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Replaces fact with folklore, 1 August 2017

I do find moments of this show interesting and enjoyable,there seems to some scripting.Faking paranormal sticks out like a sore thumb and there are hints of it here.

I frown upon the all mighty psychic medium who claims to have powers to cast away curses and demons,The whole idea that some ghost "never walked the earth in human form" its a hard pill to swallow,They cant prove that or even disprove it

To me a demon is like an angry grizzly bear,a simple growl or saying demon doesn't cut it with me ,Anybody can do that.

Nick Groff built his reputation on facts and evidence here there more speculation then investigation.

Whenever paranormal investigators cannot explain something they turn to folklore to fill in the gaps rather then say I cant explain it...

There's just too much focus on the cast overreacting to something then actually showing us what their experiencing ..too much presentation rather then investigating

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An interesting but somewhat predictable, 21 May 2017

First the fact that this movie as not in 3d was disappointing and confusing,Its a summer blockbuster and it opened after guardians of the galaxy and the 3d in that was awesome...Ridley Scott can be brilliant and always makes these huge dumb mistakes everyone can see...the story was good and the visuals great..but everyone was thirsting for was who these aliens race really were,that was the big question everyone wanted answered but you wont get one...I found its very enjoyable but the ending was predictable..its a cool scifi horror film and with no 3d its gonna be a cheaper night at the movies..go see it

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Visually stunning, 4 April 2017

For those who feel in love with blade runner and have seen so many films try and recreate that world,This one does it the best.Every inch of this movie is interesting,it has a sensory overload feel..It also make great use of 3D,so many directors don't know how to use the 3d and use it here and there just to throw stuff at you bathe in it.They ought to do a best 3d award since it is an art-form and so many never get it right...The story is original enough to keep your interest.Michael Pitt has a great character and I always enjoy beat if your looking for 1:45 Min's of just a cool fun 3d ride this is for you...

Jokes only Birders get, 11 February 2017

1st bird watching is an old term and most birders dislike the term because birding requires hard work.The good birders are hikers up to 5 hrs a day and to photograph them requires years of skill building.Many hunters who switched to birder will tell you photographing them is more skillful then hunting...Birderng should be bird hunting you just don't kill it when you find it.

This move was clearly written by birders or know birders because everything avid birders experience is in the movie.They miss a few points like bug bites(it was mentioned) and birders do enjoy the scenery and often relax and take it in...

This is a funny movie but you really have yo know birders to fully enjoy it if you do the movie is hysterical...

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too many cliche's, 28 January 2017

If you've been to the movies in the last 10 years there are certain ideas that repeat themselves,,the car that wont start as the villain approach's,The room is collapsing gotta get out at the last second,the villain still has one more trick up their sleeve..etc...their all in this movie..every tired, old, over used film idea all presented the same old way that every other film has..Im sure they said this move is about fast paced action..but so have many films been like have to try harder,try something different...not a great movie not terrible either and no one got naked..really..all the other cliche's but not that one...

Passengers (2016/I)
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Needed a better ending, 24 December 2016

First I would say good job to the previews for leading me in another direction different than what the actual story line was...

There is a huge under-story here about time that does not resolve itself well..There was a great opportunity to dwell on it but it went the cliché way..(What filming a movie remember thousands were made before this one something different)

The film is glossy well made with cool effects(pass on the 3d because not much was done with it)

It went along well but then became a bit dull.They the vastness of space the themes of life beyond your generation and they only touch on them..the ending..without spoiling it,is a let down..more should have been done...And also its seem the song blue moon station by solar fields gets ripped off here

Rogue One (2016)
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Has the original Star Wars feel, 18 December 2016

First I am an original star wars fan,I was there in 1977 in the theaters when Star Wars opened.I saw the film countless times and bought all the toys.It funny to me people old enough to be my kids are so passionate about these films but for a person like me who saw it from the start,the last 4 films have fallen short of capturing that feeling I got back in 1977 but this film brought it back.

The main thing that went away in the more recent star wars film is the grittiness and edginess of the original 3.Lucas wanted to show off his new tech and made the sequels too glossy and wrote them for an audience that he thought was 12 years old(he keeps referring to them as kiddie movies and wrote them that way)

This movie has that grittiness that edge the original moves had,it does no over explain everything (again the Lucas style).It knows the audience is fully aware of the characters and know every aspect of them.It was made for a star wars savvy audience

Its a harsh movie, its brutal at times and has humor all well worth your time.The originals like me will get that feeling back that was lost in the last 4 films..

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Decent with a few good laughs...trolls attacked it, 17 July 2016

First .Don't pay extra for 3d there's hardly any in it...The trolls really came out hard against this one.Of all the remakes this one really got them so angry. Don't let the immense amount of trolls who reviewed this movie set you off it...You think all the bad writing in star wars might get their goat more so why did ghost busters get them so mad.Ill bet none of them are old enough to have seen the original in the theaters. It is a good movie not great..just will enjoy it..people who never saw the original ghost busters will enjoy it...Its a box of popcorn movie.Fun and enjoy it..too many haters out there..The cameos are fun audience enjoyed it

"Roadies" (2016)
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A bit dated, 7 July 2016

As someone who has been in the world of roadies falls short..roadies with regard to big acts are largely ignored.The big acts don't even know them..only the smaller acts and the older bands appreciated them,They are underpaid and over worked....But the problems with the show is too many dated references..If you asked a 20yr old who is Freddy Mercury, Elvis even David Bowie they are most likely to say who...? Roadies today were born long after they died..they don't discuss old acts..

don't find a show about them that interesting..unless they show how poop on by big names they really are..Cameron Crow is putting his taste in music here...Music he likes and thinks is good but it wont translate to everyone

A good show would show the big disconnect between that era and they were real musicians and the ones today are not...i think this might be a one season show...

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Showing The USA were it went wrong, 18 February 2016

Anyone one voted under a 7 did so out of a bias anger..What this movie shows it how The USA attitude of were are the greatest county in the world just isn't true anymore.The basic things..Diet,education,Health Care..The Justice system has all failed in the USA.We simply do not have the best of any of these things anymore...I don't understand how this movie is sailing in under the radar with out much publicity..I was alone in the theater when I saw it,that is no one else was was empty.I thought I might get bored but found myself amazed by what I was seeing.I wanted to run out and tell everyone what I just saw.I would like to make this point I work at a USA college admissions office..Once in awhile someone would come in saying they had a college degree in another county could they transfer any of it was always met with a resounding "no"..I asked they have less elements on their periodic table? it made no sense and seemed to boil down to not spending money here in the USA..I had the privilege of going to a small catholic grade school where little old Italian ladies made us lunch everyday..So I always ate well..somehow in the years since that went away...who knows why..

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