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A very predictable movie with an unjustified hype!, 15 October 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have been following many reviewers whether on youtube or IMDb for this movie and most of the feedback is positive which is making me really confused. Is the movie fun, well...yea, its a mediocre 2 hours killer if you have nothing else to watch, but is it Riddly's Scott come back? Wow, NO! It is not. If anything its a very lazy movie.

Let me tell you where I think this movie went all wrong:

1. Poor character introduction:

The movie started out great, into the heart of the action, no time to waste, and I loved that. You are dropped in on Mars watching these astronauts in the middle of the storm, something hits Matt Damon (yes I will call him Matt Damon) and boom, he is left behind. Afterwards we get to see him waking up, fixing himself, and everything looks intense and serious and I was engaged. Only until, he speaks to the camera, and not only that, he is basically telling us the right amount of what we need to know about him throughout the movie. He says something like "fortunately, it happens to be that I am the best botanist in the world..bla bla" more or less. Seriously! Is this how we introduce characters in movies these days?

It felt like "Hi, I am Matt Damon, I am playing the role of a botanist/astronaut in this movie and the situation looks shitty, but hey, I will survive 'wink 'wink"

Seriously this what I would expect in an interview about the movie, not how you introduce characters, or in this case, Matt Damon.

Whatever happened to lets say: flash backs, anything about his background in a none cheesy, speak-to-the- camera kind of way? I know it would be difficult to incorporate it in a movie about a guy stranded alone on another planet, but this is not an excuse, there are plenty of creative or at least a little bit subtle ways, to introduce characters, but no, lets be lazy.

2. The stakes are soo low in this movie (predictability)

He literally said in the beginning of the movie that he is going to survive, and with the ongoing tone of the movie, we know he will. So let's all silently weep about the money we paid for that ticket and just get over with this popcorn....uhhh

Why do we even care about him saving his life? I don't give a damn! Who the hell is he? Why is he important? Why should I route for him to go back home? Why is he even struggling to survive? I am sorry, the fact he is only human and wants to survive is not enough to make a movie about! Look at any other movie, say Interstellar, being the most recent, Cooper wants to go back back home for his daughter, we know the emotional bond between them, and I bought that. But why is Matt Damon so desperate to go home? Seriously it's not in the movie.

Even the editing is so predictable it is spoiling the movie. Look at that scene where the NASA director says: "this is assuming nothing goes wrong" (when they were estimating how long can he live) and then the movie cuts to Mars right after he says that, they have already blew the moment away! Now I know something will go wrong, it can't be any more obvious!

3. A Sci Fi movie about space exploration does not explore anything:

Does the movie explore the effect of living stranded on a planet have on the human psyche/psychology? Nope, Matt Damon is so happy he is on Mars, seriously, watch the movie, or wait, don't.

Does the movie explore the effect of the journey on Matt Damon after he returns? Nope, he says some punch lines and some cheesy stuff and that's it.

Does the movie explore our fellow humans reactions to the situation back on earth? Nope, aside from random shots or news paper headline, nothing...

While I do have more to write about, but I won't be able to make any accurate examples from the movie because it is so forgettable and predictable. Is it worth watching? Well, if you have nothing else to do, it won't hurt you but please leave any expectations from Riddly Scott behind you.

Iron Man 2 (2010)
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My IQ dropped after watching this!!!!, 7 August 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can't believe I actually paid money to watch this horrible thing!! The movie has nothing to see, no plot, no character development and no realism at all!!

(SPOILERS) The movie is basically about a super awesome guy with a tin armor, who is a very wealthy, very sexy, very cool, can hack any computer in seconds, brought world peace with his "tin" armor. The story continues when you see that he is also a genius scientist who discovered or created a new element in about 15 minutes!!

It gets better when you see the all bad a** guy/scientist also who drinks vodka all day and loves his parrot!! a scientist whose body is all covered by tattoos and looks like a thug.

Bottom line, if you want to waste your time, at least waste it more decently, there are a lot of retarded movies way better and realistic than this one. It makes me sad that these kind of movies are funded and produced in Hollywood.