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"Shane" (1966)
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Shane 1966 TV Series., 30 December 2004

I saw the full series of Shane in the 60s on TV and I thought it was excellent, nothing fancy or Ultra action series, but a really good realistic western series with an excellent cast.David Carradine was his usual strong, moody self.(as Kung Fu)The late Jill Ireland was good as his romantic interest. I suppose it would seem a bit sedate by today's standards, but to me it was superb, with some very good supporting actors, Some who appeared on an almost weekly basis and some who did not. All were good.I thought Ryker was also a good character, A real good villain of the piece with his brother and other gun hands he seemed to hire who always came up against out hero Shane.I would love to see the whole series again today. I'm sure It'd be just as enjoyable.

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Well Worth a Look if you like easy viewing short anventure romps., 11 November 2002

I remember seeing the TV series of William Tell in the late 50s when I was at school, and I thought it was great then, with Conrad Phllips as William, and Willoughby Goddard as the Fat Villain lol. and the real excitement for a 30 minute series was superb for the time and obviously aimed at a child audience. I then saw a re run of the series on sky in the 90s and it was still really good entertainment even for adults. I even saw a very early appearance of Michael Caine in a minor role (Just shows you eh) and quite a few other actors who become better known later in their careers. Well worth a look for anyone who likes a good simple adventure jaunt from a long while ago which I think has kept it's bite through the years.

Spartacus (1960)
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Classic, Even Outshines' most of Todays Epics., 18 August 2002

Spartacus is Definately a Classic in the True sense of the word! The Cast, from the Stars Kirk Douglas, Jean Simmons, Laurence Olivier, Charles Laughton etc, to the supporting cast (To numerous to even think about) and the Storyline...Absolutely Fantastic and it never ages' Like a lot of old movies tend to (Although I still love a lot of them too)I was 14 when I first saw Spartacus, It has long been amongst my personal Collection and I must admit I have watched it literally Hundreds of times over the years and have never tired of it. If you watch it maybe once a year or so you can still appreciate the whole film, and although a lot of the cast are now deceased, through this film and in some cases others too they will live forever.