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My favorite films....not the best films I have seen, but the ones I can watch over and over and never tire no particular order.
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The most over-rated talents in the film buisness. In no particular order.
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10 Best Directors for the future-
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These lovely ladies represent the best of the best from across the Atlantic and will most rock the film industry in the future: hopefully. They have the potential to be outstanding.
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A list of the best television has to offer- really the only reason I still own a television. In order of awesomeness. (These are well into extra seasons, most on DVD)
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A list of films I watched as a youngling that impacted me greatly. These are films that started it all- you know back in the day of VHS. Most of these films were already ten years old or more when I finally watched them. Most were made in the decade I was born (1980's) but I find that they are timeless and will make sure that my children watch them someday-
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A list of the future of Britsh Cinema. These young men represent skill, passion and smarts to become some of the greatest leading actors in Hollywood. If music is the universal language- film is the universal emotion. These actors can make your head spin, make you laugh, cry, cringe- in the best possible way. In no order-

Each actor will have "the" performance to watch them in.
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A short list of the best Indie films I have watched. These indie films represent those that a major production company (Viacom, Time Warner, Sony, Disney) had no part of. These are films that were no doubt at small-independent thaters, such as Landmark as opposed to AMC. If you have the time and want to try something outside the mainstream pick up one of these- some are even on Netfilx and enjoy!
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This list represents the best in character creation from various films. These characters come from films and are not one-dimensional, but create a feeling of dread, love, hate, sadness, mystery and above all leave an impact on you and make you wonder what it would be like to know them in real life. Some of these characters make you wish they were real and others make you glad that they are not.
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These film represent a marked change in who I am. Good films can transport you to a different place and the great ones can transform you into a different person with a better appreciation of life and love.
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These films rock for a different reason. Lets give a little bit of poetic license here and not judge on how many awards won or the brillance of the acting. These films are about music and how music heals the soul or destoys it.