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Ejecta (2014)
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Eject it, 23 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I decided to watch this film besides the low score. That was my first mistake. It was immediately evident how bad it was going to be but I kept watching with the hope the it will improve later. That was my second mistake. And surely enough I was rewarded with one of the worst endings in the history of cinema.

I am trying to find a redeeming feature for this film. Perhaps Julian Richings's acting was sometimes bearable but I am not sure if it was because of effort or sheer astonishment at the stupidity of the script. Everybody else's acting was as bad as bad acting can get. They almost seemed they were doing this in a foreign language they didn't understand and then dubbed badly into some kind of English.

The storyline was mediocre and predictable. Huge holes in the plot and unexplained behaviour from absolutely everyone made this film quite cringe-worthy. The Blair-Witch-eqsue delivery was laughable and the video selfies *with* light while hiding from monsters in a dark forest were just bizarre.

I don't have this feeling often but after watching this awful, awful flick, I just want back the 77 minutes I wasted on it.

Move on people, nothing to see here...

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Good, very good, 23 January 2004

I just watched the film for the second time in two days and loved it. Initialy, you may be forgiven of thinking that the film is a testament to nostalgia, love, and the preocupation of the Greeks with good food. Nevertheless, although cooking is the main theme of the film, halfway through you realize that there is a serious story behind the gastronomy.

The production, computer graphics and sound could be better but that doesn't really matter. Cinema is about the whole product and in this case it is superb. Good casting with some splendid performances, great cinematography, excellent direction, great music. If that's not enough for you, the film communicates a fine and simple philosophy about life, the universe and everything - one that we used to identify with but sadly we are rapidly moving away from it.

I hope the film is distributed outside Greece. I wouldn't be surprised if it won a few international awards.