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AAAAAAAGH!!!!!, 27 August 2002

THIS MOVIE DROVE ME TO INSANITY!!!! I will give it a good rating ONLY because it did what a good movie is supposed to do.. effect the viewer, and oh man did this movie effect me. It drove me nuts watching it.

Half Baked (1998)
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Truly a classic., 27 August 2002

That hoser guy doesn't know what he's talking about. First of all, There ARE places where bodegas exist and there are weed delivery services.. like uh.. NEW YORK. and my hometown DC!

Second of all, stoner movies are NEVER supposed to win any plot awards. Its just stupid comedy. Something to get high to and laugh your ass off. You honestly think Cheech and Chong movies had any good plots? I really wish people would stop over analyzing stoner movies and just get high and enjoy them. What I'm upset about is that I haven't heard any word of a sequel, like "Fully Baked" or something. There definitely should be. This movie.. totally a classic stoner movie!!

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AAAAGH!! This movie is awesome!, 27 August 2002

But so incredibly nerve-racking! I laugh every time I watch this movie it is so good. This is the perfect cast and you feel Ben Stiller's character so well it makes you want to scream of frustration. It is done so well and I can't wait for the sequel to arrive.

I just really hope they don't screw it up because this is gonna be a hard one to top. Robert DeNiro should get more recognition for this one, and Ben stiller too. Definitely buy-worthy no matter how many times you've seen it.

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Truly a work of genius in disguise!!, 12 August 2002

Okay, yes I am a Jim Carrey fan, but to show no bias I still think this movie would have been just as good starring Chris Farley.

This entire movie is a movie made up of SO many different movies and tv shows and some people don't even see it. Yet the plot on its own is magnificent. I can totally see why people are immediately turned off to it though.. my advice to them, watch it again! When I first saw this movie I was not impressed and familiar with Ace Ventura antics so I thought it was a bad move for Carrey. However I watched it again because my friend wanted to see it and started noticing new things and new references. I've no joke seen this movie around 70 times and each time gotten something new from it. It's very very hard to understand this movie I know, but the key to understanding it is.. EMPATHIZE (and if that doesn't work just smoke up ok?). Imagine if you were the cable subscriber role and some cable guy was pulling these antics on you. It really shows a tough position to be in on both parts. I give incredible recognition not only to Ben Stiller, but the guy that wrote such an in depth script as well. Not to mention Jim Carrey who just makes you laugh with his lines. I can explain this movie even further but I think I made my point.