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Surprising, 2 September 2003

No, this movie wasn't perfect. And no, this movie wasn't a hit. But it WAS entertaining, I can tell you that much. The actors work together wonderfully, and the magic began just as the movie began. After seeing this, I was more satisfied than I thought I'd be. I was even... surprised.

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Wow., 11 January 2003

I must say, even in only ten minutes into the movie, I fell in love with it. This is the best movie I have ever seen, and I've seen a lot. It was beyond humerous, entertaining, and enjoyable - what more can you ask for? The cast was also wonderful... who wouldn't love a Courteney and David movie? There is not one part where I was bored. It's a wonder why it never got released. Even in ten years I'll be watching this movie, marvling at the wonderfulness of it all. So, to sum it up: A must - see for anyone who wants to see a marvelous movie.

"Friends" (1994)
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It can't get any better than this, 8 January 2003

The actors and actresses are wonderful, the characters are wonderful, the plots are wonderful. It couldn't get any better. Whoever says that FRIENDS is a bad, horrible, useless TV show... well, let's just say they couldn't be any more wrong. I've been hooked on this show ever since it started, and it only got better from then on. Why else would it have won so many awards, so much praise, and glued so many people's eyes to the TV set on Thursday nights? And this show deserves all of it. Even years from now, FRIENDS will still be loved and well recognized. Almost everybody can relate to the six characters, and the lines are witty and extremely funny. This isn't just an opinion: it's a guarantee.

"Seinfeld" (1989)
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Dull, tiresome, and tedious, 8 November 2002

Now.. I have seen many, many great T.V. shows out there that go down in history as the best shows.. such as Friends, Family Ties, Party of Five.. maybe even Everwood. But Seinfeld... I'm afraid it's not one of them. Not one episode has to do with the other.. and it is not at all funny. People that laugh at those jokes on the show must be insane. Seinfeld is pointless.. I wonder why it was ever even made a TV show. It's also a wonder how anything can be so absurd and asinine. I've seen a couple of episodes.. because people make me watch them. And the cast.. it couldn't have been picked out worse. Seinfeld.. he's OK. But the rest.. they just don't deserve to be called actors. When I compare Friends to Seinfeld, I see a HUGE difference. Friends is actually hilarious, the cast is wonderful, and the plots couldn't have been made better. Seinfeld is the exact opposite. A wise word to those who ever think about watching it: Don't! You'll only be wasting half an hour of your life.

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A Weird Kind of Good, 1 November 2002

Sure.. it's not the best movie made. And sure, it may be quite strange. But this movie is absolutley wonderful. Courteney Cox steals the spotlight from the moment she comes into screen. The camera shooting was quite unique.. but it was OK. No movie is perfect. And not every movie can be a box office record. This one wasn't a hit, but it should have been. It was a great plot, a great script, and an even greater cast. And that's all you need for a great movie.

Scream (1996)
A must-see movie!!, 12 August 2002

This movie is terrific entertainment!! It is the most wonderful and entertaining horror out there. SCREAM shows people that all horror movies aren't bad. It is a crowd-pleasing smash hit with very talented actors and actresses. Everybody should give this movie a try. You will most likely love it just as much as everybody that has seen it!! There is no better horror film out there. I give it a 10 out of 10, and two thumbs up!!

Scream 3 (2000)
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Still has it's touch, 12 August 2002

Altough Scream 3 is not the best of the SCREAM trilogy, it is still very entertaining and great to watch. Courteney Cox Arquette, David Arquette, and Neve Campbell perform just as wonderful as they did in the last two. It had its twists and turns, and the ending is surprising. Scream 3 is a clever, scary, thrilling, and entertaining concluding chapter. It is a great ending to the much loved SCREAM trilogy.

"Friends" (1994)
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Everybody needs Friends!!!, 12 August 2002

Friends is a wonderful show with a wonderful cast! I can't see how anybody could say anything bad about it. It is very funny and entertaining.. one of the best shows in history!! No other show can compare to Friends .. to put it simply .. it is the best. While other hit shows drive themselves into the ground after a few years, Friends gets even better as time goes by. Another great thing about this show is that the cast is WONDERFUL. The cast couldn't have been chosen better. To put it into three words .. Everybody needs "Friends"!!

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Thou Shall See Commandments!!, 8 August 2002

Commandments was a wonderful movie with a wonderful cast.It not only entertains, but it teaches, too. The cast did a great job in making it realistic and entertaining. Most people will love this movie!!

The Runner (1999)
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Must See, 8 August 2002

Altough "The Runner" has its downsides, it is a great movie. Both Ron Eldard and Courteney Cox perform admirably, as they make the movie even more entertaining. For those that haven't seen it, I advise you to give it a try... you might be surprised.

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