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I imagine it would be quite impossible to find most of these films if you don't live in Estonia. I'm Estonian, but I'm not very keen on Estonian cinema. Of course there are some good films, but disapointingly most of them are crap. This list contains my personal favourites.

Favourite director: Veiko Õunpuu
Favourite actor: Tõnu Kark
Favourite actress: Mirtel Pohla
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All my favourite films in chronological order.
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Favourite director: Andrei Tarkovski
Favourite actor: Juri Nikulin
Favourite actress: Nina Grebeshkova
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Though I have two Fellini's films up in front, I think that Antonioni is the best Italian director. L'avventura, La notte, Il deserto rosso, L'eclisse and Blow-up were all simply amazing. Italian is a very beautiful language. I enjoy watching italian films very much.

Favourite director: Michelangelo Antonioni
Favourite actor: Marcello Mastroianni
Favourite actress: Monica Vitti
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My all-time favourites.
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Most of all I like silent era German films. F.W. Murnau is without a doubt the best German director and also the best silent era director. Faust was so impressive, it's simply the best film made in silent era.

Favourite director: F.W. Murnau
Favourite actor: Christoph Waltz
Favourite actress: Diane Kruger
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My favourite Scandinavian films.

Favourite director: Ingmar Bergman
Favourite actor: Max von Sydow
Favourite actress: Liv Ullmann
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Cary Grant is my favourite actor. I adore him. I haven't seen all of his films yet, but I definitely will in the future.
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My favourite South Korean films.

Favourite director: Park Chan-wook
Favourite actress: Gianna Jun
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There are two more films worth mentioning: Macaframa and The Greatest Show on Eart (1974). Macaframa is about fixed gear bicycles and The Greatest Show on Earth is about 74' Giro.

If you are interested in mountain/dirt/downhill-bikes then you should watch Earthed part 3-5.

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The most beautiful actresses in modern cinema.
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My favourite Australian films.

Favourite director: Peter Weir
Favourite actor: Russell Crowe
Favourite actress: Rose Byrne