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This film has led me to do something good for others., 23 March 2008

Am not sure what to write. I saw the film in L.A festival with friends and was not expecting anything but some entertainment. I got more. I feel like this film has led me to do something good for other people. I'm not sure what yet. It took a few days for the film to sink into my head and heart and then I started calling everyone talking about it with them. Then they all wanted to see it. I recommend this film to anyone of any age. And after you see it take your kids they will learn many of life's valuable lessons from it. I want to see it again but i'm not sure where. The people in it are average people like us all who end up going off to help in a big way out of a simple thought but in this we see they are real humble heroes unlike the ones we make up and idolize in movies like Spiderman but real heroes.