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Excellent photography shots of Los Angeles, 12 October 2002

I really like Robbery Homicide Division. Tom Sizemore is excellent in this role. Whoever is doing the camera work is taking the best pictures of Los Angeles I have ever seen, from every angle and from every neighborhood. Tom Sizemore's office is in a high rise building in downtown Los Angeles and the view from the windows showing the freeways day and night make me feel like I am inside the building looking out and the view is magnificent. I also like the way the story gets right to the point. Tom Sizemore is a no nonsense, brilliant detective. This program is shown on channel 2 at 10:00PM on Fridays.

Eric Roberts is terrific in this., 5 October 2002

Less Than Perfect is closer to perfect than most situation comedies. Eric Roberts (as the anchor Will Butler) raises the standard of the usual situation comedy. I love all his interactions with his new assistant Claude Casey (well played by Sara Rue). I've only seen the first episode but I plan to see every episode. "Less Than Perfect" is on at 9:30PM Tuesdays. Too bad people will be sucked into the less than perfect shows that go on earlier at 9:00PM like "Smallville" which although well acted have corny, insulting to the intelligence, type plots. "Less Than Perfect" is a pleasure to watch, especially when Eric Roberts is in the scene.

"Do Over" (2002)
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I loved the lst episode of "Do Over", 21 September 2002

"Do Over" is about a single 34 year old guy who ends up back in his 14 year old body reliving that part of his life. It's really funny and enjoyable to watch how he changes the past for the better. Michael Milhoan plays his macho father and he's excellent. His mother & sister are good too. So is his friend Pat Brody played by Josh Wise. Penn Badgley plays the 14 yr. old Joel Larsen and plays it just right. I hope the future episodes will be as good.

"Falcone" (2000)
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I loved Falcone, 21 August 2002

I think "Falcone"is one of the best mafia shows I have ever seen. I liked it a lot better than "The Sopranos". Falcone's story line about an undercover agent becoming part of the mob is lot more interesting to me than what "The Sopranos" offers. I found the most dangerous guys in the mob to be a lot more threatening in "Falcone" than the ones in "The Sopranos". I thought the casting for "Falcone" was excellent. Titus Welliver as Sonny Boy became more powerful as the series unfolded. His acting was brilliant. Eric Roberts is always welcome and was good in "Falcone". "Falcone" consists of 9 hours that was shown on CBS. I am only sorry that the series wasn't continued. Jason Gedrick as the undercover agent was very good and so was Amy Carlson, the woman who played his beautiful wife. I would rate "Falcone" right up there with "Wiseguy" (the one with the late Ray Sharkey) and also I think "Falcone" was as good as the movie "GoodFellas".