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Good thriller, 18 September 2016

This thriller may not be completely original, long lost and thought dead young son returns is he the same child, but kept me guessing. The added back stories of the other characters is a good secondary storyline which helps build the suspense. Add in the thoughts of local mythology and a small part of the supernatural and it is hard to predict how the film was going to play out.

Perhaps in the world of US dominated films where everything is accompanied with over the top explosions, plots and unrealistic endings this film is like a breath of fresh air. Do not be put off by he subtitles and the unknown cast are excellent.

Suspenseful Short Drama, 13 August 2016

This short drama by the Hammer Studios was very entertaining and well made. Mainly filmed around two of the three actors the story is well constructed and a slow burner.

It revolves around a chance encounter of two former resistance fighters in Denmark. The wife of one encounters the other in her hotel room. The story is very well acted and the fact it centres around the fifties is easily forgotten. As is the fact that it is filmed in the confines of one hotel room. This is low budget however the actors deliver the lines well and the uncomplicated plot requires no elaborate settings.

it is a pity there are no longer studios taking short stories and turning into films like this. This will make me look out more titles like this one. Please check out The Four Sided Triangle for an equally well produced drama.

Great Premise and Well Acted, 11 August 2016

I viewed this as I was looking at titles with James Payton in them.

This is a little gem that has a good story-line which leaves you wanting more. The basic premise is good and not too complicated. The main actors are strong and likable. You feel for the scientist as he tries to replicate the woman of his dreams.

Do not expect scares more a complex situation. There are no great special effects it is more the dialogue than the actions which make this a great film.

This is one of Hammer's better films.

Barbara Payton is great in one of her final roles. There does seem to be chemistry between the actors and they grab your sympathy.

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Bit contrived with nothing really happening, 28 March 2015

I like Leah however this show is totally contrived. Situations are created for the camera and blown out if all portion.

I watch as characters act up to the camera and try to be unique if not eccentric. However a lot of it falls flat as they have nothing to add to the subject. For example the step father is a conspiracy theorist however he makes one comment on the golf course about an overhead commercial liner and it is left at that. No explanation of why he said it and if he did believe himself he would not just continue playing golf but do something like run to a bunker.

The breast surgery for Leah sister's thirtieth was also a story that went nowhere - she never got the surgery and it looked as though it was never a serious gift in the first place.

As for the mother -again all contrived for the camera. Pretty poor.

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Slow and not that scary, 7 December 2014

Feeling disappointed with this British horror. It started slow and I was hopeful that the second part may pick up. However this was not the case and if anything it got slower with more questions than answers.

It did build up the atmosphere but did little or nothing with it. I felt the characters were not developed enough for me to care about them. The 'victims' were minor players in the first two episodes. Michael Palin is a good actor but he has little to work with. The other actors have even less to work with. The detective does not really do much until the final episode and by then I was past caring. He seemed incompetent and disinterested.

The ending was very poor and did not justify three hours of slow drama to get there.

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I thought it would get better, 20 October 2014

I started to watch this when getting in late from work. I thought the story had merit and hoped it would develop better, however the alarm bells started ringing immediately. The Vice President who talked to herself whilst writing an important speech for the president. The rogue solders who could not shoot the unarmed Vice President at near point blank range. The lead lady showed no emotion even though her son's, who is bonding on a plane with her estranged husband, life is in danger. Then everything she picked up was analysed for some sort of use against the enemy soldiers, she stopped for a few seconds so you, the viewer, could see her thought process as though we were watching Playschool. How could she climb down an elevator shaft with her dress shoes, but wait these shoes are actually very sensible brogues. Also she stormed the most secure bunker in the White House with only a smoke grenade. Really?

"Leaving" (2012)
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Great little story, 16 October 2014

This was a little gem which I found late at night. The story centres around a middle age wife and mother of two having an affair with a young college man. The acting was high class apart from the spurned husband, who I thought did not really get decent time to develop his back story. I thought there was a missed opportunity to go deeper into why the marriage was failing. The time was spent on the relationship between the woman and young man. His parents had issues which were not fully developed and would have made a good secondary story. So it could have been better but the main actors were first class and portrayed their roles very well. It moved quite quickly after the initial affair has started, it did start slow.

"The 100" (2014)
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NO common Sense, 13 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I thought this had promise but half an hour in I started to realise my error.

Without listing all that is wrong with this here are a few of my gripes re common sense that none of the characters seem to have and 'strong' characters that would never exist:

1) Lets send 100 youngsters on a risky mission without any adult/mature guidance - have the adults in this advanced world not read Lord of the Flies etc, 2) Both of the leaders on the Ark allow their only children to go on this suicide mission - really, 3) The Dr, whose daughter has gone, also lost her engineer husband through internal politics yet still works with the people who executed him and imprisoned her daughter, 4) The Dr is in the leadership committee but can drop everything to perform surgery on the main man at the drop of a hat, 5) Dr is then about to by executed herself but has the forethought to issue orders seconds before she is about to die, 6) Dr is rescued by leader, walking into room to save her, who she operated on - even though he would be incapacitated, then she does not thank him tells him off for getting out of bed and then goes back to work - What??????- is she a robot?, 7) 'Children' on earth have no experienced engineers (tend to get executed for the least thing, etc to help them), 8) They make as much noise as a bus load of children even though they are in an unknown, to them at least, world, 9) The world is radioactive so if we believe they survive as there is no gamma and beta radiation then there must be some residual alpha which will be on the ground and in the water - so why when they see a river do they take off the clothes and go for a swim - digesting radiation through water is a risk worth taking for a swim? 10) No common sense to check there is anything nasty I the water (they have just seem a two headed deer on a planet they thought was absent of all wildlife), surprise there is something in the water and it is not the shark they have jumped several plot lines ago , 11) The snake/worm like thing in the water grabs a main character and I thought maybe this how will break the mould and kill off the 'pretty'/'strong' characters as well as the peripheral ones (see above re Dr) - but not the snake lets her go inflicting such a small graze that a garden worm would be embarrassed about, so all the main characters are guaranteed to live -what a surprise, 12) Why is every strong character related to members of the leadership team - who were only too happy to let them go on this suicide mission? 13) Then to cap it all we are expected to believe they have no weapons, water, food, backpacks and only one map and no compass (my scout pack had more than they did and we only went two mile down the road),

This show has not only jumped the shark it drowned it, stuffed it and hung it in the space ship's control room and each etched facial expression is an attempt by all the actors trying to gloss over what they have done. This show could have been be different but is not.

Cargo (2006)
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Little gem of a find, 13 July 2014

I picked this up for a fiver in HMV after browsing the DVD section. I was drawn by the box and thought it was a horror. I did not read all about its's awards etc and thought it was an out and out horror.

It is not - it is a slow burning thriller.

As the film went on I started to emphasise with the main character. What would I do in his shoes - was it right to keep your head down and say and do nothing.

I thought all the characters were played well although I thought the captain played by Peter Millen, from my neighbouring town Peterhead, could have been a little more menacing and not so much brooding - it looked though he was in physical pain rather than emotional. Special mention to Gary Lewis and Samuli Edelmann. Good character actors with something simmering below the surface.

Well worth a look.

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No surprises run of mill romance, 8 May 2014

I had high expectations of this film with a off the wall storyline. However thought the characters did not endear themselves to the viewer. So I did not really care what was happening to them.

The comedy was there somewhere but undemanding - typical British awkward silences work for older protagonists but for the younger in-crowd it felt forced and artificial. As they are call centre workers it is hard to expect these characters would have such a hard time communicating with each other.

Disappointed that it was not better especially with some of the more experienced actors involved.

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