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Insidious (2010/I)
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The super duper horror movie, 24 April 2011

wow, this was the finest horror movie i have seen after evil dead. This is one of the greatest horror movies made.

Initially during the beginning of the movie everything looked the same just as any other horror movie I have seen but then this is a whole new concept in horror movies.

Watch it to believe it. The acting as well was good but I think the movie is made up of an innovative concept which is new in horror movies and which works !

I would give it a 8.

Those who love horror movies,please watch it.

Don McKay (2009)
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Great Dark Comedy !, 18 June 2010

This movie had some wonderful comedy scenes. A dark comedy. I really had a great laugh.

The story line was okay and the acting of the main lead was just well controlled and done. The main hero is a great actor. His controlled dialogue delivery with a straight face was extraordinary and the situational comedy.

I would recommend people to watch it.

I loved the movie for sheer laughs.

I give it a 7.

Go and watch it.

Rann (2010)
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Honest Review !!!!, 22 February 2010

This is a great movie ! I was hesitant to see this movie because of Ram Gopal Verma's recent flops due to which I thought he lost the knack on making a good movie.

This is definitely one of the best movies I saw. Those who are looking for a sensible and realistic movie to watch then this is it.

If you are looking for songs, dances and bollywood masala then you may not find it here. This movie is an eye opener and exposes the present mindset of news channels - news has become a sort of a drama (a sansanati khabar) to make money than really to provide news. No wonder all the media people have given this movie a bad review and rating. Do not go by such bad reviews and ratings.

I will give it a honest 8 !!

The Road (2009/I)
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An honest review, 12 January 2010

This is a very over hyped movie. This movie is not a fresh idea. There have been several movies which have been made on similar lines e.g. 'I am legend' which was far better than this movie. Also doomsday, 28 days later etc.

I am not saying the movie is bad. The movie is watchable and good but I am saying there have been better movies and those who may have watched the movies which I mentioned above then they will agree that this movie is not better than those.

The movie is all about a journey. Some names such as charlize theron and other famous actors mentioned is misleading as they are just for a special appearance.

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Excellent performances and a thought provoking movie, 10 November 2009

This is a thought provoking movie. The acting of Jeff Goldblum is just outstanding. Willem Dafoe as usual is one great actor as well.

This is a serious movie and an introspection in self. It is not a war oriented movie but a sad story about a man who is so misunderstood by his family and the world. Is he really wrong ? you will undergo the journey in this man's shoes. Not a hero but a survivor who survived by being a dog, a gifted one who did all he can to survive... was it fear of losing his life that he obeyed his masters or is it a total surrender he adopted towards those who were committing atrocities. It is surrender of all self respect, dignity and ego as that of a perfect slave. Did Adam really regret what he did and why he did ? This movie does not judge the character but takes you on a journey, a journey of introspection of someone you never want to be but may admire.

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Good Comedy !, 21 September 2008

This was a nice surprise. I saw it because of Shyam Benegal's direction. The movie is well made, good jokes and comedy.

The story line was good, acting by everyone was commendable. Shreyas will turn up to be the best in sometime. His comedy and timing was so realistic.

The script and screenplay was just too good i feel.

Shyam Benegal should come up with more such themes. He has a good knack for comedy.

I would recommend it. Watch it for a good laugh.

I would rate it 7.

Insanitarium (2008) (V)
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Bad Direction and not interesting, 21 September 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Movie is bad, the direction was poor, the plot was uninteresting.

Initially it seems those who turn to zombie like are slow moving and by end they seem to turn fast.

The movie is a copy of other many projects like 28 days later etc but was poorly made. It gets real boring and unwatchable after sometime. Those who don't watch much of horror movies might find it okay but the usual horror buffs wont like this sort of crap.

Overall the acting was just okay, nothing more than that.

The movie is over hyped. A disappointment.

I wont recommend it, don't watch.

I would give it a generous 3.

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Innovative concept, 9 August 2008

The good thing about this movie is its innovative. New line of story and interesting.

Acting is reasonable, there could have been more background about the leading lady. Probably a more sexy leading girl would have added some flavor to the movie.

There could have been some sex scenes though as it would be expected by many movie goers who might be aware about the story line.

Above all i think its worth a watch, bit difficult to digest i suppose for many but altogether a good one without much of morality dialogues.

I was expecting some sex scenes and was disappointed.

I would give it a 6.

Big Stan (2007)
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Good one from Rob !!, 9 August 2008

I can say i am Rob Schn....'s fan. I liked this movie, its interesting, doesn't sound or look silly as most of the Adam Sandler's movies does.

Its quite a entertaining movie and Rob should really come up with more number of movies under his direction. Keeping in mind its his first effort still he did a wonderful job.

Acting is good by all, good number of laughs.

Its not an hilarious comedy like hot chick or animal or deuce bigalo but i would say this is good time pass and worth a watch.

I would recommend you to watch it for Rob Schneider.

I would give it a sincere 7.

Bheja Fry (2007)
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Great Fun !!, 21 June 2008

Wow is the word. This is a great movie, a superb comedy. Probably the likes of Priyadarshan would learn a lesson or two on how to make a simple but brilliant comedy without a big effort and costume drama.

I was travelling to India and watched this movie in the flight and was laughing so heavily that i feared at times that the air hostess would probably ask me to shut up.

These sort of movies comes once in a while. Excellent acting by everyone. Most of the laughs come from Vinay Pathak, Ranvir Shorey had a small role but he gave the ultimate laughs as well, i suppose its the timing. These guys are natural actors and would really do a world class job for any movie.

I hope the Director comes up with more such projects.

Watch it !!!

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