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Predators in a fish tank
27 November 2013
While the informations shared by the narrator are without any doubt very interesting, this documentary still left me unsatisfied. With a title like "Ocean Predators" I expected some action too. These predators (mainly sharks) are indeed beautiful but all you will see is that they are swimming around peacefully. You will also hear a little bit about their hunting techniques, but not see them do anything, instead you will see size, weight and bite force comparisons. So you see my problem? If I'm interested in some shark's size, or how it looks, I can easily visit it's wikipedia page. Remember how David Attenborough showed us a polar bear hunting? His white face was covered with blood. That is part of their natural beauty. But this movie is like watching fighter jets being towed on the ground instead of fighting in the air.
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How I Met Your Mother (2005–2014)
used to be good
28 March 2013
I have to completely agree with the review written before me. This show used to be very good, very funny and unique, but that's all in the past. I've just watched season 8 episode 20 and it was god-awful. A pathetic attempt to fill another 20 minutes or so. And they say there will be a ninth season! Do I really want to watch that? Well, I probably will, but only because otherwise I just wasted countless hours of my life. But you can be damn sure I won't re-watch the show. 20 years from now I will still remember the great shows like Friends, Seinfeld but HIMYM will be just another blurry, fading memory of a show with a really long title that started out good, but the writers didn't know when to stop. I BEG YOU, PLEASE STOP DRAGGING OUT THE STORY!

Update: Now it's S09E11 and I've just watched another god awful procrastinating episode. Thank god this is the last season, with only 3 more episodes to go.
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Cougar Town (2009–2015)
Friends with Beverages
17 January 2013
When I first started watching this show, I did it only because of Courtney Cox. I'm a huge "Friends" fan, so it was nice seeing her again. But the show started as a disaster, there were no other topics in it but relationships and they were whining all the time. Actually after watching 13 episodes I stopped watching the show for a really long time. Then after a couple of years someone talked me into resuming the show because not far from where I stopped watching it, it transforms into kinda like Friends - no wonder the show was almost renamed to "Friends with Beverages". Not as good as "Friends" but watchable, I just really don't like Josh Hopkins and I'm not ever sure why.
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Mirror Mirror (I) (2012)
Snow White's 101st version
15 December 2012
This is the second Snow White movie I saw this year, the first one was "Show White and the Huntsman", both of them were very entertaining! "Show White and the Huntsman" was a more serious movie while this one is more cute and funny. And both of them have excellent wicked witches! Julia Roberts was fabulous. I have my eye on her since "Pretty Woman". Even though I don't think there's anyone who set foot in a movie theater who wouldn't know Julia Roberts, she actually made me believe she was the wicked witch. She was funny, she was beautiful, she was pretentious, she was evil, she was whatever she needed to be. Another great performance from her.

What both of these movies needed was a better Snow White. If I had to choose I'd say that Lily Collins was a better Snow White than Kristen Stuart, I just have one question: what's with the eyebrow?! Snow White is supposed to be beautiful but I was distracted during the whole movie by those two paintbrushes over Lily Collins' eyes. Please, buy some tweezers.
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Snow White's 100th version
29 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Like many others, this version is not a tale for kiddies. It's a serious story including magic, love, politics, war. It's a little slow and long for my taste but still good. Lot of big names in the cast, I especially liked Charlize Theron who is as brilliant in this movie as ever.

A few fun facts about the movie:

  • The first thing we find out is that Charlize Theron is a wraith who suck the life out from people. She even has a device (i.e. the mirror) that's kinda like a stargate: it's a big round thing from which somebody emerges from time to time.

  • Listen carefully to the dialog, because apparently Snow White is The One. I always thought Neo was The One but whatever.

  • Thor can fight even without his hammer.

  • It seems that there's still a little bit of James' venom left in Kristen Stewart's blood because she resurrected for no apparent reason.

  • Kristen Stewart can handle vampires so why not a wicked witch.
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Check your facts before writing a movie!
28 November 2012
This movie is an insult to everyone who cares about physics in general. You can't just throw around big words like the Faraday cage. At least one should read the wikipedia page before using it in a movie to get a general idea how to construct a proper one. But wait there's more: they argue that the aliens can't see them if they stand behind glass because glass is an insulator. Well guess what, air is an insulator, so how can they see them at all. It's really sad when someone doesn't know the difference between an electric current and an electromagnetic radiation.

Oh, and by the way, the script is mediocre and the CGI is really-really unsatisfactory. But I still gave the movie 5 stars because believe it or not, I've seen worse movies.
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a very transparent propagandist film
23 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
A scientist's job is to question everything, even himself, so I thought this will be a documentary about how our understanding about Earth's climate may be wrong... you know... about science. What in fact I got was a big propaganda trying to discredit the work of environmentalists blaming that they do what they do for profit. That was pretty funny. Although it may be true but it is negligible to the profit of the oil industry. Let's see some other BSes in the movie:

First of all the charts. Many other comments tell you about the charts, I just want to add one more thing: the fact that the CO2 quantity followed the temperature (with a lag) in the past does not say anything about the effects of adding more CO2 artificially into the atmosphere.

Another argument is that CO2 comprises only a very minuscule amount of Earth's atmosphere. All right, but this means absolutely nothing. For example I have a medical condition that requires me to take 40mg of omeprasole every day. That is less then 0.00005% of my total body weight and yet it helps me.

They claim that environmentalists are anti-technology, anti-development and anti-American. This can't be further away from the truth; just have a look at the Venus project, they claim that the only thing that can save us is technology (and engineers not politicians) - and they are in the US!

Killing the African dream of development. Now this is the best part! They suggest that environmentalists don't allow them to use their own oil. This claim is so pathetic that I did not know whether to laugh or cry. Those poor people are really suppressed, but not by environmentalists but the powerful countries who want their oil.
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The Nines (2007)
A 7's review
22 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, my vote is not 7 because I'm a human! Second of all, my vote would have been 9 if there weren't two flaws in the movie. But overall it's a pretty interesting movie. On my 30 ears on this planet (that I did not create :D) I've seen a lot of strange movies so I'm not too much impressed but the movie is indeed based on a good and original idea.

About those 2 flaws:

1) the middle part, with the reality show. I was bored out of my mind. Some pretentious new yorkers living their petty little lives. I did not care about them.

2) the balance of the mysteries was not right. One one hand there was Melissa who was a part of his world, clearly, because she stayed but we did not learn much more about her. On the other hand I would have enjoyed more elaborate scenes about the overlapping worlds, for example the guy bumping into himself and more like this.

You know it's really hard to express my feelings about the movie, so my apologies if my review makes no sense.
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The Client List (2012–2013)
Is this a satire or something?
9 May 2012
I couldn't get through the pilot because this show is a joke. Let me sum it up to you. First of all what do we learn about prostitution:

1) Apparently only good looking guys go to massage parlors with happy endings. Probably because they are the ones with self-confidence issues.

2) Guys who do go there respect and admire prostitutes and want to talk about their problems because what they really want is a psychologist.

Give me a break.

Second of all I have a problem with the main character. I can't feel any compassion for her, because her situation is that she is stupid. I tell you why:

1) Why would she buy a house from loaned money? Probably because everyone else does... Banks are nothing more then legit loan sharks. They don't break your leg, but they do take everything you have if you can't pay.

2) All right, so she has a mortgage and no money. Why would she drive a gas eating monster? She could have just bought a scooter like Larry Crowne did (you know, in the movie with the same name).

3) When things are really tough she becomes a prostitute. Well I guess that sums it up.

I like Jennifer Love Hewitt and she is beautiful but that's not enough for me to watch a show.
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South Park (1997– )
Cancel it already
29 April 2012
This show used to be good. I mean real good. It was very funny, smart, always up to date with the current events. The writers criticized everything that was wrong with the world. I couldn't wait to watch the next episode.

But that's all in the past. I don't know, either the writers ran out of ideas, or the people writing the show are not the original writers, because nowadays the show is only about feces. Literally. Oh sorry, there are some Apple commercials in there too.

I wish they would just cancel the show already, because all they do is smudge the good name of "South Park".
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In Time (2011)
Take the time to think about this movie
31 March 2012
I read some reviews and it seems to me that the people who like this movie are the ones that actually understand that this movie is not a sci-fi but a real life description dressed as a sci-fi.

In many ways the movie is similar to Eagle Eye although it addresses a different issue. Eagle Eye talks about the problems with the politicians and the government while this movie is all about the problems with banks, inflation, money in general. Eagle Eye is also more subtle while this movie is a direct reflection of our current society in a futuristic sci-fi mirror. To say only one example: people die on the street because they "time out". Well, of course we don't have clocks built into our arms but people do die on the street because they have nothing to eat or they freeze to death etc. If you did not see this parallelism it's probably because you wanted some mindless entertainment with plasma rifles or something.

So people, read between the lines.
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Eagle Eye (2008)
Entertaining movie (not without shortcomings) but what people fail to see is:
20 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
that this movie is a story about real life dressed as a sci-fi. People keep comparing ARIA to HAL9000 and GLADoS when in fact she is nothing like those supercomputers. Maybe a little bit like V.I.K.I. although V.I.K.I. was brutal, ARIA is not.

I'm sorry to break the bad news for everyone but ARIA simply did her job. They say it in the movie, by launching that rocket they violated the Geneva Convention. They were wrong and the attack caused retaliation. And the president using some oh-so-cheesy patriotic speech lied to everyone's face that the evil terrorists attacked the US. Doesn't this sound a little bit familiar to you? How many times did a president (whose name means shrub) said "terrorist" on air?

After that comes some overcomplicated ride to orchestrate the assassination of the president but that's OK because it is entertaining. I mean ARIA could have just sent a few ballistic missiles to kill her targets but that wouldn't be much of a movie. By the way I read a really bad review where the writer complained that ARIA can hack cellphones etc but she cannot hack herself. Clearly the guy who wrote that review doesn't know much about computers.

Finally our hero guy sacrifices himself to save the (lying and hypocritical) politicians and the collateral. I'm not saying that killing children is OK but don't blame a computer if you don't follow your own rules when it's not comfortable (or profitable) for you.
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Misfits: Episode #3.5 (2011)
Season 3, Episode 5
a very bad episode of a normally decent show
13 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I usually enjoy this show, it's pretty interesting but this episode sucks. Here are my reasons why:

1) another probation worker gets killed. Normally that would be an interesting twist but this time it blows. They let the guy die because one of them might go to jail. Come on, what kind of message does that send to the world.

2) the tone of your voice is something that depends on your body but your accent is not! My English is pretty good, although I'm used to the American English that is why I can barely understand what Kelly (Lauren Socha) is saying, her accent is too weird for me. I can understand the rest of the guys fine. But when she switches bodies with that other girl she would have to lose her weird accent because speech is something you learn, it's part of who you are and theoretically the other girl is talking.

3) if you stay too long with your eyes open and you can't blink, like the girl in the coma, your eyes dry out. Doctors should know that and close her eyes.

So please, no more mistakes like these because it really degrades the quality of the show.
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Worse ending than "The Jackal"
28 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Remember "The Jackal"? When the chick flick guy from "Pretty Woman" defeats John McClane from "Die Hard"? So far that movie had the worst ending, but as of now we have a new winner.

I mean come on! A guy this prepared should have made sure the bomb detonates before it can be moved. And also he would have had a plan in place in case someone found his shelter.

But nooooooo, the movie ends with killing our guy. Where is the justice in that? Where is any justice in that? Killing him was as illegal as any of the killings he did.

But even in it's stupidity this movie teaches us a lesson (which may not even be the intention of the writer): the legal system is corrupt, useless and incapable but they kill anyone who tries to change it. How's that for a conclusion?
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S.W.A.T.: Firefight (2011 Video)
I've seen worse... but not by much.
6 April 2011
This movie is a 5 out of 10 at best. You know I love movies about SWAT teams, I love guns (although never actually held one) but this movie didn't make me feel the thing; even though they tried. Maybe that was the problem, they tried too hard. You know... scenes with the gearing up and the cameras mounted on the guns and the battering ram... And of course every cliché you can think of is present, like the bomb defused when only 1 second remains on the timer. And let's not forget the errors. For example shooting a guy in the hand with a water grenade when he holds a gun, I mean come on, that's just stupid. Or just to mention another one, the main character first sees the wounded cop then investigates the house and finally he calls the ambulance. Come on! I know he loves his girlfriend (he just met) but in the meantime the other cop is dying! Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I'm not saying you shouldn't watch the movie but don't expect too much. If you want to see something really good, watch "Flashpoint" instead. Now that is a cool movie. Not because they shoot every bad guy in "Flashpoint" but because they save lives. Not just the hostages' lives, everyone's. And you'll be glad when they won't fire their gun.
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Avatar (2009)
a unique experience on a visually fascinating fairy tale
5 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I gave to this movie a perfect 10 because it was very entertaining although it is not without it's shortcomings.

Let's break up my summary into pieces:

A unique experience because I was waiting for this movie for a really long time. In almost every sci-fi humans are the good guys with generally inferior technology. Well, not in this one.

Visually fascinating because it is, you have to see it, you just have to, trust me. The flying and "horse" riding scenes are very convincing but some of the body movement still needs some work, especially the bodies of the Omaticaya people. Another small issue is that I found a bit tiresome that on that planet everything was glowing even the grass they stepped on; this made the planet seem a bit artificial.

A fairy tale because it is a nice fable but in reality the story wouldn't end like this; and this is where my SPOILER SECTION STARTS: it would have been really hard to destroy those V-22 Osprey-like aircrafts especially because of the miniguns so this is why I'm saying that it was a nice fairy tale: the good guys won, the bad guys were punished. Yeah..., yeah..., you can tell me that I'm a negative person, but I'm telling you even if the Omaticaya won that time, the next attack will be a lot shorter, it takes only one ballistic missile with a tactical nuclear warhead to destroy their oh-so-precious tree.
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A journey in a glowing universe
15 September 2009
Well... it was definitely interesting, although it doesn't really says anything new to me. Maybe I've watched too many documentaries already. The other comments about this movie emphasize that this is not a documentary that presents the knowledge of a brilliant scientist but more like a tour and in their opinion it is a good thing. I have to disagree. I think if someone takes the time to watch a 90 minutes documentary about the universe then he/she really wants to learn about the universe but instead you will see a lot of animations (by the way some of them are speculative like the big bang and some of them are plain dumb like the "high speed travel") and images taken by high resolution telescopes, which are indeed beautiful but it's just not enough. For example I think one of everyone's favorite topics are the black holes. The movie gives only a shallow description of them, no explanations just a few images. And what makes it even worse is that the movie says that in a black hole the laws of physics breaks down (I watched it in Hungarian translation so it might not say exactly like this in the original language) but that's completely wrong! It breaks down the laws of Newtonian physics that's for sure and even quantum mechanics but that doesn't mean that a black hole is not governed by the laws of physics, we just don't understand that physics yet.

Anyway, if you are satisfied with Hubble Space Telescope images then watch this movie but if you want to really learn you should check out the TTC video called "An Introduction to Astronomy", it is a 50 hours course where Professor Alex Filippenko explains to you everything you ever wanted to know about astronomy and cosmology.
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Passengers (2008)
Does not reach the standard
31 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
*** SPOILERS ***

Don't read my comment until you actually watched the movie!

There was a movie 10 years ago, The 6th Sense, we all watched it, we all loved it. There is nothing wrong in trying to create a similar movie but you have to surpass the original. This movie is extremely similar to The 6th Sense, except that instead of a gifted child, your dead loved ones help you, the doctor was a woman, and the horror scenes are replaced with emotional crap.

I'm not saying this movie is bad, maybe someone who has not seen The 6th Sense will enjoy it but I figured out almost the full story halfway after that it was just plain boredom. The movie delivered nothing new to me; I wasted 80 minutes of my life.
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A nutshell review
3 April 2009
This movie is a classic example of the mindless killing movies. Our main character is a not so talented photographer. On top of that he is also not too smart. He discovers a serial killer who kills people with big knives and even bigger hammers and then he starts following him with a camera. Yeah, very smart...

Then we are shown some excessive gore scenes. In my opinion a bit less gore and a lot more scary stuff would have been better. I wasn't scared once during the movie but some scenes were too disgusting.

The resolution was pretty much what I expected, the whole story was simple and predictable.
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Quarantine (2008)
A review for everyone (especially for those who already wrote a negative comment)
28 March 2009
I gave a perfect 10 for the movie because it entertained me from the beginning to the end and that is what I expect from a movie.

I have to admit, the movie has it's logical flaws, I hope CDC does not handle emergencies as badly as in this movie but again, if everything goes smoothly there is no reason to make a movie, something must go wrong. Which brings me to my point: this is not a documentary movie. You don't see comments complaining about Battlestar Galactica that "it hasn't been proved that FTL jumps are possible" or "you can't cure radiation poisoning". This movie is a horror movie, it is supposed to scare you not to lecture you how to handle crisis situations. And if it did not scare you, maybe you watched too many horror movies and you are immune to them, next time try watching one alone after midnight when you are a little tired.

I didn't see "Rec", so I cannot compare the movies but I think this one definitely worths a look. And if you did enjoy it I recommend you the movie called "28 weeks later".
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Not impressed at all
22 March 2009
Seriously, this is the new James Bond movie? James Bond movies were never my favorites but I still watched them for the action scenes, the cool gadgets and Bond's nonchalant elegance. This movie delivers only the action scenes but nothing you haven't seen before. So let me criticize some aspects:

First of all, where are the gadgets??? Every super-agent should have and use them. This James Bond handles everything with a pistol and a mobile phone.

Second of all Daniel Craig as James Bond? Who the hell decided that? His face has no character, he leaks the elegance necessary for this part, and THIS guy gets all the ladies? Come on, were there no better candidates?

And last (but not concluded) MI6's computers. I know that the authors of the movie wanted something impressive. The Microsoft Surface is not such a big deal and there was the other computer that projected the information on the transparent wall of the office which, well... you could say that it is shiny and everything but the excessive flashing and the transparent screen (by letting you see what's behind the wall) distracts your attention from your work, so before you design a super-fancy computer think about how useful would it be in real life.
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Max Payne (2008)
Ambiguous feelings
21 February 2009
I didn't play the game myself but I looked forward to watch the movie because movies created based on action games tend to be full of action with lots of special/visual effects. Well, my feelings about this movie are ambiguous.

But first things first: would people stop complaining about the script!!! What the hell do they want? There is nothing wrong with this movie's script, it's got twists and everything. There are tons of dumber movies out there. And if a really good script is vital for you then I suggest you visit a theater not a cinema.

But still, I don't want to defend the movie. The first 69 minutes is just a plain old detective story and I'm not really fond of those. It's mostly just talking and I got really bored during it. The remaining 27 minutes on the other had delivered what the whole movie should have had delivered: good action scenes.
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"First ever animated movie created for 3D". Seriously? Where?
1 December 2008
It is pretty surreal what these flies can do... eh well... this is a cartoon, so anything can happen in it.

At first I must tell you that I love animated movies. Unfortunately this year's repertoire is very weak. This cartoon is nothing but a list of flaws:

1) I quoted the tag line. It suggests that this movie has great 3D effects. Well, I did not see any, at least not something special I never saw before.

2) The "flies" in this movie look nothing like real flies. At least they could've make them black. But cyan flies, seriously? With giant heads and slim torsos?

3) The story. I guess it was written for 6 year old kids. I could tell it in two sentences it is so over simplified.

4) Excessive patriotism. For example: "They are American files after all!" Oh, give me a break.
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An almost entertaining movie...
15 November 2008
This movie contains lots of excessive action and excessive humor; I guess the hole point of this movie is to entertain the people but it did not work for me.

You can see lots of C4 explosions, M16 fire, RPGs but the story is a comedy, these two don't really mix. In addition the jokes are not the best. I never enjoyed the fart type comedy nor the type of dark humor where the people's hands fall off.

Lots of big names in the cast, I would say it was a big waste too, no one can really show his talent in a sarcastic movie. I didn't even recognize Tom Cruise until he took his glasses off.

I can see why many people enjoyed this movie but it was definitely not for me...
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It felt so good
9 November 2008
Wow man, look at this rating: 9.1 out of 300000 votes? That cannot be an accident. And it isn't! I was afraid to watch the movie as usually 2nd parts tend to be worse than the first. Except for Alien and Terminator. And now we can add Batman to this thin list.

Good special/visual effects, great cast, a pretty chaotic but not overcomplicated storyline and surprisingly good characters. I especially enjoyed Joker; Heath Ledger was so good I wish he won the Oscar for this part.

The movie is simply brilliant, there is nothing more that needs to be said, just go and watch it for yourself but use the bathroom beforehand because you will be nailed to your chair for 144 minutes!
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