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Brilliant, 15 November 2011

This movie, for a welcome change, is not pretentious. It shows life exactly as it is, and that's what was lacking in Hindi movie industry for so very long. Get used to it people, in reality people from Delhi do curse. They do have sex. They do compete.

The script is outstanding. Every line was well thought out, and well presented. The acting is good too. The guy who plays the villain does it so very well I was almost splitting with laughter after. The emotions, the sudden anger, the slow realizations, the stupid comments, all these are exactly as it happens in real life, and somehow, that's what makes it so very hilarious! I would recommend it to everyone who doesn't live in wonderland. Don't miss it, you'll never know how good it gets!

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Absolute treat, 22 August 2011

I belong to a generation which has not seen Botham play. I've grown up watching the next generation, watching Flintoff being compared to Botham, and wondering who is he anyway. Well, here you go. If you, like me, had seen England doing miracles in 2005, and thought such things were once in a lifetime, this is for you. If you love cricket, and think that cricket is a funny game, this is for you. If you love heroes, and love to hear stories of a phoenix rising from the ashes, this is for you. If you love watching the English win over the Aussies, this is for you! What a brilliant portrayal. Sporting achievements are fleeting, but the recollections last forever. And wouldn't you like to recollect one of the finest test series ever played?

3 Idiots (2009)
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old formula again, 30 December 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If over the top unrealistic comedy is what entertains you, then this movie is just for you. There are lots of pissing and fart jokes. Somehow some people never grow up.

This movie is entirely unrealistic.Everything is too spic and span, colorful to give the viewer lots of eye candy. Most of the first half of the storyline revolves around students outsmarting the teachers. Young people are going to love this, but the jokes are so ancient that the professors might very well have known them. It beats me how the studious guy got away after insulting the director and the minister. Then again this is mindless entertainment. Picturesque scenes are aplenty with long drives along hilly roads. Cinematography is good, we get guided tours through the hills of himachal and kashmir. However the songs are retarded. Aamir Khan, bless him, is not a college kid anymore. I know he's the best actor in business, and he does a decent job here, but does that mean we can't try out young talents? The shooting style, character development, even music at times are similar to 'Munnabhai MBBS'. That was a great movie, but why do it again? The second half is plain old Hindi movie with lots of crying. Most of it is predictable. Then again, this is mindless entertainment and you're not supposed to think.

Sometimes the story is plain stupid. It maybe the case that people are made to strip during the ragging days, but does that mean they will drop their pants whenever the emotions soar? Would you strip to underpants in front of your best friend and his girlfriend? This is so unlike India.

Things good about the movie are cinematography, Sharman Joshi and the message. However, since everyone is shutting their brains, I doubt anyone would carry the message out of the theatre into real life. If you are a college student, would you stop cramming before exams and start learning the stuff? If banners and star casts attract you, go see it. Otherwise, avoid this. You won't miss much.

With such a good novel as a background and such good actors with a great director, this is pretty much a waste of resources.