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Ra.One (2011)
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Only Hype, 17 November 2011

One of the worst movies ever made and came out of Indian cinema. nothing original. copy paste from lot of Hollywood movies. only chamak challo was good. but what was the need of an American singer for this song. VFX was not upto the mark for such kind of production one of the American studios should be backing for the best kind of VFX and to release in the international market with English version as well.

Waste of time and energy and voer acting at the best from SRK and also why he was made such an idiotic guy and why he was supporting such kind of hair cut.

rating 1 out of 5

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One of the most irritating movie of all time, 23 December 2010

Right from the first scene till the end scene the viewers will ask question to themselves what is going on.plain jokes and it looks like the actors were told to deliver the dialogues by themselves as the director couldn't get the dialog writer. plain jokes, over acting over the top performance from each and every actor even the most serious natural and sober actors like akshaye, sudhir and anjan did over acting in this movie. songs boring, no action scenes. no problem, G3 and phir hera pheri which even AK didn't liked were far better movie and entertaining than TMS. why AK backed this project as producer and why farah khan is continuing movies after the crap MHN and OSO.she will never ever become manmohan desai.even her brother should stop making movies.

Advice: don't waste your money and time

rating 0.5 out of 10

Enthiran (2010)
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An answer to Hollywood's Avataar, 2 October 2010

One of the best movies ever made by Indian film industry and Mr. Shankar proved it again that he is the best storyteller of the movie world who very intelligently sew the advanced technology of CG with the story.

The Best movie of the century and it deserves to go for the Oscars.

Everything was perfect

A.R.Rehman music and background score blended superbly with the movie

Rajnikant.Neither Kuma Nor Khan It's Kanth - RajniKanth.

Aishwarya as usual talent with beauty

If Hollywood have avatar then India has robot.

Review 5 out of 5

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Inspired by a lot of movies, 14 February 2010

the movie has been inspired by Forrest gump and khuda K lye. SRK has tried to copy the performances of Dustin Hoffman's rain man and tom hank's Forrest gump. for the last so many years the actors are trying to portray the role of any handicapped so they can win the awards Rani - black kajol - fanaa darsheel safary - tare zameer par amitabh bachchan - Pa and now SRK anyhow i don't know when people will start working on original scripts i.e. a Wednesday, khuda K lye, 3 idiots etc. kajol and jimmy sher gill as usual same experiment Sonia Johan gave one of her best performance

rating 3 out of 5

3 Idiots (2009)
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One of the best movies ever made in the history of Indian cinema, 24 December 2009

AK and rajkumar hirani has changed the face on Hindi cinema in this millennium and century. after chal chalein, released this year, 3 idiots is another movie which dealt with the education system, students committing suicide after the results are announced and parents forcing on the students to fulfill their dreams. This movie will be an eye opener to the educationists and parents and I hope they will ask their children's to listen to their hearts and choose their career.I was always against the education system of RAATA culture.

RDB team is back. AK is the emperor of the Indian cinema. He did the hat rick by releasing his movie in the December 21st December 2007 taare zameen par, 25th December 2008 ghajini, 25th December 2009 3 idiots.TZP blockbuster, ghajini all time blockbuster and 3 idiots will sure become the blockbuster. right from lagaan till 3 idiots gave consecutively 8 hits. mind blowing and first of its kind in the whole world and his name should be placed in the Guinness book of world record.

Rest of the cast did excellent, good, likable work and gave their best.

rajkumar hirani like always gave 100 percent and did mind blowing job international director

rating: 5 out of 5

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One of the best movies of all time, 25 February 2009

the words for praising this masterpiece will be less everything was perfect right from the cast to the technicalities behind the camera performances good cinematography, set design, background score everything was too good. the minor things were taken care but the evilness in the saddam hussein personality was not explored much and few things were not mentioned i.e. chemical bomb on the kurd and shia and during the war in kuwait he address to the entire world and especially USA that my people can survive on dates and water even if the entire world boycott us

otherwise their was no flaw in filming.

rating 4 out of 5

Delhi-6 (2009)
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One of the worst and irritating movie of Indian Cinema, 25 February 2009

Except the cinematography, editing and sound mixing nothing was great in this movie. script bad screenplay bad performances fair music good background score good this movie is one of the most irritating and boring movie and got it's place easily in the list of the worst movies of all time i.e. boom, oh darling India, LOC the director disappointed big time what he saw in the script and also the UTV what they saw in the script and invested is such a scrap script the beauty of delhi was captured nicely by the cinematographer

irritating and waste of time

Rating 0.5 out of 5

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The Best Film of the Year - 2008, 2 February 2009

This is one of those movies that entertain, gives message and make people think on the current scenario and the conspiracy. One of the finest movies ever made in the history of world cinema.

This movie is without any flaws. Not a single moment where you start feeling bore and wants to fast forward the scene.

The plus point was that the movie was without a single song.

Performance wise everyone has done a perfect job and given their lifetime performances which will be a milestone and hallmark in their career.

Nobody can say that this was the director's directorial debut. He has been credited as the story and screenplay writer as well

A must see movie.

Rating 5 out of 5

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After Tashan one more disappointing movie, 20 January 2009

One more disappointment from the King after Tashan. Nikhil Advani has directed one more stupid movie after Salaam-e-Ishq. After watching his last two movies one can easily figure it out that Kal Ho Na Ho was ghost directed by Karan Johar like Ghulam and Lagaan was ghost directed by the Great Amair Khan. Now Nikhil Advani should retire from the film industry. Akshay Kumar should have ghost directed this movie or should have advised Nikhil to stick on one plot and clear yourself that in which genre you want to make this movie. Either comedy or serious revenge drama. While watching this movie sometimes you feel that CC2C is a mindless comedy film and sometimes you realize that it is revenge drama. The director was so confused and arrogant that he didn't took the advice from anyone or from the seniors i.e. Ramesh Sippy, Mithun Chakraborty or Akshay Kumar. don't waste your time in watching this movie or just watch it for Mithun Chakraborty and Akshay Kumar performances. Direction and writing is very poor.

1 out of 5.

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Inspired by the US TV Series 'Sex and the City', 23 December 2006

I have seen this move on 21st of Dec. 2006 on the cable in Pakistan BUT the movie was going to release on 29th of Dec. but has been postponed for one week more means it was finally going to release on 5th of Jan. 2007. Anyway don't watch this movie because all you will get to see the overacting by Rekha, Vasundhra Das and Kim Sharma. Mahima Chaudary was their only to show her cleavage. Ashmit Patel lack of expressions. Only decent performance by Sachin Khedekar but he shouldn't be doing such kind of movies. Direction was not up to the mark. Songs were not soulful. The choreography was just okay. But you will ask yourself that what a legend like rekha is doing in such kind of film. At the end, don't watch this movie Rating: 1 out of 10

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