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Pleasantville (1998)
Pleasantville has come home to roost
24 October 2010
A really great movie. Not only a great fictional story, but non fiction as well. Pleasantville has appeared on my cable system several times in the past few weeks and I have watched it almost every time. I was struck by the similarities between events in this movie and what we are experiencing today. There are some people who are able to change and grow easily in this movie, as there are in our world today. And then there are those who yearn for a return to the bygone days, with their "traditional values" and interest in the status quo. I was struck by the resemblance between the Pleasantville chamber of commerce and how they discouraged any sort of thought, and the Tea Party supporters that we hear all the time talking about their wish to reinstate those same types of traditional values. At least in the movie, those who develop the ability to think and feel emerge the victors.
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North (1994)
It's bad for you
11 December 2009
It's amazing how people can tell you repeatedly that something is bad for you and yet you find yourself, like a moth to a flame, drawn to it. So it was with the reviews for this movie. I find that virtually every consensus opinion on IMDb is right on. When faced with a choice of movies to see I will often refer to this site to get a feel for which is the best selection and rarely am I mislead. Well, the record continues however, unfortunately, I ignored the warnings and watched this AWFUL movie. I just figured that with a cast like this and the direction of Rob Reiner that there had to be more to the movie. Boy was I wrong. What a waste of time and celluloid. AWFUL..Stay Away.
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