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A movie to make fundamentalists, 22 July 2017

A movie to support the indoctrination of young children into Bible fanaticism. And as to believe that you have to avoid reading the original text, this is a good example to give to the children. No gore, no sex, just as God intended to do the Bible and somehow forgot.

Or in short: nobody can get close to Disney, so Dream Works has to feed niche markets in order to get some extra ticket sales and DVD rentals.

This is Transformers with Zombies., 22 July 2017

This is Transformers with Zombies. Probably the most important part is the Zombies are not encumbered by too many copyrights and patents, unlike Transformers. Or probably smart scripts are unpleasant for the producers.

Apart from the many plot holes and the disgusting ignorance of basic medicine from the part of the script writers, the final product is slow, is boring, and the action at about the level of cut scenes in video games some 15 years ago: make the whole team run for the mean of transportation with many many assumed zombies behind. Refugees, obviously for the English major team of writers, prefer to run in circles in the city for the pleasure to make left turns between zombies.

A white man's tale about life in the African ghettos, 22 July 2017

It is a fairy tale. What white males think of testosterone and masculinity in the streets of the African ghetto. Drugs. Police. The documentation is probably the free newspapers that litter the Paris streets - downtown and not the ghetto, of course.

The script is particularly bad as it keeps repeating sentences and quite a few scenes are put there only to give the movie an air of credibility among the white viewers. The acting is forced as the unprofessional actors have hard time repeating. But at least they get paid, right?

A primitivist fairy tale, 22 July 2017

Life is bad in the city and the main character is not qualified enough to avoid unemployment. Life is worse in the village. So the wise advice goes : "find a wife and make some children".

A film made by men, for men. Most women here are ranked mothers, a glorified form of cattle. The access to hospital goes on a few decrepit bridges and even a fell down tree as an improvised passage over cold water, than waiting for the daily bus to pass. There is power in the town : one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening. So what is so nice about the place? Well, watch the movie.

Not only the utopia does not exist. But even in this fairy tale it is made possible by the city people's money: the road, the power, the TVs, phones and most clothing items.

Polite racism that is not that polite, 22 July 2017

"We" (the color blind whites) are so nice. Our close relatives might be rabid, but we are so tolerant. "They" (the darker skinned people identified as foreigners) are the racists. Not us. Them. And they can be so backward! And sometimes we can't take so much racism from them, even if we live with racists who look just like us.

Every tolerable stereotype is brought here. The womanizer Muslim about to marry somebody else. The colorful and noisy "them" kind of marriage.

Bottom line this is yet another line on somebody's resume. A state bureaucrat promoting diversity. Some university graduates with dreams of Sundance and Tribeca, only they do not speak enough English to fill up the entry form. These are not the people who will start an ethnic cleansing, but they are very racist anyway. Even in the way they use the token Maghrebin girl expressing the racist viewer's concern: the Algerian doctor might impose the veil on the poor blonde French girl.

Sensationalist, 19 July 2017

A sensationalist take on history. Lots of fairy tales to catch the attention and the facts usually take the back seat. Speculations sold as facts. And overall a cheap murder drama style. The goal? The state run media could be as low as any media, but everybody is paying for the low quality results.

Hancock (2008)
A mildly racist white person's wet dream, 19 July 2017

This is a movie to make peace. The black guy talks like a black guy. He is disrespectful. He is an alcoholic. And he addresses women with "bitch". Why? Because "they" are like this. No explanation worth bothering. Yet the whole white cast is displaying an acute form of color blindness. See? Nobody is using racial slurs, even if they are displeased with the results. They might dislike him, but it is only fair dislike and they insult the man and not the group or ethnicity. The whites are so tolerant and benevolent that they ignore the smaller flaws of personality and are hospitable and share food and all the things from the history book about the kind Europeans and the savage Natives.

Big Night (1996)
Boring, 19 July 2017

Some writer had an original idea: how about making a play just like a thousand others where nothing ever happens and the story is in that nothing happens. Like Waiting for Godot. But different enough so people won't talk about a verbatim copy. Later, inject some socialist message about the ugly businessman and his profit, than polish it with the shallow Christian slogans about brotherhood and empty stomachs.

Later someone wanted to make that into a film. It has worked for Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, or even The Big Kahuna. But here it does not work. The camera is too close to mimic a stage play, and at the same time it is too far for a screen movie. The characters are too few to bring the natural on stage, yet they are way too many and too useless for a tight play. In the end the feeling is like someone had some acting debts to pay so there is Marc Anthony who has nothing else to do than fill up the space. Even the scenes are either too long or pointless - see the scene where the two girlfriends interact just to throw in some more "messages".

Finally, the production team has a hard time keeping up with the movie at hand. As Tucci's character accent fluctuates from good standard Italian of the 1990s to bad italo-American dialect, as shoes on the characters change from black to white and back to black, the same way the makes of the Christian fairy tale forget the details. And the Italian who escapes famine in America is ready to go back to die in Italy while the table is filled with food. But who cares about food when you have brotherly love, family, alcoholism, extreme poverty and all the other blessings of Catholicism?

Spectral (2016)
Blender production, 18 July 2017

This is another blender production: take all sort of cool movies around a theme and break the movies into the smallest pieces than reassemble it all into a feature film that is in every way like the movies it is composed of, and at the same time original enough so nobody can bring the authors to court. And because there are several writers that probably worked independent of each other the story is pretty much like an animation movie sent to several animation studios in Asia.

So the soldiers are upset because they are taking a civilian with them. Than the audience finds out they are upset about bringing two civilians with them. They have the big armored cars. And they think they are fighting humans. Than they are scared. And they are on foot. They know the weapons are useless against the new targets. So they take two children.

And the science is written by English majors that have seen enough crap movies to know how to design new tech.

"Easy" (2016)
What a pleasant surprise, 18 July 2017

I usually get bored at the TV series format. A short script made long to fit one, hopefully two seasons when there probably wasn't enough material for the 90 minutes of a feature film. With easy things are different. I get back to the old series where the theme was bounding the episodes together and not the same cast chasing their own tail waiting for the season finale to shout "Gotcha!" The episodes are independent here.

The acting is also surprisingly natural. Usually the TV series get the ones who failed in movies. That combined with the diluted story and everything is fine if you go take the water out of the fridge as not much has changed. And in Easy things are beyond screen natural and almost like watching the people at the next table in a restaurant at lunch.

This is about snapshots. There aren't true stories in. Finally the snapshots are about today. As even movies seem to have a board of old white men who want to resonate with the story, meaning action set for "now" is happening more like 20 years ago. Easy is about today: phone apps and all.

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