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Osombie (2012)
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pretty awful but funny in parts, 14 November 2013

I went shopping and waited in the car for my partner while she got a milk bread and a DVD with 3 films for just £5!Not the first time i have had to watch a film that if it was on TV i would have just switched channels.OK there are zombies who get killed A LOT, all the zombies are Afghans, American soldiers laugh and wise crack as they slaughter them in different ways,plenty of blood, not much plot,the zombies move so slowly a tortoise could outrun them but every now and then someone other than a Zombie dies somehow,its pretty stupid and i did start to feel a bit uneasy that Afghans, even zombie Afghans were being slaughtered with such obvious relish by the U.S forces with the current political climate, anyway it fails to provide the entertainment of say eight legged freaks,which is in the same genre, cheesy but entertaining,substitute zombies for spiders there is not much difference.The actors are not half bad really its difficult to shine in a film like this,its very clichéd in places only watch it if you have very very low expectations and have no desire to think when watching a movie.

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Quality drama brilliantly written, 15 August 2013

This was released on DVD a while back and i purchased it on the recommendation of a friend, who knew i liked callan , i have to say this stands up very well in comparison both in tension and quality of script acting and storyline,this is nothing like The professionals for example, no flashy action scenes no uptempo background music to set the scene, its gritty and real, dialogue plot and excellent casting make this compelling viewing, its as good as say secret army another taught gripping drama of quality that was all about fighting the enemy while avoiding detection, a tragedy then that its creator and writer Ian Mackintosh disappeared in a light aircraft crash with two other passengers in 1979 over the gulf of alaska a fourth series was being written, yorkshire television believed that without mackintosh the quality would be compromised and that it was best to end the production, in retrospect the right decision the three series we have stand head and shoulders above any other espionage thriller drama before or since, {in my opinion of course}

Prometheus (2012/I)
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oh RIdley WHAT WAS THAT?, 5 June 2012

I am a great admirer of Ridley Scots films ,few directors have started more impressively, his first three films in particular are quite brilliant, The Duelists,Alien,and Blade Runner are all masterpieces of storytelling and visual realisation, sadly Promethius fails dismally with the story and while the visual imagery is superb it is not enough to save the movie. The first half of the film is excellent and succeeds both visually and intellectually, however after a scene where a 3d holographic image of the universe is displayed the film descends into the sort of cheap shock horror imagery one might expect to find in say a rubber octopus movie,it lacks intelligence and coherence, there are massive plot holes if this is supposed to follow onto the original Alien film,the actions of what is supposed to be a superior alien race are simply non sensical, it totally lacks suspense as a narrative some blood and gore frights but thats about it,really a below par film from Ridley.

"Mad Men" (2007)
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Great looking but boring SOAP, 19 April 2012

OK i know im in a minority not to think this series is genius but i am entitled to be wrong lol. The production values and attention to detail are superb, the representation of the style of dress, technology, and architecture are just gorgeous, but the story lines and plot have typical soap opera values which could easily crop up in eastenders or coronation street,both of which i find dull and boring, this is equally dull, it is so banal in its plot lines that all it has going for it is its good looks. Style over substance has never been more apt, my partner watches it and freely admits it is only for the clothes and style that she does so, otherwise its not very interesting, since the fashion angle has very limited appeal to me there is nothing i can find here to make me stick with it, the women are lovely to look at but i really need more than eye candy to maintain interest.

Inception (2010)
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breathtaking intelligent film making., 22 July 2010

I cant remember anything that had such an immediate positive impression on me since i saw Blade Runner back in 1982, this is an extremely complicated film which is built on a simple premise, the notion that information and ideas can be accessed through dreams and the manipulation of those dreams.There are professionals who provide their services to get information through this method for those who will pay, as a plot not startling, its the execution of the concept that is a triumph, its like saying blade runner is a film about synthetic people being hunted by a professional killer, doesn't sound like much of a film , you just have to see it to understand the depth that can come from such ideas.Thats where inception scores highly for me, yes visually its brilliant and full of action, but there is so much more in the plot than eye candy, what is reality, is it what is in our heads, what we experience through physical environment, emotion, are we here at all or just a construct from another mind,for me it asked a lot of engaging questions while never forgetting to entertain, i have seen some reviews saying this film is a mess, it is complicated sure but there is a coherent thread that runs throughout the film, the criticisms that some of the dreamscapes are illogical is misguided because of course anything is possible in a dream, i think people who like 12 monkeys will enjoy this film, as a reasonable comparison in complexity of plot and entertainment value, although i would say this is more cerebral than 12 monkeys, anyway i think anyone who enjoys thought provoking entertaining and intelligent film making will get pleasure from seeing this movie.

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brilliant documentary before fred was famous, 6 April 2008

This documentary was a bbc produced gem before fred became the media personality that most of us remember him as, a gritty and fascinating insight into the industrial wasteland being created under thatchers Britain, as fred goes about his work knocking down for the most part factory chimneys furnace works and other buildings that were once the powerhouse of britains prosperity, his thoughts and attitudes are woven into the film footage making it an acclaimed piece of film making not just at home but also on the continent where it was nominated and received awards for best documentary, the value of this film has been somewhat lost amongst all the many subsequent series with fred but this first really is the best and most real work on fred dibna.

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unwatchable, 12 February 2008

I saw the first 30 min of this film with gritted teeth and eyes that hurt, i understand the movie is designed to show the events from a first person perspective with a hand held camera, however the desire to give the impression of an amateur camera man making an amateur film has been overindulged so much that it is not possible (for me at least) to actually follow the film, my girlfriend who was with me actually felt sick and dizzy! i cant say much about the plot as i did not watch enough but it looked OK on that level, a big nasty monster devastates a major American city and we follow the progress of our main characters as they try to save themselves,fairly standard but its the telling of the story that counts, i thought the latest alien v predator was badly filmed but this is worse by light years.

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just awful, 20 January 2008

Mmmm, a previous summary says "if you like aliens and predator you will enjoy this film" i could not disagree more, this film pays no respect to its weighty lineage and has reduced two of the best loved sci fi strands to little more than a teen horror slasher movie, it has none of the tension or foreboding present in previous alien or predator movies and there is no discernible lead character, i really did not care about any of the characters and i positively yearned to see the stereotypical cast die as soon as possible in the vain hope something better would replace them, it really takes super human incompetence to have two of the most fearsome creatures ever invented positively fail to make a gripping thrilling movie, only watch this if you want to see how NOT to do it.

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top notch drama on the deep south and the "n" problem!, 21 May 2007

I picked this gem up at a car boot sale, i had never heard of it but i have heard of corman, and william shatner, so i took a chance.I didn't really expect anything but a cheap and probably cheesy melodrama, what i got was an excellent well told thought provoking film with top quality acting all through but especially from shatner who showed a range and versatility i had not realised he possessed, after seeing this film i have to wonder if star trek stopped shatner achieving more in his career by forever holding him in the black hole that sci fi found for him, this film has much in common with the taught racial tension found in missisipi burning, and the heat of the night, it really does compare favourably with these two films, if anything it is probably too close to the truth for the 1960s audience that would have seen it, the events it portrayed had happened in reality in only the very recent past, the n word and other derogatory terms for black people are used frequently and with a casual normality that is there not for gratuitous reasons but to underline that that is how it REALLY was, this film is not just beating you over the head with its message it is also an excellent story, i cringed at the bigotry and racism portrayed by the more affluent white community towards the "undesirable" black members who lived on the wrong side of town, stirred up by shatner who has come to the town to fight for "justice" against the black trouble makers, just a really really good drama here, worthy of far greater note and commercial success than it achieved.

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fascinating archive film of Hitlers 1938 visit to Munich cultural festival, 16 March 2007

an amazing discovery of colour footage tells the story of an extraordinary Munich weekend when Adolf Hitler and nearly the entire Nazi leadership attended a three-day national cultural festival--including concerts, dancing, exhibitions and a five-mile-long parade--titled "2,000 Years of German Culture". The film was shot in July 1939, just six weeks before the Second World War began, by an amateur film buff who filmed t the event in close-up on colour 16-millimeter Kodachrome. It was first shown only to the film maker's family, then hidden in the family cellar, where it lay for many years . English film makers Luke Holland and Paul Yule assembled an audience of elderly Germans, framing them watching themselves in the 1939 footage and reminiscing about their experiences. Among them were sons of the unofficial cameraman who shot the 16-millimeter film and the daughter of the publisher of Hitler's Mein Kampf, who in deference to Hitler's wish for "privacy" on visits to the publisher's home never said "Heil Mein Führer", but alway "Good Morning Mr. Hitler." The remarkable footage presents a rarely-seen view of Adolf Hitler relaxed against the background of a city in celebration and of the Munich crowds as complicit participants, sharing with their leader the excitement of the parade, which is reminiscent of parades from roman times rather than a modern day state.This is a really fantastic find and a must see for anyone interested in the subject, particularly as this is not an official Nazi propaganda film but an amateur enthusiast filming an event as it truly happened.

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