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WUSA (1970)
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Extremely Moving, 16 December 2002

Ok, first of all, I definately do not see why all of you don't like this movie!!! I absolutely loved it. I was mesmerized by Joanne Woodward performance....WOW! Paul Newman, I'll admit, wasn't at his greatest. Tony Perkins and Joanne Woodward, however, made up for it! And those scenes between Woodward and Newman! The chemistry that comes with being married (as they are in real life) just comes right through the scene!

Great movie! Very moving.

All the Way Home (1971) (TV)
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Stunning performance by Woodward, 20 October 2002

Joanne Woodward gives an absolutely amazing performance as Mary Follet!!!! I can't stress enough how amazing her performance was. I was left breathless.

It's about Mary Follet (Woodward ofcourse). She's married, she has a five year old son and she's pregnant. Her husband gets a call that his father is sick. He goes to see him and He's supposed to come back the next night--but instead he gets killed in a car accident. So there she is, with her parents and extended family, with a five year old son and another baby on the way. If you want to see an incredibly performance that will leave you breathless, see this movie!

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WOW!, 27 September 2002

What a good movie!!! Made to perfection. That Joanne Woodward never fails to amaze me! She is quite simply the greatest actress ever to set foot on stage or grace the screen. and I mean that. She is mind-blowing in every movie she does, this one is no exception. Her portayed of Lila Green is nothing short of genius. The rest of the cast is great too...though, like someone before me said, none of them are likable characters except Lila. Well, except for little Sandra. She's likeable.

I recommend this movie to anyone! If for nothing else, see this movie for a stunning performance by Joanne Woodward.

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Amazing performances!, 26 September 2002

I'm so glad I bought this movie. The acting is superb, and as someone before said, it's definately Oscar-worthy. Although Joanne Woodward won an Oscar for another movie ('The Three Faces Of Eve') the same year, she should have been nominated for this one as well. This movie is SO well-acted I can't even believe it. I expected a riveting, stand-out performance from Joanne Woodward, because you can always count on her for that. But I didn't expect the rest of the cast to give wonderful performances as well. The one thing that got me is I never knew which characters to like. They all had their good points and their bad.

If for nothing else, see the movie for Joanne Woodward. If you're ever feeling doubtful about the acting ability of some of today's actors, go watch a Joanne Woodward movie. She'll renew you. I'm so amazed by that girl's talent.

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Wonderful acting!, 29 August 2002

Joanne Woodward earned every bit of that Oscar nomination she received for this movie. Her performance is believable and moving. This is acting at its best (another performance I find amazing is Joanne Woodward as a victem of Multiple Personality Disorder in "The Three Faces Of Eve"- be sure to see that). Woodward never lets you down. I really liked this film because it was so real. You could really believe this was happening. But the title, "Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams" really has nothing to do with it, atleast nothing that I noticed. This is a must-see movie if you're looking for some good acting!

Blind Spot (1993) (TV)
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*VERY* good movie- possibly spoilers, 29 August 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really enjoyed this movie...except it's hard to say enjoy when it comes to a drama, which this most definately is. The performances were outstanding. Joanne Woodward is amazing (but then again, isn't she always?), Laura Linney (who I don't normally like) was also fantastic. Well, here's the jist of it. Nell Harrington (Woodward) has prettymuch the perfect life. She's state representative, she's got a great marriage, her daughter Phoebe (Linney) is married to the head of her staff (Charlie- who she adores)and is pregnant, and Nell's about to run for the Senate. Phoebe gets rather irritable at one of Nell's speeches and they have a short little mother-daughter talk. And Nell says something we assume she's said before from Phoebe's reaction. Nell: "I guess I was just lucky to feel fantastic all the way through my pregnancy with you. I argued a case in front of the Supreme Court the day before I had to you- and I won it, too. And I was back on the job six days later." Then, there is a car accident. Charlie is dead, Phoebe is left with just a few bruises. They find out that Charlie was on cocaine. Not only was Charlie the head of her staff, but also her son-in-law, which is why Nell's press secretary is nervous the media will get a hold of the story.

Little by little, it's found out that Phoebe is on cocaine too...and she's pregnant. Nell gets her into a prestigious place called "the Family house" for Phoebe to get help. The movie is extremely good...I was in tears, yes. But I am ALWAYS in tears at every movie I've seen. The acting is positively superb. See this movie!!!

Breathing Lessons (1994) (TV)
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HILARIOUS!, 29 August 2002

This movie is hilariously funny. I was on the ground laughing through most of the movie. But it's not a pointless kind of hilarious. I'm a big fan of both Joanne Woodward and James Garner so this movie was heaven for me. I enjoyed every minute of it. Woodward and Garner were great together! Almost every word out of Woodward's mouth had me in hysterics, and every look and reaction of Garner's was equally as funny. And the scene when Woodward sings "Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing" at Serena's husband's funeral is a CLASSIC! And, ofcourse, the scene on the road where Woodward pops her head out of the window and tells some old guy his tire's falling that is funny. She feels so bad after seeing who was in the car that she makes Garner turn back.

This movie is everything you could want in a movie- a ton of comedy, a tad bit of drama to give the movie some meaning, and even a little bit of suspense. Not to mention high class performances by Garner & Woodward. See this movie!!!!