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"Louie" (2010)
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is it a comedy? is it a drama? its boring, 19 September 2011

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titled as a comedy but as much as I have tried I could not find a single moment of comedy in this boring "sitcom". there is more "drama" than comedy in this miserable "sitcom" and it is not the good kind. even the Standup bits (wannabe Seinfeld) are boring, cannot believe anyone will pay to watch him. I would feel ripped off if I would pay for such a level of standup comedy. and the worse thing is that those boring jokes, keep repeating itself.

want a spoiler: summery of Louie in two lines I am divorce I am ugly, I have two daughters which take too much of my time and I will tell you about it even though that it may shock you! (and this, friends is the entire first two seasons). did I have mentioned boring?

Apocalypto (2006)
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again?, 14 February 2010

There is only one reason why Gibson made this film. To make the Maya look cruel and barbaric. And why Gibson goes to that length? Because he is a fervent Christian (which is OK) but as a result he decided to twist history and show the Maya as a barbaric civilization (which is not OK). The massacre of the Maya by Cortez and his people (in the name of Christianity), becomes excusable after watching Apocalypto, makes Cortez look like a merciful savior that come to destroy nasty brutal Maya, beside its being a mean twist of history, MR. Gibson forgets that Cortez killed all not only Maya and the reason was not merciful but a one of greed. This is the second time that Gibson is involved in writing the story or the screenplay to a film, care to guess which is the other film? The passion of the Christ anther "original" story (far far from the real events).