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Expectations..., 8 March 2004

At first, I want to say, that I never heard about M2M, till I got the 2-DVD-Set for a throwaway price at a video-tape library. I bought it, toying with the idea, that I can't do anything wrong for that low price. I was not disappointed. I've watched it with some friends, and we all had an entertaining moment. Nice story, nice FX, Gary Sinise (!!! ;->), All in all a likable and cute movie. Possibly not the best of all Time, but quite entertaining. During reading about this movie in the net, I got more and more bad critics about this movie. Some people complained bad acting, other ones liked the acting, but hated the FX, then there were some guys, who loved the FX, but didn't like the story, others disliked the music, and so on...... Some people were getting downright mad and angry about this movie.... I was asking myself "How can one single movie make people angry???" Yes, a movie can be bad, and a movie can be really, really bad, but it is still nothing more, than a MOVIE! What the heck did the people expect??? A movie is nothing more, than a story, out of someones mind, and if you don't like it, that's OK, every movie has some people, that dislike it, even the real big ones!

M2M is not a big one, not a perfect one, and not one of the movies, the mankind will remember in 30 years. But I think most of the people were expecting exactly this. Well known actors, well known director, great FX... But this doesn't mean, that it has to become the next "2001". It's easy, to be disappointed, if you're expecting too much. The expectations were broken by FX, acting, music... Everyone has something, to be discontented, if he has expected a blockbuster.

Yes, there are similarities to other movies, there are scientific mistakes, and there are stupid lines. But as well, there were likable characters, beautiful pictures, funny ideas, and in my opinion still good effects, for example the dance in the weightlessness ;-) (Nearly nobody praises the good points of this movie!)

For an entertaining evening, I accept scientific mistakes, and I accept similarities to other movies like "2001" or "The Abyss" and some more movies, but M2M at least adapts the Ideas quite good, look at all of this awful "Star Wars-Adaptions", This are bad movies.... I loved all of the "borrowed" movies, after all, I'm a Sci-Fi-Fan. "Mission to Mars" in my opinion is not sooooooo bad! I like it as long as the movie itself makes at least a little bit fun, sense, and satisfies me for some time.

I'd give M2M 7 out of 10

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Cool!, 25 December 2003

By watching the preview, I thought, this movie could only be a kind of Space Jam -rip-off, and wouldn´t be really to see it in the cinema... Yesterday, It was pure chance that I had the chance to see it, but it made me changing my mind on the movie. I really laughed my head off. It was so wonderful stupid! I loved this movie. I liked, that in this movie, my favorite characters, Daffy and Marvin had a more Important role, and the action war simply cool! This movie is absolutely funny, and really well done :-) Watch it, if you get the chance ;-)

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Funny, heart warming, sweet ... Really great! :-), 18 December 2003

I saw a preview of this movie and thought "I have to see this movie!!!!" And I was not disappointed! It was really great! (I had the luck, that a really nice person recorded it for me ;-)) The story is about the "Jeanie in a bottle" Tabatah, who gets transported into our time, is pure fun! Apart from that, it´s romantic and heart warming. It has something for everyone, and I think by watching, nobody will be able to "dislike" this movie, because, it is a lovable, and "easy to enjoy" comedy, that can always fill a TV evening with a little bit magic ;-) 10/10 for Tabatah :-)))

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Wow! pretty cool!, 29 November 2003

I´ve seen the preview on TV and thought "This must be a funny movie!" So I went to the cinema together with a friend, and then... I fell in love with it! For now I´ve seen the movie 3 times, and didn´t get bored any time. The story is hilarious, the heroes are lovable, and the humor is great! This movie is pure fun, even for adults ;-)

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Simply Cool! :-), 22 November 2003

At first, I have to say, that I didn´t read the original book, so that I can´t be disappointed in the way, the story was changed in the movie. The movie is original, and can be shown to all ages. Yes, the humor is strange! As well as the idea to let a bunch of medieval knights fight against aliens. But, hey - Don´t take this movie serious! Its wonderful ironic and stupid, with his black humor and the crazy heroes. Some of the gags you get only by watching the movie again and again. For example this two gay soldiers at the beginning, how Ray Cokes looses his leg, or the cute equipment in the torture chamber ;-) To describe the movie short: It´s cool! I can remember only one time it was shown on TV, but it´s worth renting! And if you get the chance, watch as well the making of! Have fun with it!

Hook (1991)
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Sweet Movie :-), 22 November 2003

Yes, I really like this flick! I think, I´ve watched it more than 30 times, but it never became boring. The funnie Idea of this selfish, old version of Peter Pan, who finds out, who he really is, has something really funnie. It´s harmless, but not uninteresting. At most I liked Julia Roberts in her Role as Tinkerbell. She´s really cute, isn´t she? I can recommend it to everyone, because, the movie has the potential to amuse everyone. Watch it, if you can ;-)

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My! How pretty!, 25 April 2003

"Spaced Invaders" is one of the funniest movies, I´ve ever seen. I don´t understand, why this movie didn´t get better critics, it´s funny, harmless and sweet. I first watched it, when I was 11, and I really fell in love with it... 2 days later, I got it on VHS :-P Till today, I´ve shown it to many friends, and they all liked it, but nobody knew the movie before. I think, that´s the problem, nearly nobody knows it, so nearly nobody can like it... This movie never got a real chance, that´s sad, "SI" has really the potential of a comedy like "Monsters Inc." or "Spaceballs". Ok, enough displeasure - What I really wanted to say, is that, if you ever want to laugh your head off, watch it! Even if you don´t get mad about it, it´s worth watching! --> Prepare to laugh, earth scum!

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Heart-warming an hilarious!, 21 April 2003

I really love this movie! I got the DVD 4 days ago, and after watching the DVD 7 Times, I´m really sad, that I never found the time, to watch it in the cinema.

Yes, L&S is very different from the other Disney movies: Lilo, the little heroine of the story is beating another girl, making voodoo dolls etc. Stitch, her new friend is a destructive genetic-experiment from another planet, who learns during the movie about friendship and family.

Stitch´s creator, a funny looking alien with 4 eyes and a hilarious Russian accent is sent along with a fairy expert for a planet called "the earth" to get Stitch back, but they are the perfect idiot-squad, and have no success. Later, they´re turning to "good guys"

Unusual characters, aren´t they? Some people hear about a Disney movie, and are expecting princesses and sweet animals, but the characters in this movie are very different, and much more "human". Nobody here is just good or bad, and this characters have problems, like in reality.

The main thing I wanted to say is: This is a fantastic movie: The story is a mix of pure fun, and a touching story about friendship. The drawings are beautiful, the music is great, and I don´t think, this is just a movie for kids, this movie has something for everyone.

Well done! 10 of 10

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Disappointing, 15 December 2002

As a fan of the first two movies, I really wanted to see this sequel, when I heard about it, but after watching I thought, that was wasted time... It has nearly nothing in common with the first two movies: The story isn´t really terrible, but it could have been made better, and not so totally different. The drawings are not as good as in 1 and 2, and the characters look strange. The songs were bad too, and could have been more...

Two thumbs up, 4 the greatest Indy-movie!, 13 August 2002

This movie is my all-time favorite Indy-movie of all tree (hopefully soon 4) movies. Especially the part about Indy as child is pretty cool, and the including of Indy´s father is just cool! The movie explains Indy very well, but doesn´t miss the regular action and fun, of the other Indy-movies :-D 9/10 for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade