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this show rocked, 21 March 2008

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This show is the Best show i've ever seen. It's story line is not like any other show on t.v. I loved it, and so dose everyone ales i talk to. how many other shows do you know of that takes place in 2020 after the country experiences a nuclear wave that frieze the satellites so the country is in a Dopration. And the fact that it could really happen is insane, and that it's about a girl that was a genetic experiment of the government is incredible passable too. because right know in real life scientists are experimenting with DNA.

People saying that the writers of dark angel were coping the James Patterson books is not true, if anything its the other way around. Dark Angel aired on T.V in 2000, James Patterson's first book in his series wasn't even published Intel 06, so how can the writers of dark angel be coping James Patterson.

And the stuff about her sassy personality, and the hole "girls kick ass" persona, and the part when she says that men are the weaker sex, she says that Before Theo dies and she says it to make her friend fill better. and i think that Max's attitude fits the story line good, you would act like that too, if you didn't have a real family and you've been running for your life sense you were nine.

No other actress would have been better. Jessica Alba rocks, and it's not just because shes pretty, but because she plays max wonderfully, And no other actress will ever be able to play max the way Alba did. Jessica Alba truly is the perfect Max Gaovera, and thats all there is to it, the show would have sucked without Jessica. They need to bring the show back, or at lest make a movie to finish the story. I AM ALL FOR A MOVIE.