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Lovely movie, great performance by actress Simone and great settings, 8 August 2002

Lovely movie about dreams lost and found of generation x, great performances especially by actress Simone and great settings and directing as expected from Director Khairi Bishara. Amr Diab songs Ays Krim fi gleem (Ice Cream in Gleem - an Alexandria district) and Raseef nemra khamsa (platform no.5) speak for our generation. The satirical touches of Ashraf abdel Baki and the naturalistic acting debut of Gehane Fadel were definite pluses. Even though Sabrine (the model) appeared only in one scene, she was delightful and it's unfortunate that her star quality has not been further used in the Egyptian film industry.

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Outstanding performance by Ahmed Zaki, a much needed tribute to President El-Sadat, 8 August 2002

Ahmed Zaki's portrayal of President El-Sadat was an unbelievable performance that is so true, you think it's him, capturing the wit, presence and humor of the beloved late President of Egypt. The movie represents an honest, logical and fair representation of the rich life of a person whose decisions affected so many and whose portrayed background served to clarify a lot to many who haven't read unbiased literature on this often misjudged leader.