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A very pleasant surprise and... DON'T EVEN DARE TO LOOK AT THE RATING!, 21 January 2015

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This movie is well worth watching. I hope people will ignore the low rating which is painfully unfair. The acting was really good for a low bud indie film and I liked the characters a lot. The movie showed what a real friendship between men looks like in the times of hardship with women and it was pretty honest, I'd say. The ending wasn't anything I expected and also was pleasantly surprised they didn't go that good old Hollywood love drama way. It made me smile, it almost made me cry and it definitely gave me something to think about since I'm currently trying very hard to get in a healthy and long lasting relationship. It's very hard and this movie truly depicts how easily you can screw everything up. Fear is the worst thing that can bestow upon you when trying to get somewhere with a person you like. I give this movie 9 out of 10 for being warm, honest and having a real life ending not some sort of Hollywood BS where everything magically sorts itself out.

Prometheus (2012/I)
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Ridley, you mad, bro?, 14 June 2012

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The only phrase that describes Ridley's Scott's "Prometheus" I could think of is written above in the title of my comment. Don't know where to begin since it's really hard to express all things that I didn't like about this movie. I must admit there were things very clever and thought provoking but not complete or totally ruined by the end of the movie. To be honest, my expectations were really high since I watched all the trailers and presentations such as Guy Pearce as the young Weyland speaking about "Prometheus" and Fassbender in a commercial about David. Those things were really cool and boosted my opinion about this film. So sad I got punched in the face with something far from that.

It's not enough to be famous and hire some famous people to do a shitty job. They can't do it when the script is so fatally flawed. There are many things I would like to mention.

I really enjoyed and embraced the idea of the self sacrifice in the beginning where the nameless alien humanoid sacrificed his in order to create life on earth. I think that's what really connects the film's title with the ancient myth of Prometheus. The alien gave life to our planet though as it might be understood later in the film, his comrades weren't too happy about that and decided to exterminate those earth's abominations (in their perspective I guess) with some black mass that kills people in numerous ways and also creates... life? That just didn't make sense.

I also expected the alien race to be peaceful and that whole evil alien contamination thing to be an honest mistake, a fate that humans later followed too in the "Alien". The flute thing on the ship control panel convinced me that such an advanced and art loving race would never try to harm humans and would also be excited to meet their creations. I was wrong. Huge disappointment indeed.

Characters were bleak. I didn't care for any of them. Most of the so called scientists made some really poor and stupid decisions playing with contaminated stuff from the site and creatures they found in the caves. Even the main cast (Rapace, Theron, Fassbender) were so unfinished and unconvincing to me. It looked like the script was written in a hurry without even being read twice leaving all the support cast far behind the unattractive main characters. Well, maybe Fassbender was OK. His humanly robot role was a little bit illogical. A cyborg with something close to feeling and random rational thinking? Really? Evil robot.

Rapace's self inflicted stomach surgery provoked laughs in the movie theater. Stapling meat in a modern age era? Reminded me of some 80's slasher horror movie where the evil character just staples his hand to the torso and continues the killing spree. In Rapace's case she went jumping and running across "Prometheus" good as new. Ridiculous. Laughable. Ridley's Scott's name under the title. Even more ridiculous. Wake me up from the nightmare please.

The end was also a disappointment and a lack of respect to the events in the beginning of the "Alien" if it really tried to be a prequel. I guess everyone remembers the first moments when Ripley's crew entered the derelict ship. The space jokey was in his seat with a chest burster hole in it's chest. In the end of "Prometheus" the evil humanoid left his ship and the control panel, died inside the human ship and gave birth to a totally different looking alien which in my opinion looked terrible. WHAT THE HELL?

And there are many things that I simply forgot to mention. Much more bashing is left to be remember in further discussions with my friends how badly "Prometheus" really sucked.

4/10 Only for the visuals which were spectacular and the great idea which was raped in all possible ways by terrible scriptwriters.

Martyrs (2008)
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maybe i'm mad but i was laughing at the end, 23 May 2011

Yes. You might think I'm crazy but I'm most definitely not. I watched the film and laughed at the end. I felt somewhat mocked. From the start the movie was building something, something like a gruesome revenge story but ended with something totally different. I liked and disliked it at the same time. I guess you can't be one-sided about this movie. As far as it goes it's not something very unusual to me because I've seen way too much to be easily shocked I guess. There was only one scene that made me nervous and uncomfortable. The movie isn't bad but not something special either. If not for the well done gruesome scenes it wouldn't be that good. The ending was too boring for me: I just skipped the DVD then came back to that part later and realized that I pretty much didn't miss anything. The ending was funny as hell - I was pleasantly surprised and took it for a dark prank joke. Martyrs left me with a lot of unanswered questions too. The story of the two girls is pretty much clear but later the movie just skips some "explaining" and leaves an empty gap to your own interpretations. I'd rate it 7/10 just for gruesome scenes and good acting.

Collateral (2004)
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Well, I've seen better, 29 April 2008

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From the beginning I have already known what the scenario will be. This movie hasn't impressed although "Kane & Lynch" has borrowed one scene from it which was more exciting to play than watch it. This is not the best movie by Tom Cruise or Jamie Fox for sure. The whole idea was quite good, but, on the other hand, the good guy has won and the bad guy has lost. Surprisingly, a well-trained killer with a full clip gets owned by a guy who doesn't even know how to lock and load the pistol properly. I've really seen better. The movie would be real if there was some drama, but there only was some effort to make look it that way which was not even close. A traditional "Hollywood ending" with some chase, a few "pops", finally, female and male main characters are still alive and very happy together. Crap in other words... Imagine if you were a cab driver: one night a guy like Tom Cruise rams the 9mm gun into your head saying: "Drive or die, punk!" Well, I wouldn't ask too much stupid questions or moralize him what's the bad and what's the good. I'd just drive.