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a pleasant surprise, 5 February 2009

I watched this movie on DVD and I confess that I rented reluctantly this movie. However, I had a pleasant surprise, the story is about a boy who in his adult version is played by Ryan Reynolds with serious relationship problems with his father (William Dafoe). I am really surprise with Ryan Reynolds performance, also the young Michael with play Cayden Boyd. The whole story in one way or another turn around the problem of relationship between both. The movie uses well the flashback resource to show the problems of this family and especially the problems between Michael and his father. Naturally, there are good interpretations of the rest of the cast especially for Emily Watson(Michael's Aunt). A movie that really is worth watching.

The Return (2006/I)
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Could be a better movie, 3 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The film "The Return" despite what the fans of Sarah say is not a great movie, but is also far from being a crap as many said. In my opinion the great problem of the movie was the director. Although the movie is well managed in terms of photography is clear to me that the direction has made bad choices in time to cut the movie. OK the main plot doesn't help, but with right choices this movie could be much better. Some points:

1) The Joanna's ex is completely dispensable. 2) The character Joanna's father lived by Sam Shepard should have been better used. Sam is a great actor and with a lot of experience the director could use this to improve this movie. 3) In the beginning of this movie the director suggests that Joanna is haunted by Annie. However, the director puts the final scene that may suggest that in fact the girl Joanna died in the car's accident and Annie takes her place to keep her promise to Terry "in the soon see" or something like that. 4)The reaction of the people of that city with Terry is not well explained. I lived in a small town and there everybody knows everybody. The Terry could be a "though guy" but this never made someone an assassin. In the night of Annie's death, Terry and Annie play normally and everything is all right. In this case why someone could suspect of Terry? This never explained. It would be natural that they believe in Terry and believe that someone else from outside kill Annie. If there was any reason in the script to Terry became a suspect must have been lost during the filming.

I am a little sad when a movie that could be much better is waist this way. Is a waisting of time, actor, actress and money. Maybe I was a little hard, but despite all my criticisms i give 5 for this movie.

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It's good movie, 1 May 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's a very good movie directed by Arnaldo Jabor, this is one the best works of this very good director. The movie is about the relationship of a young couple, Fernanda Torres and Tales Panchacon. They argue its relation in wild, insane way and some times brutal. The movie change flavor drama to comedy without lost anything. But the comedy in this movie it's something cynical and bittersweet. Fernanda Torres works very well and has a very good chemistry with Tales character. Despite sometimes the movies sounds like crazy, wild and nonsense, in the end everything makes sense. After all, everything is about human relationship that frequently is wild and nonsense.

The Barber (2002)
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I reasonable movie with a bad end., 15 August 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was to be a horror movie, however just in beginning this film give some laughs. The initial sequence with two drunk friends is funny. I know this movie should be a horror movie, but i have some fun watch this movie. The Malcom McDowell performance is good, Jeremy Ratford make a reasonable performance with Chief Vance and Garwing Sanford well, his performance is weak and his character looks like a stupid one.

************** Minor Spoilers *****************************************

There is found, a body in a small town in north Alaska, population 253 souls. When this happens, some other dies start to happen. Chief Vance and FBI agent try to uncover who is the man that is behind of this murders. One comment, in the beginning of this movie is clear that who is kill those people, yes the Barber, Malcom McDowell character, but i believe that isn't a big surprise.


But in my opinion the End of this movie is everything ruins, could be much better. I cast 6 for this movie but, i think that deserve 5.5.

I, Robot (2004)
A good movie but don't match with Asimov vision., 12 August 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*** Minor Spoilers ***

Will Smith play Spooner a cop that investigate an apparent suicide of Dr. Lanning. Spooner is a Robot hater, because of something in his past. He think that a Robot kill Lanning, but no one believes because of three laws. In his investigation he find Sonny a very peculiar Robot. When he find Sonny this robot is a key to uncover a kind of conspiracy.

I, Robot is a good movie but i read Asimov since that i have 13 years old and this movie don't fit in Isaac Asimov vision. I all his books was very difficult a robot make some harm to a human being. Normally, when a unusually robot was "create" or discovered is a human that try to make harm. The logical defend by Vikki in this movie was negated by some Asimov books.

So this movie is good but only take a few thinks of Asimov ideas and he deserve a movie just like Blade Runner was to Phillip K. Dick.

Identity (2003)
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This underated movie is a solid entertainment, 18 July 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

************** Spoilers ******************************

The movie justify perfectly his name Identity. Identity began with a strange car accident. The former detective and driver Ed (John Cusak) was responsible for this "accident" and try to help Alice York. Alice is married with a strange husband (George York ) and more strange boy Timmy York. After some attempts, trying to find a doctor, all they finish in a strange motel (This motel was building in a older cemetary). One by one, all characters a are trapped in this place including weird manager Larry. Ed was transport a actress Caroline Suzzane (Rebecca De Mornay), latter arrive the detective Rhodes (Ray Liotta), who is transporting the prisoner Robert Maine that is a murder. Also come to this place, the prostitute Paris (Amanda Peet), who is traveling alone when her car broke. Finally, arrive the young just married couple Ginny (Clea Duvall) and Lou (William Lee Scott). Soon, one by one are kill, of course everyone think that is Robert, but you will see that is not true. Meanwhile, something happens and a serial killer has a chance to escape of the death penalty, the character are: Dr. Malick (Alfred Molina) try to help the serial killer, Lawyer (Carmen Argenziano), the District Attorney (Marshall Bell), the Assistant District Attorney (Matt Letscher) and Judge Taylor (Holmes Osborne) that is furious with this situation. It's something hard to explain but is very intriguer, and so solve the true is almost impossible to find the solution without a clue. I almost find the murder because his actions are very suspicious his look is very strange, but i suspect of the boy for wrong reasons. Because I believed that this movie, was a sobrenatural film. When i realize this not a sobrenatural movie i discarded the boy as suspect. This movie is very very good, i give a 8 in IMDB but i believe that deserve a 8,5.

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Simple but good movie, 16 May 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Last Brickmaker in America is a simple movie but is a good one. Ok, this movie is predictable too, but many movies in those days are, so i don't care about this.

-------------------------Spoilers -----------------------------

This movie bring Sidney Poitier in the role of Mr Henry Cobb a brickmaker that lost his wife recently. He don't see any reason for his life. Every change when a man appears in his house to bring a document that release him from any charges about the new library. From this point Cobb recover the taste for his life.


With good performances with a simple but solid script these movie will go envoy the kind of people that is not expecting action and violence.

K-PAX (2001)
Good movie with a open final (minor spoilers), 28 February 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

K-PAX it's a movie that is not very common nowdays. Prot (Kevin Spacey) is a strange person that was sending to a psychiatric hospital. Dr. Mark Powell (Jeff Bridges) is chosen to take care of this man. When Dr. Mark Powell try to "help" Prot, he discover that Prot it's a hard one. He has answer for everything that the good doctor send to him. Dr. Mark star to have some doubts about Prot if he is or not a human being. His knowledge about astronomy and others related subjects, impressed Dr. Mark. The question if Prot is or not an alien, is a focus in this movie. In my opinion he is a alien but i believe that are many people that disagree. I have some reasons to believe that Prot is an alien, but this a good point in this movie an open final. Moore, i believe that Prot for some strange reason is also a psychiatrist and try to help several people including the Dr. Mark. This movie has a focus in Jeff Bridges and Kevin Spacey with good performances (specialy Kevin). Some similarities can be found in Don Juan de Marco but this movie is superior.

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One the most amazing movies that i ever see., 4 January 2004

Jean de Florette is one the most amazing movies that i ever see. The principal actors, Yves Montand, Gerard Depardieu and Daniel Auteuil, acting brilliant. Their characters are performed with incredible beauty. Gerard Depardieu has a better performance of this entire career, also Yves Montand and Daniel has great performances make a greedy and malicious Cesar Souberan and Ugolin. The storyline is perfect and its sequel "Manon the sources" is also a great movie. Anyone that like a good movie should seen these movies.

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A good war movie, 2 January 2004

This movie was one the best war movies that i saw recently. Has a solid plot don't show the Vietcongs something like a demon but just people that fight for their believes just like the Americans. We were Soldiers has also a great supporting cast and good performances of Mel Gibson and Sam Elliot. All right, always that i saw Elliot i think "yes sergeant", this man looks like a sergeant. This is a good movie but has some flaws so i give 7/10.

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