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Classic and one of the most quoted movie in Hungary, 2 February 2005

Régi idök focija (Old times' football) is probably the most quoted movie in Hungary besides A Tanú (The Witness). 'Kell egy csapat!' (We need a team) became a common proverb in Hungary. The story takes place in the 1920's in Budapest, and tells a story about Ede Minarik, the laundry man, who is keen to sacrifice his life, wealth, even his family life to make up his own football team, which can make it to the first division. But the film is about more than just football: it shows us the post-war Budapest, the dirt, the slums, the poverty, and a man, who has a dream, a vision to achieve his own set goals with his team. At that time there was a desperate need for lots of people like Minarik. What is unique about the movie is how it was pictured: the cameraman created an atmosphere which takes us back to the 1920's. Definitely worth watching it!

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Beautiful love story, 2 February 2005

Közel a szerelemhez is one of my favorite love stories I have ever seen in Hungarian movie history. The film tells a story a love between a young, a bit simple-minded but lovable policeman (beautifully played Ferenc Hujber) and a Chinese immigrant girl. The two characters speak no common language, the only tool of communication between them is the international language of love. It's delightful how their relationship develops, how Karcsi overcomes his fears and prejudices and totally fell for the girl, even protects her from his own stupid colleagues.

The score and soundtrack of the film is excellent, the music by Anima Sound System just perfectly fits in the atmosphere of the film.

The only disturbing factor in the movie was that the Chinese character is played by a Japanese woman. Couldn't they pick a Chinese girl for the role? Or did they think that Hungarian audience were not able to make a difference anyway? Anyways, if you come across this movie, don't miss it!

Kontroll (2003)
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Funny movie, but the story's a mess, 2 February 2005

I saw the movie twice and I really enjoyed the funny parts, especially when Sándor Badár and his controller friends are doing their job and the interviews at the company's shrink are hilarious. And, of course, Béla bá, played by Lajos Kovács is excellent.

But what's the story about? Does anyone know who the killer is? And why does he kill people? Why does Bulcsú live underground? What is he hiding from? Why is the girl dressed as a bear? It's such a mess, that I didn't find the answers to those above mentioned questions even though I saw Kontroll twice. I believe a good movie must be written well enough in order to give answers to those questions or at least hints so I can later think about them. Maybe they wanted to have a funny flick about controllers at the Budapest subway, and then randomly threw plot ideas around the jokes to make a 90+minutes movie?

I don't know. SO sad, because the movie could have been a lot better!

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Worst Hungarian movie ever? Horrible and painful, 1 February 2005

I went to see this movie accompanying a friend of mine. I had bad expectations because its trailer was all over on TV channels and I couldn't evade it, but the movie underachieved the horror I had previously expected...

It was supposed to be a humorous flick on Hungarian history. Well, I have to point out that 1) it's not humorous at all, and 2) it's not about Hungarian history at all. Well, it's a distorted picture of history, but even if one is interested in Hungarian history should avoid this crap.

The 'story' is about the seven leaders of the Hungarian tribes traveling throughout stages of Hungarian history. It's difficult to use the word 'story' regarding this movie, because it doesn't really have a plot, it's rather different scenes randomly thrown together. The seven main characters are so poorly and dumbly developed it hurts! While watching this movie I was wishing I weren't a Hungarian.

In spite of all this, the movie was commercially successful, but only because probably more money was spent on commercials and marketing than on the movie making process. Hey, Mr. Herendi, next time spend all your money on commercials and the marketing campaign, and I rather spend my money on watching an empty screen for ninety-some minutes. It will be more entertaining and better for everyone.

If you like movies, then avoid this crap. If you still have to watch, first just shut off or kill your brain cells to survive the horror that waits for you...

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Oh, please, no!!!!, 1 February 2005

I am still wondering how a talented director, like Tamás Sas, was able to make the best and the worst movie in Hungary in a year's time... While Szerelemtől Sújtva/Down By Love is an excellent, gripping and experimenting movie, this chick-flick is so bad, that I'm still mourning those 90+odd minutes of my life I had spent on watching this crap. At least I saw it on TV so I didn't cost me a single penny.

Apád beájulna is a teenager movie about two girls, and is based upon a bestselling book with the same title. I'm sure it was a commercial enterprise by the movie makers to capitalize on the book's commercial success, but the end product is more than misery.

I don't wanna detail the storyline of the two chicks, not in order to avoid spoilers, because regarding this movie, the word 'spoil' can only come into concideration if someone actually watches it, but because it's so dumb and cheesy, it's just not worth it. I just mention the most irritating thing about this movie: the two girls are supposed to use a teenage slang, but they speak at a non-existing slang, use words I have never heard used, it's an imaginary language that old men over 50 think teenage girls use nowadays.

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Upgrade version of the prequel and ROCKS!, 1 February 2005

There are movies which, especially if you shut down your brain cells, can really rock. Resident Evil, both of them, are definitely two of those. Although this time around you don't really have to minimize your brain activity or intellectual in order to have fun watching this movie, and it's also enjoyable for those also, who have never played the video game. And it's definitely suggested for those who like to watch hard and beautiful girls kicking a$$. Resident Evil: Apocalypse is by far the best video-game-into-movie project I have seen so far. It's a tough area for movie-makers to write a decent plot and make a watchable movie of a video game.

This story, again, takes place in Raccoon City, which is obviously Toronto... I had an inner smile while watching the opening scenes showing the unmistakable Toronto skyline with US flags all around, and I was wondering that whether A) the USA invaded Canada and renamed the city (maybe as a retaliation to the continuous humiliation in ice hockey), B) Americans loved Toronto so much they copied it, or C) the German director and actors were not able to make a difference between Canada and the USA anyway. Well, it's not Chicago at least, for Toronto played Chicago in that overrated cheesy award winning musical hype... Besides Vancouver, Toronto is probably the most occupied Canadian figure in US movies. :-)

The first part had a cliff-hanger ending, which became the starting point of the sequel. This one is definitely an upgrade version of the prequel, I guess the director and co. learned a lot since finishing the first part of the series. Which is a lot better in the sequel is definitely the casting. Since it's a zombie movie and resurrection is possible, I was wishing that Michelle Rodriguez, one of the least-talented actresses in Hollywood by my opinion, wouldn't come back to life. (Wonder why she hasn't yet won any Razzies...) And YES, she won't! It was fun watching her character die ugly in the prequel, and her character (No.2. hard-a$$ chick) was replaced by Sienna Guillory, who's a very talented actress, played Helen of Troy and had a heart-breakingly wonderful performance in Sorted. I wouldn't have thought she fits in this character this much, but she's really convincing! She's been a good pick for the role. Mike Epps adds a new color to the movie and it was great to see Sandrine Holt again in an action movie, even if her character is a little drawn back this time. And Milla Jovovich (Alice) delivers the same good quality as in the prequel, but this time the acting skills of the characters are more balanced, thus the movie is more enjoyable. The only irritating thing regarding the actors is the constant German accent by a bunch of actors. It's especially irritating when it comes to a US government official... At least you cannot say it's not multicultural enough: US government officials with a German accent in a (ex-?)Canadian town...:-)

Other bad things I can mention: the zombies are so lame and boring. They move the same, look the same, and the same extras are used in different street shots... The other one is the lame and a bit cheesy final showdown between two main characters (I'm not telling their names in order to avoid spoiling).

To sum it up: it's a great and enjoyable movie, definitely suggested for those who want 90+odd minutes of action and entertainment.

Can't wait for the third one, especially since this one has a cliffhanger ending too.

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A boring, useless and unnecessary movie, 26 January 2005

I wasted two hours of my precious life to watch this movie. I was actually mislead by the Hungarian title of the movie, thinking it was a remake of Playing Mona Lisa (with Alicia Witt). Watching this movie I realized it was truly, though an unofficial, remake, but to another movie: Mona Lisa Smile is de facto a boring feminist chick version of Dead Poets Society. But while Dead Poets Society has a good story, great acting and Robin Williams, Mona Lisa Smile is a low tempo whining pointless flow of celluloid starring probably the most overrated actress in Hollywood: Julia Roberts. The whole movie just falls flat in every single aspect of movie making: a slow-paced and uninteresting plot, empty and sometimes exaggerated characters, the whole story just seems fake and unbelievable, and a message which is pointless and outdated in the 21st century. Maybe this movie could have been revolutionary if it had been made in the 50's, but it says nothing nowadays.

I only give you one piece of advice: if you are thinking of watching this movie, try Dead Poets Society instead. It'll be like driving a Mercedes instead of horse carriage. Both are cars but not the same league.

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Great romantic movie, 26 January 2005

It's a decent and well-made romantic piece. Good and believable story, great acting. I prefer romantic movies that are trying to remain realistic and that are not 'overdone' so they won't become cheesy and unwatchable. Playing Mona Lisa is not a landmark in movie history but a great effort and a really enjoyable piece.

What really makes this movie great is Alicia Witt, who's one of the most underrated actresses in Hollywood. She should get better roles in the future. Maybe she just have to change her agents. Alicia makes a believable character and even being a guy myself I constantly feel sympathy for her. I guess many guys dream about having a girlfriend like her character in the movie.

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Great and entertaining movie, but..., 23 January 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First off: don't read my comment if you haven't yet watched this movie.

It's a great and entertaining movie with a great and gripping story, and next to perfect casting. Nicolas Cage was a perfect choice for the role of our modern day crusader, he is just believably enthusiastic throughout the whole movie. Sean Bean plays a perfect villain, not the first time around during his career. He already made a great villain in 'Don't Say A Word'. Harvey Keitel is great in the role of the FBI agent and Diane Krüger seems to become a mature actress in Hollywood.

My only biggest problem with this movie is that Jerry Bruckhemer and co. not just haven't read Da Vinci Code, but haven't even heard of it?? While the book has been on the bestsellers list for months and even a movie is being made of it, National Treasure has a way too similar plot to the book (except for the usual Dan Brown start-up scenes with a mysterious murder). So while the movie is entertaining and highly enjoyable, it's just still like Da Vinci Code placed in the United States. Looks like if Bush, Cheney and the Republican campaign advisors wanted to re-write Dan Brown's book: the story is relocated to the USA and has been filled up with greed, national pride, a huge load of patriotism, all kinds of clandestine organizations and hunting/searching for things whose existence is questioned by everyone except for the hunters. With the only exception that this time around they hunt for treasures of great historical value and not for mass destruction weapons. And of course there comes the unmissable happy ending with the actual finding of the treasure, I didn't expect. I guess I won't get any answers to my question about the similarity between the movie and Da Vinci Code.

Besides all this it's a good movie, even a good history lesson, so you won't waste your money and time if you watch it. Highly recommended for those who liked Da Vinci Code and for those who like action scenes that may seem more humorous than believable (e.g. when Cage's assistant hacks into the security system of the National Archives through a laptop computer sitting in a van parked just outside the building).

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Probably the worst movie of my life, 23 January 2005

I recently saw this movie on a Hungarian commercial channel advertised as a "super movie". The Hungarian title chosen for the movie was more than misleading, it suggested as the movie was a sequel to the "Gods Must Be Crazy" movies. It wasn't the biggest problem though with this movie, it simply underachieved all my expectations. The whole movie is so silly and dumb, it's just not worth watching. It was supposed to be humorous, but most of the "funny elements" are based on racial prejudices and cultural simplifications. Even a Leslie Nielsen movie can be considered subtle to this. Besides the racial based "humor" even the plot is primitive. I don't want to give any details of the story line, it's just simply not worth it. The only remarkable element of the movie was the description of the UN peace-keepers who are portrayed as stupid, careless and corrupt people, which fact was recently reflected in a book written by former UN employees.

The movie was good for one thing: now I know I have to avoid movies directed by David Lister.

To sum it up I would just tell you: DON'T WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!!

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