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Can't Recommend It, 8 March 2015

I struggled to get through to the end.

Clearly quite a lot of people rated this film, but I merely found it dull with little in the way of plot or pace. These are major and fatal flaws. I have had to read some of the other reviews to even work out what actually happened.

The actors did what they could, and were generally very convincing. Some of the camera-work was also of a high standard.

I'm no fan of frantic films filled with over-acting, but this is not the first film where I longed for something - anything - to happen to relieve the boredom.

When you're watching a film with someone else and after 45 minutes you're saying "well it's supposed to be good and I'm sure it'll improve", that's not a good sign.

It wasn't and it didn't.

Downhill (2014)
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Oh Dear!, 25 September 2014

This is in the road movie genre about a group of 4 middle aged men tackling a long distance walk in the North of England.

It is set against the backdrop of the lovely scenery of the Coast to Coast walk. This is standard film fare - so far so good. I quite liked the sound of a fly on the wall documentary although I naturally incline towards the traditional.

Unfortunately, the execution is very poor. It just seems like a badly made amateur video, containing characters who are not particularly well drawn and who are generally unlikeable.

Like an amateurish version of "The Trip" with Coogan and Brydon, minus the jokes, and the charm that many find there.

I wouldn't normally give a score as low as 2, and usually resent the sort of reviewer who would happily give such a score, but it really is that bad

Uncle Buck (1989)
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This is a movie to watch again and again, 13 January 2013

Very surprised that the rating is currently languishing below 7. It's so enjoyable

John Candy is great in this one - you're just rooting for him all the way. He plays the part of the lovable slob, who may not always make the best decisions for himself, but is remarkably shrewd when it comes to other people

Good family entertainment and is a great advert for Uncles (and Aunts too of course) to take a greater role on helping their young relatives find their way in the world

Feel good - yes!

Parenthood (1989)
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Enjoyable but even my summary would contain a spoiler, 4 January 2013

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We watched this on TV and found that we got into it straightaway And we generally liked it, but ultimately the ending was a let down It did seem to be a genuine comedy-drama, and for the first two-thirds that is what you get But it as though the writer or director lost confidence and it ended up like every other heart-warming film. I like heart-warming, but it needs to be consistent For example, the Steve Martin family was muddling through with a child who might have to be moved out of his mainstream school, a child who struggled with baseball But what happens? The boy becomes a baseball hero! And that makes everything all right! Steve Martin has a problem with his son's party, so he turns into the most entertaining father the world has ever seen And this aspect is replicated elsewhere Would probably watch it again but would have been happier if real life had intruded into the ending

Charade (1963)
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Enjoyable Film, 27 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a solid 7 of a film, but not the top 250 type imho

I suspect that Audrey Hepburn's presence has a lot to do with this

Positives, The standard of the cast, Comedy thriller - a difficult balancing act, Alfred Hitchcock pastiche

Negatives, Would be better with a length of 90 minutes (But I would like almost all films to be cut down to a degree), Cary Grant looked a shade older than optimum, Audrey Hepburn kept throwing herself at the Cary Grant character - looks unconvincing, Lacks the touch of Hitchcock's best work

Nevertheless altogether a pleasant viewing

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Great Fun!, 20 July 2008

Picked this up on DVD for £3 ($6) - didn't know anything about it We thought it one of the funniest films we've seen for some time. Thought I'd check out the rating and was surprised how low (6.6) it was. Then checked out some of the "Hated It" comments to see why this could be I guess that a lot of people find this film offensive, with stereotypical attitudes - like how a bisexual woman could kiss both a man and a woman (an extraordinary observation). Or that it was unfair to poke fun at someone who spent all his waking hours dressed up as pirate. I think that comment came from a member of the Long John Silver Alliance.

Lighten up! Comedy - like any other artistic endeavour is subjective - all I can say is that I laughed and found that at many points the jokes were coming faster than I could process them - always a good sign.

A good combination of slapstick humour and smart-ass comments delivered at a rapid pace And an ever-popular theme: will the underdogs triumph? Watch it and find out

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Not much happens, 21 June 2008

So we settled down to watch this and over 100 minutes later were still waiting for something to happen "I thought this was supposed to be a comedy?" Well, yes but ... "And you said that this has a very good rating" Yes but ...

This isn't the first time that I've watched a film on the recommendation of several thousand reviewers, and have felt that too much value is attached to a quirky approach and too little value is being assigned to pace and storytelling

And as for comedy - there was very little IMHO

We found it all rather dull and unconvincing inasmuch as the Bill Murray character was supposed to have attracted all these attractive women while having little personality or conversation himself. Brave of him to do this film, but can't see it as a great success.

Not even great for a wet Sunday afternoon - very surprising that most people rate it as a 7 or 8 but then I suspect that this is largely due to the enduring popularity of Bill Murray

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It's got Joe Turner and Fats Domino!, 30 April 2006

Well, I bought the DVD so I have to say that I like it. Solely because it's got Big Joe Turner in it along with Fats Domino. They're miming to what appear to be new versions of some of their own tracks. Just watching Big Joe "singing" is enough to get my vote. They're so little of him in his prime that I'm really grateful for anything I can get. Has an amusing call and response section with the young white teenage audience. And then he "appears" on TV. Fats Domino is his usual impeccable self. The plot and acting is all very silly but worth it for the brief performances. Has Margaret Dumont in as well with a wimpish husband although "the worm turns" by the end.