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Nowhere enough details, 24 October 2006

I really liked it, but it just moves by too fast.There were so many moments and subjects that they should have dwelled on a little longer,that they cut away too fast from.

This may be because the attitude expressed early in the movie,about Americans' attention spans;that ours are so short,they can't focus long enough on the game of soccer(i.e. football)to appreciate it,and I think the filmmakers edited it to fit that,in the assumption that us Yanks wouldn't find it interesting if the film had been done like their football docs.Maybe they're right,maybe most of us wouldn't,but I know I would have,and I wish they had done so.They could have filled it up with so much more detail,more stories,and so on.Good ,but should have been much more.

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Just more amateurish BS from Lee, 8 August 2006

Spiteful Lee exploits the Son of Sam murder spree as an excuse to,once again, make another typically tenth-rate,self-indulgent,horribly photographed ,horribly edited,and grossly inaccurate "movie" whose main purpose is to do nothing but be racist against White People,especially,Italians.It's mainly only for Blacks of his leftist ilk,to enjoy seeing Whites or other non-Blacks:A)getting murdered by Sam/Berkowitz,and B)seeing White women getting it on with Black men, to deliberately rub it in the faces of the White males watching,to use the old,Black racist propaganda about White women lusting after Black men.

Yes,Spite,blacks can also be racist (No matter what the old,worn out,1960s Marxist,PC-mindset says),and you prove it everyday.

To paraphrase the one UK reviewer:Critics,get your heads out of Spite Lee's rear end.

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Lame,not the way it was, 11 May 2006

As someone who lived through,and still remembers that decade vividly,if the actual '70s had been half this funny and (semi)normal,they would have been so much more enjoyable.Actual kids in that era did not act or behave anything close to as bright-eyed and normal as these kids did.The country's youth was still under the influence of the hippies and the drug culture all that '60s rebellion that it spawned,especially in the behavior department;the petulance,the smugness,the self-righteousness,the childishness,the unreasonableness of them - none of the characters exhibit any of that.

Someone compared to "Happy Days",and I can see why:They were both sitcoms that take place 20 years before the current time they were broadcast,and they both offer only surface ,cliched depictions of the actual eras,not even close to the full scope of it,just showing the obvious things - the fashions,toys,music,contraptions,etc,and that's it.For those too young to remember,or weren't born then,trust me,the '70s weren't like that,any more than "Happy Days" were like the actual '50s,as "M*A*S*H*" didn't accurately portray life at a US Army medical base during the Korean War,etc.

Hammerhead (1968)
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Run of the mill Bond ripoff, 26 September 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Third rate Bond ripoff,with super villain,scantily clad women,etc.About the only moment I even really remember is *NOT A SPOILER* with about 10 minutes left, the wind from a helicopter blows Judy Geeson's skirt up, giving us a good 3-4 second look at her white briefs.That should tell you how memorable the entire movie is.

To the first comment,at the bottom,the *SPOILER* ending you described,was to an equally awful film,from the year before, called "The Day the fish came out."

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Footage from only Altamont ,please?, 29 November 2003

When I saw the new version,with the new footage added,I was hoping for more footage from Altamont.Instead,we get only more footage of the Stones in the studio,and more performance footage of their show at Madison Square Garden.I've always wanted a version ,that was strictly about Altamont,because,ultimately,that's what the main focus of the documentary is,in the first place.Show more footage of the other acts that played(Or,tried to play,only to have their sets interrupted,by Hell's Angels attacking fans,that they thought were out of control).There has to be more footage of the Flying Burritos,Santana,C,S,N,&Y,Jefferson Airplane,etc,and there certainly has to be more footage of Angel assaults on innocent people in the crowd.Make it about 3 hours long,like "Woodstock".It would give us a much better view, of what that ugly,horrible day,was really like.