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"Clueless" (1996)
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Watch the movie instead!, 23 October 2003

This show was a total embarrassment to one of the few truly good teen movies. I remember being excited to watch this series, but it disgusted me so much that I could barely sit through it. 'Clueless' is a highly original and charming movie, but in the series they just turned it into a typical '90s sitcom that almost NOBODY liked.

I'll just leave it at that. If you like dime-a-dozen sitcoms, then this is the show for you. Otherwise, forget it.

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The perfect fix for anyone with a little curiosity, 13 October 2003

I remember back when Marc Summers was the host for 'Double Dare.' But some things never change, because he's just as, if not more, corny! But hey, I love this show! Food Network is awesome, and 'Unwrapped' is for sure their best offering. From the first time I saw it, I wanted to see more secrets behind the snacks we all grew up with. It's educational, entertaining, and in my case, makes me want to open up some candy.

If Food Network keeps up this show, I'll remain faithful to their ratings.

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A longtime favorite, 5 October 2003

I've loved this movie for a LONG time. I hadn't seen it in a while, so I again checked it out and actually found it even more enjoyable now. I loved the Chipmunks cartoon when I was young, so naturally I adored 'The Chipmunk Adventure.'

I honestly can't think of a better plot to this movie. It's not wildly creative, but I've always wanted to travel all over the world, and so I just have so much fun watching it as my longing to travel grows even more. The part with Elenore singing to the little penguin always makes me cry...

'The Chipmunk Adventure' will remain a favorite of mine forever, I'm sure. I guess it's because I saw it when I was so young. I don't think it would make quite an impact on someone older seeing it for the first time. (Unless, of course, they have a young heart)

The Point (1971) (TV)
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A new favorite, 5 October 2003

I kept hearing about this movie a lot for quite some time, and when I saw the video at my local library, I decided to check it out to see if it was any good.

Little did I know what I was in for!

In other words, I loved every minute of it. I have this thing for semi-obscure non-Disney animated movies, and 'The Point' was just adorable. Never before have I seen a lead character quite as endearing as little Oblio, or a cuter dog than Arrow (I just loved his expressions). The Rock Man was just too cool... with that beatnik-like voice and wisdom.

I loved the songs, and there's a very strange one about death, which shows a whale decomposing... it's the weirdest part of the movie, and has to be seen to be believed. The sequences to a few other songs aren't much more normal, actually. But I mean all of this in the nicest way possible.

'The Point' will for sure have a place in my cartoon collection soon. Anyone who loves strange cartoons or Harry Nilsson should see it.

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The '70s rule!, 4 September 2003

When I first became hooked on 'I Love the '80s', I thought, "The only thing that could possibly be better than this would be a take on the '70s." And, badda-bing badda-boom!

There were some parts of this series that were a little... raunchy (and sometimes downright grotesque. To my standards, anyway), to put it bluntly. But it's not enough to overshadow the all-around greatness of the series. The best ones I think are '72, '74 and '77.

True, it's not as *funny* as 'I Love the '80s,' but the '70s were *cooler*, so it's a different perspective. (I love the '80s for their sheer hilarious tackiness. The '70s I love for how awesome they really were.) It's also a lot more quickly paced, but that's probably so they can fit more artifacts in.

It's a real downer for me that I didn't get to live in the '70s. But with this series, I can still have lots of fun with the fantastic and the exceedingly cheesy alike!

A hilarious ride through early memories, 15 June 2003

I LOVE this series. I've seen every episode several times, but they never fail to leave me in stitches. For me, the '80s are just vague memories of Hall and Oates LP's, Care Bear dolls, and early cable TV. But that doesn't stop me from loving the '80s and fondly remembering the culture. Some of the panelists were annoying (particularly Hal Sparks at times), but the series is still nothing short of sweet, cheesy perfection.

My favorite episodes are probably 1980-82, but I loved them all. I'm just praying that acid wash denim will never, ever make a comeback.

An adorable surprise, 13 June 2003

Before I saw Down With Love, I couldn't stomach Ewan McGregor at all, because all the roles of his I saw were stiff as wood. But now I've gained a little appreciation for him to be able to pull off being an arrogant snob so well. Really, I liked him here.

I didn't expect much from this movie (since Ewan was in it and all), but ended up really getting a kick out of it! As soon as I saw the animated introduction, I knew it would be so much better than I thought. When I watch movies from the '50s and early '60s, I wonder why movies like that aren't made anymore. Well, Down With Love satisfied my longing for a movie that really was like one of the past.

I'm a nut for costume design, and it's a key thing I pay attention to in movies set in a past era. Well, the designer got everything perfect here. (I now want every dress Renee has worn in this movie.) Loved the sets, too. Plastic furniture needs a good comeback.

If you're a lover of the early '60s, see Down With Love while you can. It could be the unsung great movie of the year.

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A stroke of insanity, 12 June 2003

I LOVED this show when it was on. This is the REAL Felix! The '60s series is cute, but this one is the perfect homage to the old silent cartoons. The original Felix was crazy, and he should always be that way.

Why, oh why didn't this last longer? My guess is that it was a little much for the average viewer. Another reason could be that this was one of the most expensive cartoons ever made by Film Roman. But nonetheless, it was a fantastic series.

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Already a favorite, 6 June 2003

I was very, very bad about seeing new movies last year. I really wanted to catch Lilo and Stitch, but didn't get to until the DVD. I hope it comes to the IMAX or something, because I think it could easily replace The Rescuers as my favorite Disney movie. Just when I thought that Disney was going down the tubes, they come roaring back with this new classic.

Everything about this movie is brilliant, beautiful, and original. I think they should keep on using watercolor backgrounds, because it has the feel of a real classic from the '40s. The Elvis music was a great touch! No out-of-place song and dance numbers here, folks, it's very nicely embedded in the background.

I've heard criticism regarding Lilo and Nani's constant arguing, but this is exactly what sisters do, no matter how much they love each other. Sure, I don't think real life loving sisters would go quite that far, but it was a breath of fresh air from the Brady Bunch-like atmospheres from a lot of other Disney movies.

Lilo and Stitch will still be loved for a very long time, and rightfully so, because it's like no other Disney film, and they'll never even come close again.

It may not be Toy Story, but it's still one of Pixar's best to date!, 6 June 2003

Let's face it, no movie Pixar is ever going to make will even come close to how perfect the Toy Story movies were. But one thing's for sure, and that's that Pixar will always be king of computer animation. It's the kind of technique that either looks brilliant or hideous, and Pixar just keeps on getting more amazing.

I was looking forward to seeing Finding Nemo ever since I saw the trailer last year, and my high expectations paid off! It's a little bit darker than Pixar's previous movies, but the humor totally makes up for it. One of Pixar's best talents is being able to entertain on so many levels. ANYONE can love a Pixar movie, and Finding Nemo is no exception. Everyone in the theater got a kick out of it (try saying that about a third-rate Disney sequel).

The animation is the best Pixar has ever done, but it's always the story that takes the cake in their movies. It's the SCRIPT that keeps me watching them over and over, not just eye candy. Finding Nemo's story dragged just a little at times, but it wasn't enough to make me annoyed. I'm going to see it again soon, and really want the DVD.

I loved the One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest-inspired gang of fish in the tank. "MY BUBBLES!!!"

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