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Mass Effect (2007) (VG)
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A Great Story, Good Graphics and Fun Gameplay all come together to make an awesome RPG., 31 July 2010

In the 22nd century, where humans have discovered lightspeed and have met and colonized with many alien species, a skilled commander must take his crew and teamates into enemy territory in order to find and either capture or kill a powerful alien who has means to bring back a dangerous alien species.

I've never been a huge fan of RPG's, thus I wasn't interested in Mass Effect at first. However, I soon decided to get my hands on it. Well I gotta say I'm glad I did!

Pros: -A fantastic and immersive storyline. -Very deep and well acted characters. -The graphics are nearly spot on and great. -The sound is perfect, but nothing that stands out. -The score is very varied and fits the futuristic setting. -Fun and easy gameplay.

Cons: -Although still fun, some gameplay elements( such as vehicle controls, weapon functions,etc.) can get a bit irritating. -Could have been more weapons.

Overall, despite some minor flaws, Mass Effect is a fantastic game that cannot be missed, RPG fan or not.

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Brutal and incredible take on WWII, 4 July 2010

Many know Steven Spielberg as one of the most impressive and great film directors. He was the one who brought us Jaws, E.T., Encounters of the Third Kind, the Indiana Jones movies, and Schindler's List( which I unfortunately haven't had the pleasure of seeing yet). However, Spielberg hasn't made such an emotionally empowering epic in all his life that is Saving Private Ryan. SPR is about eight soldiers who are sent into German territory in World War 2 to find and return home a Private Ryan who's three brothers were killed in combat. Everyone is great here, but the one person who stands out the most is none other than Tom Hanks. Once again, Mr.Hanks plays an Oscar-worthy performance as a troubled American army captain who just wants to return home to his wife. This film successfully captures the brutality and horror of war through up close and shaky, hand-held cameras. You really feel like you're in the battle evading gun fire and witnessing people losing limbs and dieing horrible deaths. In the end, I give kudos to Steven Spielberg for delivering us a gripping and brutal film that has to be one of, if not the best, WWII movies of all time.

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A hilarious and exciting conclusion to a fantastic trilogy., 29 June 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Now, there are many movies out there that are turned into franchises just for a quick buck( Transformers, most horror movies), but every once in a while comes a franchise that actually comes together and shows that there are still movie makers out there who care about their movies. Toy Story is one of those franchises.

1995- this was the beginning of the computer- animation era when Toy Story was released into theaters. It was a technological and cinematic achievement that touched our hearts and entertained us in every way imaginable. It was the movie that introduced us to a whole cast of unforgettable characters that we'll remember for the years to come.

1999- exactly four years after the release of Toy Story 1, the second installment was brought to the big screen. At first planned to be a straight- to home video, everyone had worries for this film, I mean for crying out loud Pixar and Disney nearly broke up over this movie. However, audiences everywhere were profound and amazed at how Toy Story 2 recaptured the magic and heart of the first one.

2010- it's been a long eleven years since the second Toy Story was released and there wasn't a word of a third movie. Eventually, though Toy Story 3 came to theaters finally and I gotta say, it was an amazing experience. Toy Story 3 successfully captures the imagination and heart of the first two while still offering more things. The animation, as always, was top notch and beautiful to look at. The script was HILARIOUS and heartwarming. I'm not going to spoil the movie for you, but I have to say this is the darkest and most mature Pixar movie yet and it may scare younger viewers, so be warned. The last half- hour had me at the edge of my seat until I started to cry suddenly. Toy Story 3 is an amazing movie and if you haven't seen this yet, get up right now, stop reading this review and go see it now. Toy Story 3 is definitely my vote for best movie of the year so far. Simply incredible.

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Robert Zemeckiz's Masterpiece., 6 March 2010

I just recently saw this film and I gotta say, it had to be one of the best movies I've ever seen! This film has everything you could want in a film, humor, sadness, drama, action, etc. The actors were fantastic, especially Tom Hanks, who's performance is one of the best ever. This film also explores a short glimpse of the horror and loss of friends in the infamous Vietnam War, which just added to the film's greatness. Overall, Mr. Zemeckiz has created a film that will live inside everyone's hearts for the years to come. I have never, nor ever will, see a more emotional, gripping, and inspirational film than Forrest Gump!

WALL·E (2008)
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The best computer-animated movie I've ever seen., 16 October 2009

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I could not wait to see this movie when it was coming out. I was never so excited to see a movie before, and well I saw it opening day and.... I LOVED IT! This movie has so much charm, humor, excitement, adventure, and most importantly, heart. I can not recommend this movie more, it has got to be the best computer-animated movie I've ever seen. Also, this movie is for adults too since it had a deep plot about the end of the world. So to tell you the truth, I think parents and other grown-ups might enjoy it more than regular kids, but of course kids will enjoy it as well. If you enjoyed all of Pixar's other films, you will no doubt enjoy this heartwarming adventure about love and betrayal.

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Its actually pretty good., 28 March 2008

There are lots of new shows coming on cartoon network now, and chop socky chooks is one. The shows about 3 kung fu fighting chickens (Chuckie Chan,Chick P,KO Joe) who are defending the citizens of Wasabi World (a city sized shopping mall) from the evil Dr.Wasabi.Chop Socky Chooks is not the greatest show in the world,but in my opinion its better than some of the other new shows on cartoon network.Also if you don't know, Chop Socky Chooks is also on Teletoon in Canada.So if you haven't seen this show yet and think its going to be bad, please give Chop Socky Chooks a try. You might be surprised, and don't listen to those complaints about it being really violent, its not.