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further displaying the xenophobic behaviour of the west, 24 June 2008

this TV show is as funny as a burning orphanage!

Bad points(all points): Clips aren't shown once, they are shown several hundred times, not just through one episode, through a whole series trying to squeeze every ounce of credit from them.

They add sound effects to every single clips like crashes people screaming, really what is the point in that? even if some of the stunts go right they add sound effects, if someone falls of a skateboard, it's the sound of over exaggerated bones cracking.

The translation sections, this really shows that the presenter is really taking the pee out of the people even if they are saying how the stunt went the guy pulls up loose information about the culture (e.g. underwater Icelandic hockey: "ya ya, if it's not Bjork then it's not worth it") the guy's a moron.

They include women in bikinis for the living hell of it just to bring in teenagers and people who like women (trying to draw everyone to this garbage)

This show is for simple people who point at aeroplanes in the sky and still use turnips as currency, this is one of the lowest forms of entertainment and basically just a filler for empty time slots.

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Indy returns! but were we ready?, 27 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

everyone who loved the first three films would have surely had high hopes for this next film to be something spectacular, but we may have been let down somewhat this time.

a few rants about the film: 1. It is revealed very bluntly that mutt is Indy's son as Marion just blurts it out without any regard for what mutt or Indy might say 2. Mutt's character is stupidly plonked into the film just because he is played by shia lebouf (or whatever his name is). I have nothing against him, just he seems to be getting greedy for parts, and this is film that he could have done with staying out of really. Also at some points he is seen randomly crying for no reason! 3. Russians?! why can't we have Nazis again? 4. CGI rodents! 5. The whole grease/back to the future setting of the film, didn't give it much of an edge, just made it seem quite cheesy and pretentious. 6. Can't the guy make up his mind whether he's a baddie or a goodie, that really got on my nips! 7.NO NUKE IS SAFE FROM THE MIGHTY FRIDGE!?!?!?!?

good things about the film: 1. The Indy character is still there as we all know and love 2. There were some reasonable chase scenes 3. The idea of the skulls was quite well thought out, with a lot of coverage of the story behind them. 4. There was not much CGI on key scenes, unlike the star wars prequels where every scene possible was force fed inedible amounts of CGI

out of all these points made, i consider this film to not be what was expected at all but rather a subdued Indiana Jones film that seemed to be less well handled that the first three films. 6/10