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The worst movie and acting I've seen in ages, 7 December 2009

I am an adult women aged 27 who kind of enjoyed the Twilight books. the first film was not bad but this film. Good lord it's horrible.

First what a message for girls. Mooning over some vampire. THis chick Bella has no personality, no life, and the actress is awful Edward. Another blah bland performance The rest all stink too.

THe only thing this movie does well? Special effects. Pretty decent.

But wait until it's on the television and don't spend one penny on it. It's a waste. Especially when there are actually some decent films out there to see.

Just shows quality means nothing in terms of the box office.

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Feel Good Movie of the year for me, 10 March 2008

I actually never post reviews here but I thought what the heck for a change. So I registered and here I am.

OK I just saw this movie a couple of weeks back and originally went to see it because I know Ronnie Marmo's stuff and wanted to see his new film. He is a great great great talent I must say. Well this movie was not at all disappointing. It had everything I love in a movie. Humor, sadness, and fun. The cast was wonderful and it seemed to me while watching this movie that they all must be friends in real life. They were just that believable on screen.

The actress who played Matty I never heard of, Natalia Livingston, but she was wonderful and beautiful and sweet. . And Ronnie. Well I hesitate to comment because he was terrific but this was not a surprise. His story and movie. This fella is a super talent. I hope this movie can gain a fan base and some momentum cannot imagine anyone seeing this movie and not loving it. It is just one of those films everyone would love if they had a chance to see it. Great job to everyone involved and people need to spread the word and get this movie more exposure. Wonderful job people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!