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The Astronimical Patrick Moore DVD BIOGRAPHY, 15 October 2006

For once the reviews are right. Titled 'The Astronimical Patrick Moore-the authorised version', this is Patrick Moore at his self effacing best. Never taking himself too seriously and not afraid to poke fun and question the competence of the establishment, even the BBC!! Apparently the BBC pulled out of its production for cost reasons, but that did not stop one of their reviewers describing it as "a gem of a DVD and a masterclass in how biographies should be made".

Apart from exposing Sir Patrick as he's never been seen before, the technique is perhaps the most striking thing about the film; the producer having broken with the normal journalistic approach of having a narrator give his version of a subject's life. Rather, Sir Patrick is allowed to tell it as he sees it, with political correctness and diplomacy going out the window.

Let's hope other producers are brave enough to follow this lead.