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Amazing, Touching Film
21 January 2006
While this is not a completely conventional film either in structure or storytelling, it is deeply committed to telling the story of Kitten. Just as the film is committed, so is Cillian Murphy committed to being the best Kitten he can, and he succeeds to an almost uncomfortable point, which I think is part of the storytellers goal.

Who does not want to be loved? Not many of us, and Kitten wants it more than most. Her journey to find love in whatever form it may take is both touching and harrowing at times. You cringe when she finds her self in certain situations, and you root for her to take charge of her life, but that is something she is quite unable to do for the most part of her journey.

While this story features the good, the bad and the ugly of the transvestite lifestyle, there is no judgment being made, it is presented as a simple fact of Kitten's life from nearly the first time you see her. That in itself is refreshing. There are stereotypes, but not presented in stereotypical situation, which is also refreshing.

I came away from this movie with a warm feeling in my heart for the character, the story, and the commitment of everyone involved in the film, it drew me in, it took me to places I did not expect, and it gave me a film experience you simply can not find every day in our cookie cutter Hollywood film world these days. My hat is off to all of you involved in the film. If you like something different, something unexpected, and something unusual made with a lot of love, this is the film for you.
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Light, comedic, pleasurable fun!
11 August 2002
This is a charming story. Granted it has been told before in different ways, but this movie is charming in an almost old world style. Lacking in violence, raw sex, and the usual negative aspects of relationships, the worst there is to offer here is a family that loves you too much, what's to hate about that? This film has treasured moments of unexpected charm, and grace. It features little moments that add up to a very pleasurable viewing experience. I choose movies I like based upon how much I want to see them over again - and I wanted to see this one over again as soon as I walked out of the movie theatre. So, if you are looking for something to tickle your funny bone, make you go "Aw" once in awhile, and leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling at the end - then this is the movie for you. God Bless Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks for helping this to get to the big screen!
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