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I have been dying to see this happen, 18 November 2015

I have been a fan of AoD and Evil Dead since i first saw them in the late 2000's while on a cult movie binge and i have been a huge fan of bruce ever since.

Riami has had some rough projects since the original spider man trilogy but this has put him right back up there.

Best thing about this new show is how it connects the old movies together and not just expands on what we already saw but has some really neat new concepts as well.

The pilot is the best episode thus far but episode 3 is also really awesome.

TLDR: Groovy

The Interview (2014/II)
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Worst comedy i have ever seen, 24 December 2014

Lets get this out of the way first.

Sony DORPPED this movie because it was a complete turd, right after the screenings and critic/audience reviews... coincidence? This is the biggest marketing stunt since all those terrible post 911 movies Hands down this is the stupidest most insensitive movie ever made. Its not even funny its so unfunny that i cant even laugh at how bad it is the entire movie is cringe worthy and cheaply made to boot.

Rogan and Franco egos are so large you can barely watch the movie without cringing

Please god don't watch or pay for this pile of crap it is the most unfunny movie i have seen this year and probably this decade even little man was barely better

Noah (2014)
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Interesting and sets out what the director envisioned, 29 March 2014

I was only recently made aware that Aronofsky had trouble getting his original directors cut through the studio's meddling hands.

This is not one of those movies that needs additional footage to make it better or the need to wait for a extended/directors cut or any other sort of edition.

Length wise it feels perfect clocking in at just under 3 hours.

It comes as the director intended and even though the movie in itself is fairly formulaic in parts this really helps it stand on its own in terms of artistic integrity, something that is taken for granted nowadays.

Now onto the actual movie.

Quite a hard one to judge, almost hit or miss, i for one liked it and something clicked with me both on a philosophical and visual metaphorical level but with that being said in short IF you liked Darrens previous movies, especially the fountain your going to like/love this.

Lets talk about the best part of the movie...

The visuals, cinematography and almost art house style of presentation.

From the mind blowing almost VCR fast forward like for the lack of a better word visual/cgi montages this movie is almost one of a kind, hitting 2001 a space odyssey sort of vein and sticking with it relentlessly.

The story is very self explanatory and considering its origins the screenplay gets about as much as wound could and would expect out of such a classic tale.

Acting is very VERY good in most parts especially Jennifer who gets effortlessly upstaged by Russel Crowe who i think personally his delivered his best acting to date, in stark contrast to Les Miserables which goes without saying was not his best work but i blame that mainly on miscasting... Anyhow now on to the only bad part of the movie.

Emma Watson, sorry i have to say it as a amateur actor i can safely say she has no range and either goes from flat twilight style line reading boring dialogue delivery to screaming overacting and or just blank staring, no effort made in part in regards to accent either.

If your a Emma Watson fan you probably wont mind but she was much better suited to Harry Potter and Teenager/Younger people movies.

Before i wrap this up i just have to mention the sound design, musical score and costume design was fantastic, CGI on some of the animals was a little uneven but a lot better than most but nowhere near the likes of Life of Pi.

Overall/TLDR +Visuals +Direction very smooth effortless +3 Hours go by VERY quickly +Gorgeous set design +Russle Crowe +Connely +Sound +Script -Emma Watson -Needs more watchers =8/10

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One of the worst movies i have ever seen, 7 January 2013

But it was not without its charms.

Apart from the horrible slow pacing, the nonsensical character arcs, stupid writing and generally cliché story.

It has some VERY funny scenes, some where meant to be funny, others not.

Tom Cruise is good but i think the director for this movie wasn't seeing what the rest of us where. Just a woeful excuse for a movie.

Not only does it bash you over the head with the same infomation throughout the whole movie, its also very heavy handed with morals and makes absolutely no sense, even the ending doesn't really made sense since jack reacher is supposedly a cop/spook but nobody comes after him, the cops just forget he exists, the gangsters friends and bosses also forgot he exists and he rides off happily into the sunset with a stolen car with not a care in the world.

Apart from some damn fine action scenes and some very funny stuff this is a bad BAD movie and one of the worst i have ever seen at the cinemas.

The rate at which you have to suspend your disbelief is just too damn high.

Kon-Tiki (2012)
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One of the Best movies i have seen, 30 December 2012

I don't speak a lick of Nordish but my god this movie is excellent.

Everything is perfect, great cast, fantastic adventure, flawless direction, smooth direction, swelling enveloping music and a great sound effects.

There are few movies like this is existence, about the human spirit and what it means to have a real adventure.

Also i must say the best and most surprising part about the movie is the acting, not only are they perfectly suited to the characters they are the characters.

Hats off to the Special CGI Effects studio for their fantastic work.

for 16m this movie is a real surprise and if your reading this yes, go see it RIGHT NOW!

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The Average Spider-man 2012, 27 October 2012

Why does this movie even exist? Sony cant even wait 10 years until remaking a modern classic and not doing it justice by letting too many subtleties slip through their fingers.

We are never told what happens to uncle bens killer, their is no real driving force behind what anyone is doing besides 'its just happening and i need to do this stuff because i want to bla bla bla' everything seems rushed.

The CGI is OK for the mostpart until we get to see the lizardman, wow they cant even get lipsync right in 2012 when the 10 year old original movie could.

I have seen older indie movies with better cgi, in this is was over the top and quite unessicary.

Some more practical effects would have been nice.

Sony get butthurt after their meddling of the 2007 Spiderman 3 movie.

Sam Riami quits and now they remake his superior movie in favor of this teen centric generic movie with more product placement then a 80's scifi.

Sure it got the basics right but it never tried to do anything new like Spiderman 2002.

On top of a equally generic story, music, themes and obviously predictable outcome.

There is just no point to this movie AT ALL.

Hopefully 2 will be better like 2004's spiderman 2 but at least they might fix whatever the hell was going on with Spiderman 3.


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As Aussie as a meat pie, Jack Irish pays off his bad debts, 18 October 2012

From the people behind Rake, Jack Irish is the latest TV movie from Andrew Knight from Rake and SeaChange fame.

Guy Peirce is fantastic as Jack Irish.

This would be one of the few series i would recommend to non aussies.

if you like shows like rake, seachange and spooks as well as the edge of darkness.

Such a great story, full of great characters, fantastic locations, flawless cinematography and direction.

With 1 down and 3 more to go i will be keeping a close eye on Jack Irish's next adventures.


Lockout (2012)
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Lockout should not be locked up, 4 September 2012

First of all this movie is not serious at all, it makes fun of a lot of tropes, some quite subtlety, others not.

For those of you unfamiliar with Luc Besson he's responsible for the classic action movie Taken and cult scifi hit 5th element, as well as the oddball french film Angel A, he sure didn't bother giving the script the same love and attention as 5th element but all his signature humor is still there and the characters really start to stand out by the 2nd act, sure its a predictable movie but its FUN, probably the closest he has got back to his old 1990's style of writing.

The rest of the crew are no names but Luc thankfully has seemed to have quite a lot of input, it feels like one of his movies even though he is not the credited director.

The pacing for the most part is pretty good, it doesn't slow down and most if not all of the movie makes sense in a whacky, comical cartoons kind of way.

i did hear this movie was terrible, mainly from critics, well yes technically this movie is a bit of a mess, uneven lighting, weird cinematography and predictable plot do take away a lot of the charm...

Its worth it in the end though because this movie is 1980-90's action movie written all over it, the bad costumes, cheap sets, ridiculous cgi and set pieces all blend together to create quite a nostalgia trip even right down to the one liners and unbelievable impracticable and impossible (gattling guns in space, sounds in space, falling to earth in 1 minute etc.) Honestly if i was to judge this movie by 1990's action scifi/comedy standards it would rate a lot higher, but its 2012 and just like this movies main character, its a bit of a relic.

Sure its no Expandables 2 or Prometheus, what it is a whole lot of cheap fun.

i don't expect the average critic or viewer to even understand this movie and wheres it coming from, but for those who do i am sure you'll find a lot to like if you give it a chance.

I recommend this movie, it could almost be so bad/good that it might become a cult classic just like The Cabin in the Woods.


Brave (2012)
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Braveheart for kids, doesn't really feel like a pixar movie, more like a Disney flick., 17 June 2012

I might as well make it quite clear that i am a huge pixar fan and have lost count of how many times I've seen their movies and shorts... up till Cars 2.

Brave is one of those films that has a impact upon the animation genre, the problem is its not a very big one, especially when we remember what Toy Story did for the 3d CGI animated movie genre, Brave is more evolutionary than revolutionary, which isn't a bad thing, just slightly disappointing.

The Animation, characters, style and 3d are all fantastic and a massive step up from their last films what its what we have come to expect from pixar and they have mastered the Celtic style and location perfectly, even the lighting and mood is spot on, the problem is the story and what a shame that is because its mostly solid with some slow dragging parts in the middle.

Its more like Toy Story 2 compared to TS1/TS3 its good but not great, adults will find little to occupy themselves in the middle in act 2.

fortunately Act 1 and 3/4 are great, the problem is with the pacing of the middle part of the movie, a problem pixar faced with cars 2 and to a lesser extent cars 1.

Obviously kids will love this movie but even they might have trouble with the middle part of this movie because the pacing drops right off, but it picks up again quick enough.

Onto the rest of the movie, there's a lot of great Scottish and Celtic gags which should not rustle too many kilts.

The theme is also a great idea mostly executed very nice, although its a bit predictable Pixar have mixed things up enough for it to still be interesting, basically its a coming of age drama with some fun supernatural, highlander and old school slapstick thrown in, its all very well put together and very enjoyable, is the experience deep? In parts yes, but not in the middle (hence why this movie is only getting average scores) If i could compare this movie to something else thats similar i would say its like Tangled crossed with Mulan, which are both fantastic Disney movies.

now onto the controversial part the breaking/mixing of gender roles and stereotypes in this movie are not a problem, i am a male and i liked how the characters where portrayed, but it feels too... safe, i guess pixar didn't want a pg-13 rating which is understandable since they make most there money from kids toys and viewers BUT i did feel like they cut a lot out (the directors admitted it too for the interest of time and rating) hopefully the directors cut will give us more adult content.

Its not often a pixar movie feels short and rushed, this one did.

I give it 8 red heads out of 10 - needed more spark and less fizzle

this is not one of those movies which i could easily re watch again in 3D either.

On a whole this is a very solid movie, just don't expect Toy Story 3 or Wall-e and personally i recommend the 2D version as the 3D version isn't worth the extra money and if you struggle with 3d movies 2 hours is a long time.

If you feel the same way about brave, don't worry, there are still some excellent animated movies to come out, Wreck it Ralph by Disney's own animation studious also looks fantastic.

Tenacious D Supreme, 13 May 2012

I didn't watch it when it came out at the theaters because i was only 16 at the time, i watched it a couple of months later when the DVD found its way to me and my friends.

After years of hype and months listening to the soundtrack i was disappointed with the movie, mainly because i was expecting it to be, well a actual movie, all i thought i saw at the time was a music video and a repeat of what i had already heard/seen from there previous album.

The hype kinda killed it for me at the time, also the trailers didn't help and gave me the wrong idea about the movie.

I had only heard of them from friends in late 2004 so yeah, anyway.

Upon re-watching this massive underrated classic again in HD with some decent and speakers it completely blew me away.

The score/soundtrack and visuals in the music video like scenes where fantastic.

If you've put off watching this or re-watching it, or just not sure about how to let jay-bee blow your mind for the first time i recommend you give this another look, yes even if you didn't like it the first couple of times.

Now how is the actual movie? Well its basic, it has what some more seasoned movie goers would say 'a predictable plot' but thats just it, everything outside the plot such as the crazy characters, hilarious dialogue and awesome music just make you forget about the 'story' its weird because once i just accepted this fact i enjoyed it a whole lot more once i saw it for the 2nd/3rd time.

The direction and cinematography is actually pretty good for whats essentially a full length music video movie and the special effects and stunts, while basic are used in such a way that it just enhances the already crazy level of slapstick awesomeness to a whole level.

I only have a small problem with the movie as it currently stands, as a fan is that there could have been some more new material that wasn't on the album, i guess i just want as much TD as i can get.

9.5/10 PS. its better than school of rock, you should watch go watch that too.

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