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Here are the film-makers who are considered poets according to my cinema sense.I know I missed watching works of many other masters, but I emphasized on contemporary directors and ranked them as well.Some maestros like Tarkovskyi, Kiarostami or Ingmar Bergman, they are legends and i didn't include them because I haven't seen much of their work. As Bela Tarr also made his last work in 2011 he is not here too.Conclusively these are the people I'm expecting more movies from, really good movies.
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These are the best animated films I've came across so far. Japanese new wave holding a major portion, the list contains contemporary european animations also.
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This is the list of all my most favorite movies (more or less).This list contains movies from different regions and different languages all over the world. The only thing common in every movie enlisted here is a re watch is a must to appreciate the beauty and profoundness of the movie in the fullest. It's not in any order and obviously ever growing.
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This list was comprised of carefully ranked titles based on my personal taste off-course but as days gone by and I watched more the rankings just seemed irrelevant. Each of the first three are #1 in their respective genre, i just couldn't help but place Game of Thrones first because i was too blown away with it. It's my only list which is mixed up with genres that are totally different from each other (fantasy, history, crime, sitcom, anime etc).
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These are the movies that made me think about family,moral values and ethical point of view from a new perspective. There's not many of this please suggest.
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Although i watch bollywood movies not so often but i believe in the talents and struggle of the indian filmmakers.From the watched list i have chosen some really outstanding movies that will change the average perception of bollywood movies.
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This list is totally out of order.....most of them are good time-pass for light mood...some of them are subtle & intelligent...& some are for just laughing once in a while....
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These are the movies with splendid soundtrack
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This is one of my favorite genres. Remarkable movies based on a true story or event are listed here. Suggestions are much appreciated.
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Watching these movies are the best experience I've ever had. They're not just movie for me, something beyond my senses & utterly beautiful.
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First I want to make it clear that this is not a list of those popular sci-fi genre movies filled with action and suspense.I became a fan of science fiction as a form of literature, the reason behind my admiration was a unique capability of them to express the deepest thoughts and concepts in the simplest way.That is also the reason why i cant include all sci-fi blockbusters in this list.After watching each of these movies enlisted, I realized movies still can represent the way of storytelling that science fiction authors created.This is only the beginning,I have lots of sci-fis in my watchlist,so the list will be updated when I'll find movies that will make you think,make you think about the world,our life,humanity or things beyond our understanding. Please make suggestions if you get the tone of this list.
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These are my selection from 2011. It's been a very shiny year for movie-lovers, lots of noteworthy movies.