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The Ring (2002)
Great, but not as great as the original, 22 March 2003

I'm just here to comment. I swear, anyone who calls this the scariest movie ever has not watched the original Japanese production of "Ring"(also credited as Ringu).

They actually did quite a good job in adapting this Japanese original into an American-setting remake, and they improved the effect with lighting and special effects like only Hollywood can do.However, it doesn't beat the Japanese one, which concentrates more on explaining the story then the occasional Hollywood- movie scare(that we see so often), which they save for the ends parts, but still scare you more that "the Ring"'s and leaves an after-scare when you finally realize how spooky the movie really is. Okay, I believe that this movie did explain the story, but was kind of rushing it a bit, since I believe they're not going to have a sequel, whilst "Ring" could afford to take it slow, since it was a trilogy, not to mention, it had a prequel.

Still, like the original(but doesn't have as much effect), after watching this, you're not going to be scared only in the cinema. This is such an applicable and practical movie, very effective since most everybody has a TV set these days.

You won't be sitting too close to your TV for a long time.

I looooove ittt!!!!!!!, 16 November 2002

This was the first movie I ever watched on the actual premiere date, and I loved every second of it. I became an instant Harry Potter fan after reading The Chamber of Secrets a year ago, it became my absolute favorite book, but watching the movie last wednesday, it was even larger than life!!

Of course, Daniel Radcliffe is the focus but Rupert Grint was still the scene stealer, still being the funniest and the greatest actor among the three. Even so, I still liked Dan the best of all. I could think of him more as a Harry Potter than the actual illustration on the book cover. And how he's grown! From his 1999 production as a young david copperfield to the tailor of panama(2001) to the sorcerer's stone(late 2001), where he was, I believe, 10, 11(going on 12) & 12, respectively, to his recent movie, The Chamber of Secrets, where he is 13 but looks 15! He still looked like a kid in his past productions but not in this one! He must have had some kind of sudden growth boost or must have jumped really high on New Year. In this movie, you could actually see Harry, or rather Daniel, develop into a man, and he sure looks the part. This is really freaky considering he was born in the same year that I was(yup, I'm 13). His face has developed from that of a kid's to that of a young adult's. His new face is quite manly and much more mature, something older fans can appreciate. And I like his new look better.

Anyway, back to the movie. Another well done, Chris Columbus. The movie is so well directed. And unlike other book-turned-movie movies, where they leave out a huge amount of the original storyline, I was very satisfied. They cut out a lot of parts but still kept the story really intact, and kept only the significant parts. And I wasn't dissatisfied one bit. I just don't know where to stop! I have to stop now while I still have the self-control.

So even if you're not an H.P. fanatic, you will definitely love this movie. Too bad I have to wait until 2004 to see Daniel Radcliffe again in The Prisoner of Azkaban. Arrgghhhhh!!!

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One of the best movies of all time!, 9 November 2002

You can tell I really love this movie. I named two of my e-mail addresses not to mention my IMDb ID after either Lestat or Louis.Where shall I start? The plot is exceptional, I have to give credit for that, and the cast is so STAR STUDDED! They were not only pretty faces but also great talent! This movie featured the likes of Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise & Christian Slater, which are 3 of my favorite Hollywood men, who bought life into their characters, making us feel that they were not actors portraying a role but the actual characters themselves, which is important in an actor to get into every movie's individual character(Do you know what I'm saying? It's kind of like the Keanu Reeves issue, in which he acts the same for every different role he's playing.), distinguish it from the other roles he's played.

Kirsten Dunst was fantastic, this being her best movie in my opinion. She definitely deserved that Golden Globe nomination. For a girl going on 12 at that time, she acted magnificently! She really portrayed a young, confused vampire, filled with fury & anger, yet still has love for certain people. Louis de Point du Lac's role was mighty complex, being caught in the midst of his mortal self, & the cruel, non-forgiving monster he's become. Brad Pitt did well to accomplish this, as so did Tom Cruise formulated a certain something to Lestat de Lioncourt's character, making it so special, something that wasn't in other Tom Cruise movies.

There were many things special about this movie, but I'm not quite sure what exactly made it so special to me. But I hope when you watch this movie, you'll find something special in it as well.

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One of the most excellent movies of all time, 8 November 2002

This movie is an oldie, but really a goodie. This movie showcased real acting talent, not to mention some of the best faces in early movies(Gregory Peck is already 46 in here, but he still looks his best! No matter how many years pass, he'll always look good. As for Phillip "Jem" Alford, half my class fell in love with him!).

Gregory Peck's portrayal really bought Atticus Finch to life, and everyone's acting makes you feel like you're really in a southern town. Having read the book first though, I do have to admit that the story went too fast, skipping about 10 chapters at a time. But I think they did well to edit the story but capture the true essence of it. This classic is truly one that a certified movie fanatic should not miss. I just wish that I was Harper Lee. Then I would have met Gregory Peck!

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Absolutely Excellent!!!!!, 21 October 2002

I found the movie,"Legends of the Fall" to be absolutely breathtaking! And that's not just because I'm the ultimate Brad Pitt fan(though I have to admit, this is one of his best performances ever!). This soulful story really captures your heart and is one of the few movies that can really make you cry. I love the plot, and like I said, I almost cried at what happened to Tristan Ludlow's life, how and what kind of person he is, with torments we all can really relate to, although I think Tristan has more inner torments than we do : ( - i can almost cry now!

The plot is really soulful and dramatic, which was what I liked best, but I also loved the actors. Not only Brad Pitt, but also Anthony Hopkins, Aidan Quinn, and Henry Thomas, which played their parts excellently. They made the story and the characters really seem alive, which, along with the plot, has made this movie one of the most unforgettable movies ever made.

P.S. Doesn't the background music by James Horne make you want to cry too?