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Surprisingly Based On REAL EVENTS
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Some of the best cinema released in 2015. Mostly independent films and low/middle-budget movies
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Some worthwhile directors to check out their works. All of them directors with more than just one good film in their filmographies.
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Teachers struggling to teach their pupils in some classics and not so classics movies
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Mostly focusing on the afroamerican history in the US because american cinema provides the greatest source of documentation of the blacks history
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Movies dealing with environmental issues or involving a direct contact with nature, animal kingdom and wildlife
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a genre in extinction
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Movies with a big party going on or set in a party lifestyle
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Movies that deal with LGTB theme or at least deal with it at some point of the plot
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Movies that deal with drug trips, drug abuse or drug addiction, drug traffic or anything related to the drug bussiness
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Films with great lines or dialogues
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Films which deal with musicians and music industry, not musicals.
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From 1 to 10, what does each number really mean? What are the numbers saying about the films?
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Films in which travelling is the main excuse for the plot or which narrate a trip to a particular country or countries in a touristic guide way
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Titles that talk directly or indirectly about the under-representation of women in terms of their role in society politically, socially and physically (how personal image and looks are perpetrated by mainstream media through the continuous invasion of irrationally exaggerated and unnaturally high standards of female beauty).

Títulos que hablan directa o indirectamente sobre el menosprecio de la mujer en términos de su papel en la sociedad políticamente, socialmente o físicamente (cómo la imagen personal y apariencia son perpetradas por los medios de comunicación a través de la invasión continua de unos estándares de belleza femeninos poco naturales, irracionales y exageradamente altos).
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Películas y cine sobre sueños. Dreaming in cinema and movies.
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best 2015 Sundance movies
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Watchlist of 2014 movies
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Africa & Afroamerica in movies
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Indie and believable sci-fi movies, with plots that make you think and wonder if fantasy could be real. A specific type of science fiction that, far from being characterized by special effects, add up a touch of realism which make sci-fi a better genre.
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Some good and other worse examples of the popular genre or so called "whodunnit".

Algunos buenos ejemplos y otros peores del popular género del llamado "quién lo hizo?"
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Films dealing with the genre of distopia
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Films that talk about the agressiveness of our economic system, pointing out some of the injustices that we allow committing to the powerful, in the name of money and capitalism. Pelis que hablan de la agresividad de nuestro sistema económico, señalando algunas de las injusticias que permitimos cometer a los poderosos en el nombre del dinero y del capitalismo.
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Some of the best movies in 2013, my personal recommendations
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Some promising starlets may be or may be not successfully appreciated in the end.

Algunas jóvenes carreras prometedoras sean o no sean exitosamente apreciadas al final.
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Not in order of preference. Just a random list of my 10 favorite spanish movies (No en orden de preferencia. Sólo es una lista aleatoria de mis 10 pelis españolas favoritas
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Worst movies ever. Don´t watch these films if you can help it.