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This is an ongoing list of horror films that I can remember seeing, updated as I see them (or remember something previously forgotten). Included is a short paragraph or two long review and a 1-5 star rating of each.
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Just a list of new release horror films, added as I see them.
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The 100 best horror films-taking into account that while I've seen a lot, I haven't seen everything- of the past decade. I avoided sequels and remakes as best as I could. This was primarily made for a friend, so there are some notations(basically warnings) thrown in as well. It should be noted that I like everything on this list, except in cases where it's noted that an element or tone rubbed me the wrong way. But even those are here because, well, they were effective.

Note: This list was last edited in August of 2014. As such, some more recent releases aren't included in here(some of which may be better than some of the films included).
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Just keeping track of horror movies I've seen that were released in 2014 for a best of year-ender list in December. I'm mostly going with a U.S. "official release date" since foreign markets and festivals make "release dates" a matter of semantics.
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31 days, 31 horror movies.

With some bonus round stuff, of course. What horror fan could do JUST 31 movies in 31 days?
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For the Khaleesi. May she enjoy these recommendations!
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It was a surprisingly good year for horror films! This list represents 50 of those films that I've seen this year, from best to worst. Keep in mind that the first 30 or so of these films actually range from pretty decent to excellent, and only the last ten or so are actually "bad."
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Once again listing all the horror films watched within October of 2013. At least one a day.
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A list of movies watched during the month of October, at least one a day (but usually more). My other list of films gives me opinion of them...this list if just a simple list.