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One of the best episodes ever..., 15 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode really made me laugh after the last few disappointing episodes. Although The Office has been back a while, it felt like it had never really come back. This was the first episode that I could really relate to the first few seasons, which were the best. I was laughing constantly and loved the many plot twists.

Two things really upset me in this episode:

1. Jim did not propose. They had us hoping up to the very last minute, but it never happened. I really hated Andy Bernard for a while there! I guess they are just trying to play out Jim and Pam's relationship as long as possible. With Pam heading off to New York for a few months, a possible break up might ensue. I would not be surprised at all if this happened. The producers want the romantic tension, which is better than the flat out romance.

2. Michael picked the wrong gal. Every time Michael and the new HR lady started talking, I could just tell that they were meant to be. They were perfect for each other. She understood all his jokes, and didn't make him feel like an idiot. I really wanted to punch Michael in the face when he chose Jan over the new Toby, but I couldn't for technical reasons. Again, the producers want romantic tension.

There were a couple big surprises, including Andy proposing to Angela (and Angela accepting?!?!), Dwight and Angela's not-so-secret make out session, and of course Jan's pregnancy. This episode really had it all. I'll miss Toby, going out and buying the most expensive camera around to get a good picture of Pam. But his replacement is well suited for the job and will fit in excellent with the rest of the crew.

On of the best sub-plots in this episode was the Holly - Kevin story. I loved how Kevin can act the same way he always does, and Holly still sees him as mentally retarded. I also love the fact that Kevin never caught on, and truly believed Holly was into him and how he wished to "bang" her. Kevin is great.

The YouTube video of Ryan really got me excited. For one thing, I didn't want Jim to lose his job; and for another, I hated Ryan's guts. I really hope Ryan is gone for good and doesn't come back. The old "temp" Ryan was good, but the new Ryan seems to ruin every episode he appears in.

Overall, this was a big improvement episode that unfortunately came a little late in the season. Come September, I hope to see Michael getting on track with Holly, and Pam and Jim finally tying things up. I also hope to see Angela and Dwight work things out for good, maybe even buy a new cat together. I have to say that I truly felt sorry for Dwight when he admitted that it was all his fault.

Until season 4 starts, I guess I'll just have to hold out on re-runs and the Get Smart movie. But this episode left me looking forward to next season, which is all I need.