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a list of 213 people
6' 2½" 1.89 - 1.90m or taller

With "only" 6' 2" 1.88 are left out:

Alan Alda
Alex Fernandez
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Benicio Del Toro
Benjamin Bratt
Bill Nighy
Boyd Holbrook
Brett Azar
Brett Cullen
Brian Dennehy
Caleb Smith
Callan Mulvey
Chris Pratt
Colin Firth
Colin Lawrence
Corey Stoll
Cristián de la Fuente
Daniel Baldwin
Denis Leary
Dylan Neal
Errol Flynn
Garret Dillahunt
Gary Dourdan
Gene Hackman
Gerard Butler
Gérard Depardieu
Graham Chapman
Grey Damon
Iván Kamarás
Ivan Sergei
J.B. Smoove
Jack Davenport
Jaiden Kaine
Jake Lacy
James Frecheville
James Garner
James Lesure
James Purefoy
Jean Reno
Jeff Ryan
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Jim Brown
Jim Carrey
Jim Parsons
John C. McGinley
John C. Reilly
John Goodman
John Travolta
Kevin Kline
Kristian Kordula
Lambert Wilson
Lance Reddick
Lee Marvin
Mark Strong
Matt Besser
Matt Cedeño
Matthew Fox
Matthew Kevin Anderson
Max Irons
Michael Caine
Michael Che
Morgan Freeman
Nathan Owens
Paul Adelstein
Paul Walker
Peter O'Toole
Randolph Scott (I)
Rhys Ifans
Richard Brake
Richard Roundtree
Richard T. Jones
Ryan Reynolds
Sam Shepard
T.J. Ramini
Taika Waititi
Ted Danson
Tim Matheson
Timothy Dalton
Toby Leonard Moore
Todd Litzinger
Todd Stashwick
Tom Hiddleston
Tony Goldwyn
Tyler Cook
Tyler Hilton
Victor Garber
Vinnie Jones
Will Smith
William Hurt
a list of 54 titles
These are some of the films that either:
- I think they are brillant, or
- good & like to watch them again every once in a while

Not in order !!!
a list of 11 titles
Actually good or funny fimls, vampire related
(list NOT in order)

OK, but wouldn't go as fat as to recomend:
Dracula Untold

Didn't see:

But forget about:
Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles
Dark Shadows
Van Helsing
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Open to sugestions
a list of 9 titles
US shows I like (& were good)
that were cancelled after the 1st season
(or hardly made it to the 2nd)
& should run or have run, at least, for 1 season more
a list of 21 people
women that are/were married or have/had partners younger than them, by 4 or more years
(in case of more relationships only the more relevant one will count)
a list of 134 people
and singers
a list of 22 titles
These are films SEEN in 2011 Most are comedies.
Not exact order of preferance
Comment :)
a list of 12 titles
a list of 19 titles
check these out, order is aleatory
a list of 13 characters
I wish I was 10% as cool as these ones, just Billy Mack is #1, all the rest could be in any order
Mainly no crap-takers, self aware & self accepted
a list of 5 characters
a list of 3 titles
a list of 3 titles
This are shows that were good or interesting in the 1st season BUT in the 2nd and following seasons got quite bad, and from bad to worse...
or 1 season was enough
a list of 15 people
it's not in order