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Subconscious (2015/I)
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Poor: No sympathetic characters., 8 April 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Just poor.

Some redeeming features were that the underwater CGI wasn't too bad. That said, they weren't very good either. Rapid cuts from the depth charge explosions were evidence of the lack of budget.

This and other cuts could be forgiven if the storyline was compelling. Sadly, it wasn't.

**Possible spoilers** The worst aspect of the movie, however, was the characterisation and acting. There wasn't a single sympathetic actor in the movie, certainly no one I'd want to identify with. The closest was the Navy officer and the German uBoat enemies, who at least looked and sounded convincing. The "hero" and ex-wife were particularly off-putting.

After over two hours! I really didn't care if they lived or died. Not a good sign.

The Eagle (2011)
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Good cinematography, poor storyline, 14 April 2011

The Pros: Good use of locations and sets with minimal CGI in evidence. Visually, the early sequences were convincing of a Roman Britain. Jamie Bell's carried his role well, and his Gaelic sounded pretty good. Costumes and make up were also good, at least for the Romans. I'll talk about the British in the Cons. The Cons: Were many unfortunately. The storyline was thin to say the least, allowing little character development. The action scenes should have made up for this, and some did, but I found one of the later scenes distracted in it's historical inaccuracy - Romans out of formation in individual mêlées. Channing Tatum was wooden in his role. The Picts seemed, as many other commentators have already pointed out, more like North American Indians. The blue woad may have been accurate, but the Mohawks were incongruous. The settlement also seems to be modeled on an Indian settlement rather than using the Pictish Ringfort or Crannog. Overall: Not a bad movie, but not a great one. I preferred The Centurion, which has a similar setting.

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Dreadful movie, 21 September 2008

I watched this movie based on the reviews above. I'm sorry, but its dreadful. Awful acting and poor cinematography are the hallmarks of this movie. It smacks of self indulgence, not really helped by the Dandy Warhols front-man's introduction.

Given the plot, I had hopes that it might be along the lines of a Tarantino or Rodriguez grind-house flick, or at least a Troma level movie. It really wasn't. It looks more like a film students first attempt. There are some potentially interesting attempts in the visual language, but nothing we haven't seen before in far superior movies. Some of the composition is decent, but follows conventions set down by Sergio Leone decades before.

This movie lacks any visceral moments, which weaken the thrust of the storyline.

My advice? avoid at all costs.