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A waste of time and money
20 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Did I give it 1/10? Yes I did. Would I give it 0/10 if could? Yes I would.

I am sorry to say but next time I have a conversation with a guy against "piracy" I can pronounce two words and win the argument: Shutter Island. A waste of time and money, plain and simple. Even worse than "Public Enemy".

Having in mind Pulp Fiction didn't impress me either I should say that maybe it is that Scorsese fails to impress me in general. But after Pulp Fiction I wasn't like "damn, can I return back to three hours ago?".

What I didn't like? That in the last 10 minutes everything that I have seen during the last 2+ hours got so not important because it was a lie. It wasn't true anymore, just the guy's illusions. That Scorsese thinks that all you need to add more mystery in your movie is loud music. That the twist was so damn predictable after a while.

I am not going to write any more things, after all I watch every movie I want to watch even if everyone is telling me not to do so. And I think it's right that you do so as well. Just don't say you were not warned.
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I gave it 1/10 only because no negative vote exists as an option...
30 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
No actual plot: There was this guy robbing banks and they arrested him, then he escaped and then they killed him. Oh, he also felt in love with a woman.

No characters development: Who was Dillinger? Any reasons he did what he did? What about Purvis? Did he want to arrest Dillinger because of his personal ambitions? Did he respect him?

This movie has no genre: Which is not bad in general, but in this specific case you don't know if you are watching an action film or a drama.

In conclusion: a total waste of time.
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Batman Begins (2005)
7 February 2009
I am not gonna write four or five paragraphs talking about the movie. I am only writing 5 lines.

And all I am gonna say is that that's the Batman we love: A human super-hero.

A mysterious one.

Doing his business in the darkness.

With style.

8/10, just because there is no Heath Ledger on this one.

So, yeah, no matter if you liked Batman or not, no matter if you have watched previous films of him or read comics about him, no matter if you prefer Superman or Spiderman or even Captain America, Batman Begins is a movie to watch.
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Is that all? No, really...
7 February 2009
It might be because of my bad English but I certainly didn't quite enjoy the movie. If it wasn't for the concept, which is quite interesting, for Miri, which is quite hot, and for some funny moments, I would consider this as one of the worst movies I have ever seen. One of the most over-rated as well.

It's more of another love story, one of those American and predictable love stories. And it gets more than 5 from me (5 being the borderline for a movie and because of those things I talked about earlier.

A few good moments but a boring film in general...
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Segel can do better!
7 February 2009
Now, this vote was a tricky one:

If it was someone else's work, I'd give it a 8. I think Segel can do much much better, as a director of course, his acting was quite enjoyable. Since it's Segel work, I was about to give it a 6. But then, with Mila Kunis on it, it deserves at least a 7, doesn't it? What about Russel Brand?

The scenario is interesting, the acting are satisfying and everything goes well. Until the movie ends, leaving you with a "Wait, I was hoping that this was just a build up for the really funny moments of the movie" feeling.
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Am I ever gonna give a 10?
7 February 2009
I gave "V for Vendetta" a 9 some time ago and I have been always thinking about that since then. I mean, if it doesn't get a 10 from me then I doubt I will ever give a 10 to a movie. And that says it all, pretty much.

It's not really about the plot: A masked rebel trying to "wake up" his people and a girl that falls in love with him. It's not about the names of the actors, nobody is well known apart from Portman.

It's about how the plot has been used, how the director is unfolding it, in the same time unfolding V's past. It's about how the actors fit with the plot. It's about the lines. It's about how much you want to be a part of it and see the good guys winning.

So, ignore my 9/10 and go watch the movie immediately. Yeah, even if you have watched it before. A million times.
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Caramel (2007)
Not bad but I was expecting more...
7 February 2009
I watched this movie today and I can say I am a bit disappointed. Don't get me wrong, the movie wasn't bad in general, but I was expecting more. It's the hype, again...

Coming from Greece, I can say that I found the situation described in the movie pretty familiar and that's another excuse for my low vote (7/10).

It's like an hour since I saw the movie and if you I had to say three things about the movie I'd say "Habibi" (the Arabic word for "love", I think), "Lili" and "Oh my, Nadine's eyes are so stunning".

All in all, it's a good way to spent some time.
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