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My first effort is a list of all my favorite movies in chronologic order spanning my first 65 years of movie going, which I completed at the end of May 2012. This list looks forward and will include all movies I see from June 2012 on in the order of viewing. Many of these would wind up on my list of favorites, but some are not very good due to the taste of visiting family and friends. Any movie with less than a 6 was not my choice!
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I'm not a big fan of network TV but I do like many of the shows and movies being created for cable. Most of these I watch on disc or streaming to fit my schedule and, in some cases, to avoid annoying ads!
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I started off making lists of all the movies I have seen over the past 65 years. The chore not only became tedious but the results seemed boring and not very informative about my tastes. This list includes all the movies I have seen that in some way had an impact on me. Some are the usual greats, many just good fun, and others got into my head or helped inform some of my ideas.