in the show however is the creators have real life experience. David Simon worked as a reporter and Ed Burns was a cop in Baltimore for over 20 years. This people have created a visual experience seen on TV like absolutely nothing ever before it.

The greatest show of all time with little competition.

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In the top 10 of all time, 5 February 2009

This movie is Spielberg's best movie and that says a lot. His direction is flawless (although he was averse to direct it) as is the movie. The choice for black and white was great. Those who say its fictional and that isn't how it was and I have no idea what they are talking about. Nazis hated and killed Jews during WWII. Thats exactly what the movie shows and in the middle of it all was a man named Oscar Schindler who really did fool the Nazis by bribing them. His spent millions and saved thousands and it really happened. And Schindler knew a man named Amon Goeth who was a psycho Nazi. The men who played these guys played them as close to perfection as possible. Liam Neeson was fabulous as the man who first cared for nothing but money and his heart was changed after the horror he witnessed (but respectively lost to Tom Hanks for Philadelphia). Ralph Fiennes was great as the crazy Nazi and truly made the performance believable. This movie is probably the greatest movie of the 90s and should have reminded most people at the time that not all modern movies are sub par. The three hour and change epic goes up there with the greats.

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Good but not really that funny, 4 February 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I started watching the American Office and loved it, but saw very negative reviews on it comparing it to the British version which is supposed to be a comedic masterpiece.

This show is too real and that is its problem. The writing is top notch and couldn't be better in terms of realism. But that is the problem. The show is too real for funny. All the things that are happening lack comedy and Gervais coming and making an unfunny joke which causes awkwardness isn't funny. Curb your Enthusiasm is a show that also contains awkwardness but its hilarious because most of the situations Larry David finds himself in wouldn't always happen to someone. This show contains good humor and when it hit it was funny but most of the time it missed. The idea for such a show was good. The performances are good for their parts but ultimately the show fails in being a comedic masterpiece for me. There is no quality quantity thing going on here. I probably laughed a total of 5 or 6 times throughout the whole series.

However the US version is original in its own way. All the characters are different. They didn't really follow any original story lines with any characters except for the Jim Pam thing. There are also additional characters and the show is 7 minutes shorter than the original. Dwight's character is more eccentric, Steve Carrell is great and he doesn't really parallel Gervais that much. The merger characters are way different. Jim seems to care more for his job than Tim and he never actually contemplates quitting or anything. The US version in the 80 episodes at its at now is way funnier than this series. I laughed more time in the post super bowl stress relief episode than the whole British series. I also never got the cringe worthy genius in the series. It doesn't build you up to any jokes and make you appreciate the laugh factor because there aren't much laughs in it to begin with. Once again the writing may be the best ever because it gave the show a great sense of realism but again too real. Most of the time it wasn't funny just like the 1st season of Curb wasn't that funny because it seemed to real. Then in later seasons Larry got into things no one would ever get into and it was very funny.

Just like in the US Office. An office can't really run that way. Michael would get fired just David Brent got fired but it didn't happen because he's the drive of the show. An office wouldn't be getting into all the events that happens there. The British version fails to create a lot of humor in its realism. Critics love awkward humor though so it got positive reviews as does curb and The US version is currently receiving good reviews now for being original in its own way. The series has its strong points but really isn't that funny.

"Seinfeld" (1989)
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I Don't Believe it Will Ever be Topped in the Comedy Genre, 11 December 2008

This is undoubtedly the greatest comedy show of all time. The characters play their parts flawlessly and no show has come close to the way Jerry, Jason, Julia, and Michael play their parts. Respectively there is I love Lucy and All in the Family that come close but those shows aren't as unique. Seinfeld is the show about nothing. All characters never change and there isn't any learning, hugging, or kissing. They never ever learn their lesson after they mess up and they always mess up. Seasons 4 and 5 can be debated for which is the best season for any show of all time. I don't like to read "The Best Show Since Seinfeld" on other posts of other shows because no show has come close. I'll even admit my favorites like The Office, Arrested Development, 30 Rock, etc. they have't come close to Seinfeld's perfection. TV Guide named this the greatest show of all time for a reason. Because it is. The show was able to utilize four different plot lines effectively in one half hour show. Larry David and Jerry created the best show of all time. They should be proud and NBC should be shamed for almost passing on it. This show will be remembered forever.

"30 Rock" (2006)
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Easily one of the best shows on television, 29 October 2008

This show is flat out hilarious. A great ensemble cast that completely delivers. Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin are terrific in their respective positions on the show.

I believe the show is basically a lot of SNL people in their own show which turns out to be comedic genius. This show could go on to the greatness of Seinfeld if it isn't canceled. The ratings say nothing about whether its a good show or not because its a great show.

Tracy Morgan is great in his role. I think NBC has one of the greatest line-ups of all time with this show and The Office running together on the same night. I still think that The Office is a slightly better show though.

Chinatown (1974)
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Tops the Mystery Category, 5 August 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is in my opinion the greatest mystery film of all time and also up there in the great films of all time. Easily in the top twenty. Polanski's directing is a masterwork for all time. The movie itself is a whole joy ride. To watch it has been one of the great experiences I have ever had in watching movies. I find it a pity that it had to compete with the Godfather Part II in the same year otherwise it would have gained so much more Oscars. However, Robert Towne couldn't be denied in the best original screenplay category.

As for the performances, they couldn't be any better. Jack gave an Oscar worthy performance and I'm not even sure who I would have picked between him and Al Pacino's equal performance in the second Godfather. I was a little shocked to see Art Carney take home the gold. Dunaway held her own in her respective performances.

This is a true great American tragedy movie.

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Scorsese's Best Movie Sorry Goodfellas, 5 August 2008

Now although, I thought Goodfellas should have won best picture over Dances With Wolves (I'm not quite sure what drugs the academy takes to name that movie best picture over Goodfellas), this movie still takes the title as Scorsese's best movie in my opinion. I believe Raging Bull, Goodfellas, and The Aviator were robbed of best picture (sorry Gangs of NY but The Pianist deserved the 2002 nod for the best film of the year). This would best Scorsese as the top director of movies that won best picture with 4 over William Wyler who directed three that took the title (Mrs. Miniver 1942, The Best Years of our Lives 1946, and Ben-Hur 1959). However movies like Ordinary People, Dances With Wolves and Million Dollar Baby stole Marty's fire. I believe he is easily in the top 3 of greatest director's of all time.

Now for the movie. One word- MASTERPIECE. The acting is top notch. How Leo didn't get the best actor nod and Nicholson the best supporting actor along with Mark is a mystery to me. At least the British Film Awards gave them both the nod. Supporting cast along with Jack and Mark were great including Damon, Sheen, Winstone, Baldwin and all the others make this a true acting masterpiece. I'm glad this movie finally got Marty the best director win while Raging Bull should have easily got him the award (as should have Goodfellas and The Aviator and close competition with Gangs of NY but a loss to a worthy contender in Polanski). The movie had just about everything a movie could have- comedy, drama, suspense, everything. The screenplay was magnificent as well.

Bravo Marty 10/10

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Very good and enjoyable but not a Masterpiece, 31 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw this movie a few days after it came out because all my friends saw it and said it was great and they loved it. The hype for the movie was crazy. However, the movie wasn't an all around masterpiece. I have read some reviews saying it belongs up there with movies like Goodfellas, The Godfather, and many many other greats. Not even close in my opinion. The ending wasn't really great in my eyes with the joker not dying. I know Ledger died and he played the joker but its not like everyone on set knew he was going to die.

As for the positives, I enjoyed the movie. Ledger's performance was outstanding as was the rest of the supporting cast. Eckhart, Caine, Oldman, and all others were superb in their respective supporting roles. Ledger's performance is Oscar worthy but I'm not sure I want to give the nod for this movie to receive a best picture nomination. As of right now, I would say yes but the Oscars aren't for 6 months. Many other great movies will come out that are better than this one. However, I do think the best supporting actor category is over with Ledger. He was already robbed once in Brokeback Mountain and so was the movie of best picture. The entry of the movie with the bank robbery is outstanding. The movie does deserve many Oscar nominations.

RIP Heath Ledger

Casablanca (1942)
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Simply the Greatest Film of all Time, 27 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Spoilers are ahead but come on who hasn't seen this film.

First off Casablanca in my eyes reigns as the greatest movie of all time with the Godfather close behind. The whole movie is a memorable scene, but since there are so many memorable ones, its hard to name them all. The battle of anthems when the drunken German Nazi officers are singing the German national anthem in Rick's cafe and then Victor gives the cue for the French National anthem and Rick approves and the club soon drowns out the Drunken German officers. This is truly one of the most memorable scenes in the movie and of all time.

Also the performances in the movie are top notch. Bogie in his prime was perfect as the heartless club drunk who sticks his neck out for no one. The supporting cast in Claude Rains, Bergman, and Henrid. The movie is perfect in the sense for all of those who have had to make a hard choice in life. Rick had to make the choice between trading out Victor and keeping llsa for himself or doing the right thing and helping out his old flame and her one true love. The film is great in all aspects. The directing is also incredible. Curtiz did a great job. Overall I would recommend this movie for any movie lover.


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Does belong in the top 5 of all time, but at #3, 27 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

My top 5 of all time:

1. Casablanca 2. The Godfather 3. Citizen Kane 4. Gone With the Wind 5. Lawrence of Arabia

This movie is great undoubtedly. I don't see it as the complete greatest of all time. I do feel Casablanca deserves the top spot. But in Orson Welles debut, this film is amazing. The screenplay is top notch. Welles delivers in acting and the directing is an example of greatness. The film shows great lessons too. The dying riddle left by Welles character which was "rosebud" showed to be a true great lesson in values since it was on his sled when he was a poor kid. Would recommend this movie for any great movie lovers.

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