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WCW Road Wild (1999 TV Special)
2 November 2003
great us title match sad ending 2 the show when hogan put his ego over the great kevin nash. the streetfight was hilarious but they could've taken out the contest winner scene like they take out the upcoming events.
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WWF Armageddon (2000 TV Special)
lord i'm coming home 2 u
12 July 2003
Yes, the world wrestling federation intended 4 "the End" from the doors to be the soundtrack but as the show kicked off you could here swet home alabama in the background. this was the seecond of 3 hell in a cells i've seen Kotr'98 (short but cool) & WM XV but this my absolute favorite because there's action happening everywhere when i saw recaps on recap shows it look likerikishi sat down through the cell. I thought rikishi would be gone for a long time but he was at the rumble the next month. y2j vs. kane said y2j was ready to b a player for the championship. 2 1/2 years later they await word from ralphus so they can officialy restart his wcw career. Chyna/val venis+dud elimination match taught us the value of bendability awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... triple threat short & sucked. tag bout coo euro match sad.
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