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Don't confuse the dubbed with the original, 23 April 2003

The original Japanese version is actually quite good, as is the voice acting (well beyond the dub). Plus, like most anime, it isn't directly generated for children, as it does contain some more mature themes.

All of these negative comments are generated towards the dubbed movie. The dubbed has its own page. Notice how all of the voice actors are Japanese? This page is for the Japanese review, which happens to be 10 times better. So please, don't harshly criticize a movie you haven't seen.

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Best season thus far, 8 March 2003

I gotta say, I don't really understand all of the criticism of this season. Personally, I feel it is far superior to the first three. I love the amount of symbolism and mythological references in it. Plus, it's actually refreshing to move away from the "Digimon Partner" pattern, and have the Chosen Children evolve. This really puts the emphasis on the children's characters, as it truly becomes their quest.

The characters this season are just so much fun. My favourite is Kouji; I definitely think he has the most depth. But the others are great too - Takuya and his energetic ways, Izumi and her "Sexy Dynamite", and Junpei and his cuteness. I'm not a huge fan of Tomoki, but he doesn't subtract from the enjoyment.

The Digimon design (i.e. Spirit Digimon) are also very cool. I especially enjoy Shutumon and Wolfmon.

If you've only seen the dub, definitely try and get your hand on the original Japanese version. While adequate, the dub just doesn't do this season justice.