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"W.E.B." (1978)
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W.E.B. was a good show, but no one was watching., 15 March 2008

W.E.B. was one of the many failed shows NBC had in the late 1970s, while the network was wallowing in dead last in the ratings. Unfortunately W.E.B. was a very good show, but never gained any audience. I was in high school when W.E.B. was on and not one of my friends saw W.E.B. Pamela Bellwood was great as a young t.v. executive that was given the chance to run network programming after taking the last place network (sound familiar?) to the top spot in daytime programming. Hoping she could do the same for prime time, the network gave her the chance. This would be a great story for today - young and beautiful t.v. exec jumps to the front office and has to fight off spurned male executives to keep her position and continue quality programming.