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Manuelita (1999)
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Boring & without merits to fight for an Oscar, 23 June 2003

I don´t have a simple clue why the Argentine Academy choose this movie to represent the country for the Oscar. May be they thought that if the Academy can choose a Disney 's film could do the same thing with "Manuelita". Wrong. I like animation movies and I watch and enjoy it with my daughter but this was too much. If you have insomnia this is a good option. I really can sleep confortable because in ten minutes "Manuelita" closed my eyes until the end. The story (coming from a famous argentine kids song)is slow and boring and use some old characters from argentine TV mixed in a bad taste soup with new ones. If you have a choice between "Manuelita" and another one... Don´t think more about it: the other movie will be better, sure.

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Lost the spirit of the real Lord of the Rings, 20 December 2002

I'm a very fan of a Tolkien books and when I watched the movie I felt so disappointed because the characters didn't respect the spirit that each have in Tolkien's stories. - The hobbits seems to be stupids, specially Sam. - Aragorn. Somebody had a confusion about the look of the man who will reign Gondor. Aragorn don't wear rich clothes but he is a prince and there´s no doubt about it. The character never get the duality between the knight and the ranger. - Dwarfs -I don´t need to tell this- are not little and deform people. - The mix of people and cartoon is confuse and it´s doesn´t add anything new. I think that only cartoons would been better.